SAP ERP MM-IM Inventory Management

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MIGO Goods Movement
MB1B Transfer Posting
MB51 Material Doc. List
MB1A Goods Withdrawal
MB1C Other Goods Receipts
MB5B Stocks for Posting Date
MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
MB01 Post Goods Receipt for PO
MB31 Goods Receipt for Production Order
OMJJ Customizing: New Movement Types
MB21 Create Reservation
MBST Cancel Material Document
MB90 Output Processing for Mat. Documents
MB5L List of Stock Values: Balances
MB5T Stock in transit CC
MI01 Create Physical Inventory Document
MI07 Process List of Differences
OMWD C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation Area
MB11 Goods Movement
MB03 Display Material Document
MI04 Enter Inventory Count with Document
MI31 Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc.
MI10 Create List of Differences w/o Doc.
OMWB C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.)
MICN Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng
MB5S Display List of GR/IR Balances
OX18 Assignment Plants -> Company Code
MIGO_GR Goods Movement
MB25 Reservation List
MB22 Change Reservation
MB02 Change Material Document
MBLB Stocks at Subcontractor
OMWN MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.Type
MI34 Batch Input: Enter Count
OMSK C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025
OMCQ Settings for System Messages
MN21 Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt
OX10 Customize plant
MBRL Return Delivery for Matl Document
OMBT No. Ranges: Mat. Doc./Phys.Inventory
MBBS Display valuated special stock
MI02 Change Physical Inventory Document
MR51 Material Line Items
MI20 Print List of Differences
MB0A Post Goods Receipt for PO
OX09 Customize storage locations
OMWC C MM-IV Split Material Valuation
MBVR Management Program: Reservations
MB58 Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer
MB04 Subsequ.Adj.of „Mat.Provided“Consmp.
MIGO_GI Goods Movement
MB23 Display Reservation
OMJ5 Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lvl
MI21 Print physical inventory document
MB59 Material Doc. List
OMBW Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement
MIBC ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting
OMJX GR Field Selection From Procurement
MB5M BBD/Prod. Date
MI09 Enter Inventory Count w/o Document
MB53 Display Plant Stock Availability
OMCV Classify Batches
MIGO_TR Transfer Posting
OMJ7 Plant/Val.Area – Divis. -> Busin.Ar.
MB24 Reservation List
OMCG Search Procedures: Batch Determ. MM
OMCT Batch Definition
MI22 Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Material
MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document
OMJ1 Allow Negative Stocks
MI24 Physical Inventory List
OMBA Number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs.
MPAR Archive final issue materials
MI11 Recount Physical Inventory Document
MN22 Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MBSM Display Cancelled Material Docs.
OMBZ Rev. GR Despite Invoice
OMW0 C MM-IV Control Valuation
OMBR General Print Settings
MIK1 Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons.
OMC0 Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipt
MB54 Consignment Stocks
OMJ3 Printer Determination Plant/SLoc.
MIAL Inventory Documents: Read Archive
MI32 Batch Input: Block Material
MB5W List of Stock Values
OMCU Batch Status Management in Plant
MIQ1 Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock
MI05 Change Inventory Count
MI40 Batch Input: Doc., Count and Diff.
OMCO Set Cycle Counting
MI08 Create List of Differences with Doc.
OX14 C MM-IV Valuation area – val. level
OMBS Reasons for Movements
M706 Maintain Output Types: Inv. Mgmt
OMJ4 Printer Determ: Plant/SLoc./User Grp
OLMB IMG Inventory Management
MIDO Physical Inventory Overview
MI33 Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balance
OMC1 Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
OMJN General field selection: goods mvmnt
OMWM C MM IV Control: Accnt Determination
MBSU Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn
MB5K Stock Consistency Check
MBGR Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason
MIW1 Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at Cust.
OMCJ Screen Layout: Goods Receipt
MB5TD Stock in Transit on Key Date
MI39 Batch Input: Document and Count
MI37 Batch Input: Post Differences
OMCP Dynamic Availability Check: GI
MB5C Pick-Up List
OMCE Define Batch Level
MI38 Batch Input: Count and Differences
MBBM Batch Input: Post Material Document
OMB3 Create SLoc. Automatically (GR)
OMBU Allocate Layout Sets to Reports
MBAR Archive Material Documents
OMBB Batch Where-Used List
MI06 Display Inventory Count
MI23 Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material
OMCS Activate Batch Status Management
MN23 Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt
MI35 Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance
MIGO_GO Goods Movement
MIO1 Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.:Stck w.Subc
OMB1 Dynamic Availability Check
MIGO_GS Subseq. Adjust. of Material Provided
OMB5 Maintain Print Indicator (GR)
OMJ6 Maintain No. Range for GR/GI Slips
OMJR Printer Determin.: Message Type/User
MBSF Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.
OMB2 Create SLoc. Automatically (GI)
MIS1 Create Sample-Based Phys. Inv. – ERP
OMB4 Maintain Print Indicator (GI)
MBNL Subsequent Delivery f. Material Doc.
MIV1 Batch I.:PhInDoc Cust.
MIM1 Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP
OMJ2 Maintain Phys.Inv.Tolrnce->Employee
OMCD Suggest „Del. Completed“ Indicator
OMBG Set Stock Balance Display
OLMW IMG Valuation/Acct Assgt
MI12 Display changes
OMBC Set Missing Parts Check
OMBN Defaults for Reservation
MBAL Material Documents: Read Archive
MB55 Display Quantity String
MBSL Copy Material Document
MBPM Manage Held Data
MB00 Inventory Management
MIE1 Batch Input: Phys.Inv.Doc. Sales Ord
MB5U Analyze Conversion Differences
OMW9 C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.Ch.
MBNK Number Ranges, Material Document
OMJK Number Ranges for Reservations
OMJI Set Material Block
OMB6 Change Manual Account Assgt.
MBW1 Special stocks via WWW
MBAD Delete Material Documents
MIMD Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory Data
OMCM Dynamic Availability Check: GR
MIS2 Change Inventory Sampling
MBBR Batch Input: Create Reservation
OMC2 Number Assignment for Reservations
MBXA Printout of XAB Documents
OMJA Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement
OMCF Print Label
MIAD Delete Phys. Inv. Documents
PF02 Cust. Test of Value-Based IM
OMJ8 Create Stor. Loc. Automatically
MB9A Analyze archived mat. documents
MI00 Physical Inventory
MBSI Find Inventory Sampling
M703 Output: Create Conditions Table
MI9A Analyze archived phy. inv. docs
OMCN Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv.
MIS3 Display Inventory Sampling
MIS5 Create Inventory Sampling – Other
VKU2 Total Revaluation at Retail
OMWO C MM-PUR: Purchase Account Mgmt
MBWO Error Correction: Subs. Value Calc.
MBAV Manage Material Document Archive
VKU6 Report: List Crtn for Rtl Pr. Change
OMCR Inventory Sampling: St.Mgmt Lvl: WM
VKU4 Rtl Revaluation Docs for Material
MIS4 Create Inventory Sampling – R/2
MN27 Create message: rough goods receipt
MN28 Change message: rough goods receipt
MN29 Display message: rough goods receipt
VKU7 Report: Total Reval. for Rtl Pr. Chn
VKU3 Partial Revaluation at Retail
M710 Output Determ.: Access Sequences
WMBE Stock Overview: Value-only Material
VKAR Read Archive File
VKAW Generate Archive File
VKU1 Report: Reval at Rtl for Rtl Pr.Chng
VKU10 Correction of Valuation at Retail
VKU11 Delete Count Document Items
VKU5 Display Retail Revaluation Document
VKU8 Test Transaction BAPI Count List
VKU9 Rtl Reval. Correction: List Display
MB5OA Display Valuated GR Blocked Stock
OMW1 C RM-MAT MW Price Control
M704 Output: Change Condition Table
M705 Output: Display Conditions Table
MPAD Delete archived materials from AMPL
MIAR Archive Phys. Inv. Documents
OMWG C RM-MAT MW User Profiles
OMBO Assign Forms and Programs
M708 Output Determination: Procedure
OMJE Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lvl
MIAV Manage Phys. Inv. Doc. Archive
OMB9 Change Document Lives
MB5A Evaluate Batch Where-Used Archive
MB5E Create Batch Where-Used Archive
OMJL Maintain Print Indicator (autom.MvT)
MPAV Manage archive for maufacturer parts
VOK4 Output Determination: Inventory Mgmt
OMJU Gen. field selection, physical inv.
OMCC Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvmt
WBF1 IS-R: Stock Overview, Empties
MB5V Manage Batch Where-Used Archive
MB5D Delete Docs of Batch Where-Used File
OMBK Suggest Items Preselected: Reservtn
WRMA_1 Revaluation Run RMA
OMWA C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-up Csts.D/C
WBF2 Display GI/GR Diff. for Stck Trans.
WSSS Set Stock Situation
OMBP Freeze Book Inventory Balance
OMWF C MM-IV User Maintenance
CRTGDSREC Tcode for MIGO entry from Portal
OMCH Set Manual Account Assignment (GR)
OMJS Check expiration date at goods issue
OMJM Comprn plnt/val.area – divis.->BusAr
OMJC Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvmt
OMJV Subsequent Calculation of Value
OMBH Phys. Inventory Settings in Plant
OMCL Inventory Sampling: St. Mgmt Levels
OMJ9 Change Manual Account Assgt.
OMJD Set Missing Parts Check
OMJY GR Field Selec. Fr. Procment (Table)
OMBF Control BTCI Sessions for Goods Mvmt
OMBI Suggest Items Preselected GR
OMC4 BTCI Data Transfer: Inventory Count
WB5N Stock in Transit (Consignment)
OMWK C MM-IV Authorizations
OMSB C MM-BD Special Stock Description
OMBX Stock Balance Display
OMBD Business Area from MM View