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Spiegelung Tür WebpageMr. Götte is the founder and owner of S4-Experts. He has been working in the production and logistics environment since 2004. Here he took on different roles: Software Developer, Consultant, Test Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, Team Leader, Freelancer and Manager. Always with a focus on production, purchasing, warehousing, logistics and supply chain management. He knows not only his core modules S/4HANA Manufacturing & Procurement, but was able to gain comprehensive experience. This includes experience in (almost) all modules, BASIS, interfaces, software development (ABAP OO) and quality management (GRC, audits, GxP, SOX & CoBit). Insights into the supplementation of production planning (SAP APO), production control (MES & machine integration) and procurement (SCM ICH, SAP Ariba or SAP Fieldglass) complete his profile. His experiences allow him to look at topics from different perspectives and to think in an overarching context. Industry experience was gained esp. in the automotive/mechanical engineering (IS-Automotive) including the supplier industry, in trade (IS-Retail) and the regulated health care sector (IS-Healthcare/IS-Life Sciences).

His experience helps to know exactly what is relevant and works. He supplements this with regular trainings in order to understand why something works and to classify topics in a larger context. The development of S4-Experts and the activities within the SAP community also help to broaden his horizon. Knowing that there are additional products or solutions within the SAP community can be a decisive advantage. The visible result is all the content on S4-Experts. Additional knowledge and insights can be used as needed. Mr. Götte also comes to the project with solutions and does not reinvent the wheel every time. This includes his internal solution database as well as content that is used in the projects and optimizes the project management, processes, trainings, workshops and procedures.

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Quick Skill Overview

  • SAP Consulting in S/4HANA Manufacturing, Procurement and Warehousing
  • S/4HANA Program, Team, Cutover, Test, Portfolio and Project Management
  • S/4HANA Setup, Rollouts, Merger, Optimization, Update and Harmonization
  • S/4HANA Logistics Focus PP & MM plus EWM, CO, VC, PM, SD, QM, FI etc.
  • Solution Manager, ABAP, BASIS, Interface, Audit, SOX and GxP Knowledge
  • S/4HANA Master Data Migration, Mass Maintenance and Table Analysis
  • Industry 4.0: MES, IoT Machine Integration, JIT/JIS Flow of Goods etc.
  • Integration Knowledge and Experience in many Modules and Systems
  • Intercultural Experiences; mostly in EMEA, North America and Asia

SAP S/4HANA Project References 

  • SAP Plug-ins (SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE)
  • Automotive (Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Measurement & Control Technology (Jumo GmbH)
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology (Octapharma AG)
  • Medical Technology (Siemens Healthcare GmbH)
  • Commercial Vehicles (John Deere Corporation)
  • Commercial Vehicles (MAN Truck & Bus AG)
  • Public Sector/Federal Office (Bundeswehr)
  • Medical Technology/Optics (Carl Zeiss AG)
  • Drive/Automation Technology (Lenze SE)
  • Software (SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG)
  • Chemistry/Metal (Chemetall/BASF SE)
  • Automotive Industry (Volkswagen AG)
  • IT and Business Consulting (ATOS SE)
  • Steel Industry (Salzgitter AG/GESIS)
  • Automotive Supplier (Tenneco Inc.)
  • Production Consulting (IAP GmbH)
  • Business Consulting (Siemens AG)
  • Energy/Cable (NKT Group GmbH)
  • Aviation (Collins Aerospace)
  • Retail (Edeka AG & Co. KG)
  • Life Sciences (Epredia)
  • Software (SAP SE)

Author of various SAP S/4HANA Publications

Mr. Götte is also the Author of various publications. Researching and writing offers the key to expanding one’s own horizons. Sometimes it is a great advantage to know that there are SAP products in the community or where to find solutions. This is also used for structuring and reflection.

Project Accelerators and SAP Product Demos

  • S4-Experts Tools: Project Management Tool, Data Validation & IMG Guidelines
  • Demos & Videos: S/4HANA, MDG, Enable Now, SolMan incl. Focus Build & Run
  • SAP Accelerators: Activate, Jam, Repositories, Roadmaps, Best Practices etc.
  • Cloud Demos & Videos: Fieldglass, Ariba, Hybris, Concur & SuccessFactors

Main Certification Trainings

Experience helps identifying what is relevant and knowing how it works. SAP Trainings serve to know why something works and to understand what the bigger picture looks like. 

  • SAP Academy (2021): Certified SAP S/4HANA Project Leader or Manager
  • SAP Academy (2019): Certified SAP S/4HANA Architect and Consultant
  • Siemens Academy (2010): Certified Project Manager (PMI PMBOK)
  • SAP Academy (2008): Certified SAP SCM Consultant (MM & PP)

Certification Trainings in Detail

Personnel Management and Soft Skills: Senior advanced training at the Jansen Academy (workshops, mentoring, negotiations etc.). and courses in teamwork, communication, assertiveness, time management, presentations, work techniques & emotional intelligence. Personnel management: SMART target agreements, staff development, performance reviews, orientation talks, salary negotiations, succession planning and employee analyses.

SAP Management Certificates: Project management, test management, S/4HANA project management with “SAP activate” and “focused build”, SAP merger and harmonization (company integration), information security, data protection, Excel, risk management, human resource management, ITIL & IT service management.

SAP S/4 HANA Certificates: S/4HANA certification training for the implementation of all modules and their integration. Certifications/courses in-depth about S/4HANA Procurement, Manufacturing, Solution Manager, Enable Now, Migration Cockpit, Ariba, Fieldglass and HANA.

SAP Suite Certificates: ERP & SCM consultant certification (production & logistics) plus certificates regarding ERP system overview, APO overview, MES overview, CRM overview, BI/BW overview, ABAP OO training and PP/MM specialization.

IT and Business Studies

  • TU Carolo-Wilhelmina, Braunschweig, Diploma in Business Informatics
  • Principal Subjects: Production, Logistics and Information Systems (ERP)
  • Study Paper SAP SCM APO & Diploma Thesis PPS/MES Development

Professional and Business Liability Insurance

  • Prof./Pecuniary Loss Liability Insurance: €1.5 Million 
  • Hiscox Business Liability Insurance: €3,000,000
  • Own Damage and Legal Protection Insurance
  • Insurance Policy Number.: HV.DSC6695650

SAP S/4HANA Community Associate 

Benefits and results are derivation of trends, SAP market knowledge and networking. The most effective way to network is to be a good contact yourself. Mr. Götte is the founder and operator of S4-Experts. He is also active in S/4HANA forums, in the SAP People Community and social network groups. For example, he is the founder of the Xing groups „S/4 HANA Logistics“, „SAP Project Manager“, „SAP Managers and Executives“ and Moderator of the group „SAP Consultants“. One of the largest groups within the industry (18,000 posts & 6,200 members).

SAP Partner

Timo Götte is therefore a C-User, U-User, S-User and SAP SecurID holder as well as SAP certified (0210008086). Furthermore, he has access to many SAP products and S/4HANA project accelerators.

Experiences in Keywords

  • Logistics (MM):
    • Purchasing (MM-PUR): Sourcing & procurement (S&P), procure-to-pay (P2P), limit orders, service procurement (MM-SRV), subcontracting incl. cockpit and monitor, intercompany, consignment, drop shipping, request for quotation (RFQ) incl. price comparison list, invoicing plans, manufacturing parts (HTN), variant procurement (VC), returns including replacement delivery/credit memo, release workflows, supplier evaluation, scheduling agreements, value and quantity contracts, confirmation control, reminders, usual master data incl. the new business partner & batch management etc.
    • Inventory Management (MM-IM): Stock taking, stock transfer, goods movements, batch where-used lists and material documents, extended warehouse management system integration (MM-IM with EWM) etc.
    • Invoice Verification (MM-IV): IV plus evaluated receipt settlement (ERS), consignment invoice posting, invoicing plan settlement etc.
    • MM-CBP, MM-IS, MM-EDI & MM-FT plus material coverage monitor (MDM) & MRP
  • Production (PP): Plan-to-produce (PTP), demand-to-delivery (DTD), program planning, demand management (DM), production planning and detailed scheduling (PP/DS), material requirements planning (PP-MRP), capacity planning (PP-CRP), shop floor control (SFC), manufacturing (MFG) mass maintenance & automation, availability check (ATP), PP & APO master data plus dummy assemblies, batch and serial numbers, classification, just in sequence/time, info system etc.
    • Production Strategies: Make-to-stock (M2S), make-to-order (M2O), make-to-delivery (M2D), forecast-to-stock (F2S), configure-to-order (C2O), assemble-to-order (A2O), joint production (co-production), assembly production (ATO), KANBAN, variant production (VC), subcontracting, production re delivery schedules (FTS), dismantling, reworking, repair etc.
    • PP-EWM: Advanced production integration & EWM production control via RF scanner/GUI
    • PP-CO: Product cost planning, standard price update, cost object accounting, internal orders, period-end closing, WIP & overhead calculation, production order settlement etc.
    • PP Miscellaneous: Integration with MM, PP QM and SD, SOP, PP-PI, OCM, ECM, gATP, aATP, REM, PDS, iPPE, FDA GxP Treborbis etc.
  • Project Management: Project Manager, Test Manager, Cutover Manager, S/4HANA German Site Representative (SPOC), SAP Coordinator, Portfolio and Program Manager, Rollout Manager, Freelancer etc.
    • Project Methodology: Agile and classic projects, SAP best practices, blueprinting, MVP segmentation, business process modeling (BPMN), template development/validation, feasibility studies, workshops, conception, prototyping, specification, decision paper preparation (Stakeholder), UATs, cutover, change management, training strategy development (lessons, Enable Now demos and documentation) hyper care etc.
    • Project Documentation, Organization & Tools: WRICEF, BPML, SAP Solution Manager (SolMan Focused Build, ChaRM, Tests, Process and Solution Documentation), MS Teams, MS SharePoint, org. charts, training/test/project/cutover plans, project/test reports etc.
    • Project Types: New S/4HANA setups (Greenfield & Bluefield), landscape transformation, S/4HANA rollouts, carve-outs, post-merger integration, M&A, outsourcing via several SAP delivery models (onshore, offshore & nearshore), updates, merger, plant and company integrations, warehouse logistics and factory layout reengineering regarding spin-out of a product range etc.
  • Business Scenario Architect: Overall process understanding including accounting. Strategic and multi-perspective way of thinking. Not a specialist in all modules!
    • EWM: Inbound delivery, handling unit management (HUM), advanced production integration, production material requirements (PMR), production supply areas (PSA), staging, replenishment, Kanban, resources, RF apps, warehouse monitor, inventory, warehouse layout, stock transfer, scrapping, outbound deliveries, mass maintenance etc.
    • MES: ShopFloor systems, e. g. manufacturing execution systems, machine integration, machine data acquisition, system integration, human-machine interfaces (MMS, HMI or MMI), KPI reporting/tracking, BDE, M2M, MDE, JIT/JIS, QMS, SCADA, SPS, OEE, ILVS, PlantStar, Hydra, WorkSense, Linelogix, various in-house developments etc.
    • SCM: APO (gATP, PP/DS, CIF, transaction & master data), ICH (VMI) & EWM (see above)
    • Products: SAP Suite (Fieldglass, Ariba etc.) & SAP supplier products (Plug-ins & Add-ons)
    • Industry Solutions: IS-Healthcare, IS-Retail, IS-Automotive & IS- Mill Products
    • Business Processes: Experience in several business areas and modules.
      • SD: Usual order-to-cash (OTC) process and master data plus make-to-order (MTO), configure-to-order (CTO), make-to-delivery (MTD) EWM pick, pack & ship (EWM), intercompany (IC), third-party order & delivery (MM-SD), request offer process, batch info cockpit, delivery schedules, BP, sales info system (SIS) etc.
      • CO: Cost object accounting, material costing for various orders (subcontracting, variant & co-production), product cost planning, standard price updates and period-end closing (order settlement, variance, WIP & overhead costs calculation).
      • PM: Master data, notifications, orders, maintenance plans & cost analysis
      • QM: Quality assurance planning and execution in procurement and production plus quality reports, quality certificates, batch management, classification etc.
  • IT Architect: More than 20 years of IT experience, but ultimately not a developer and only a consultant who has already done quite a bit and is very interested. IDoc, ALE, EDI, BAPI, BADI, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT or IIoT), REST, HTTP, HTML, JSON, XML, FTP, Seeburger, NetWeaver (PI, PO & XI), KepServer, PLC, oData, LSMW, Batch Input, TCP/IP, RFC, Query, Fiori (SAPUI5), SAPScript, OPC UA, SmartForms, SAP Workflows, Debugging, ABAP OO, Java, SQL, Labels, Forms, QR Codes, Barcodes, RFID, Classification (CA -CL), message determination (NACE), BASIS, GRC etc.
  • Management Consulting: Trusted Staffing Advisor, Steering and Managing Consultant, Strategy Consultants, Board Consultants, CIO, CEO etc. Timo Götte has already worked with the top management in medium-sized companies and is interested in the strategic further development of companies. Due to the wide range of experiences and personal characteristics, he likes to think in a complex and multi-perspective manner. You will get well-informed decision recommendations. His strength lies in finding solutions.
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