SAP Offshore Partnership

Offshore Partnership

The shortage of skilled labor in Germany will rise dramatically in the next few years as the baby boomers are retiring step by step. For the German lack of offspring are „new“ solutions required! Therefore, we are constantly looking for further SAP partnerships abroad.

Many customers with occasional requirements are ensuring a balanced demand. For small SAP departments with occasional need, the effort is not worthwhile to develop an own SAP offshore solution. Often customers also prefer a local contact and here we come into the game. Improving the offering by building up several partnerships makes us a linchpin. Service level agreements, contracts, requirement and solution coordination as well as the quality assurance are our responsibility. We are continually developing our network, which can contribute to your growth as well. The CEO Timo Götte established his first outsourcing solution in 2015 at an automotive supplier. The knowledge he gained, was the bases to realize an extended and improved outsourcing solution. It takes several years to mature and groove this solution. Sow today and harvest tomorrow.

SAP Offshore-Team

Of course, we also have to keep our expenses under control. A spontaneously founded group of junior developers is not our target group, but established offshore providers. Before we pass on the requirements of our customers, we must have established a basis of trust on our part. This is achieved by integrating us into your offshore activities. So, if you win a German customer who prefers a German contact anyway, this is an ideal start to a collaboration.

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