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Before you walk straight to the previously translated pages or you are translating the rest of the webpage via the translator to explore it, we would like to introduce our portfolio and explain why you can benefit from it.

We are regionally active and globally networked. The aim of the whole is to facilitate foreign providers access to the German market. We have a large network in Germany and can´t serve all customer requests at all. Therefore, we depend on help from abroad. How you can get involved, you know best. We work with foreign offshore teams, already have many partnerships with recruiters, are doing reselling and marketing of foreign products and offer freelancer projects or even extra income. So, you can for example also program something and we sell it. Or you create trainings and we buy them. For trainings you already have everything you need (PowerPoint, a microphone and good ideas).

Of course, some areas, such as the Academy, are still under construction. So, we can´t immediately guarantee a grandiose besides income. But your investment and effort are in this case minimal. And the large number of readers, which is still growing rapidly and simply the large demand from Germany allows a positive forecast. At the moment we are fully booked and therefore not all topics can grow fast at the same time. And of course, we also need your input. Currently, we always work at the weekend because we can only fulfill the demand that way. Become part of something new, a success story which is just beginning and become our partner.

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Please scroll down to find the translator. With this you can read all the other pages as well. After all, we cannot translate everything individually. You will use Google Translator and accept the privacy policy of Google.

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