Independence of the Recruiters

Unfortunately, you do not speak German. The market is international, which is why we and our customers have become used to it. So, we are open to work with international recruiting agencies. We are working with recruiters to make our lives easier.  Explaining the details of the project in painstaking individual work cannot be our goal. Please use Google Translate and inform yourself otherwise independently. If you cannot work with the given information, a collaboration will not work.

So, if you work very independently and send us fewer questions and more profiles, long-term and profitable collaboration can develop. Information about the size of your network, the number of profiles collected etc. are of less interest to us than concrete results (profiles for the current search).

Please no calls. Meaningful questions via e-mail will be answered in the announcement, so that they are also accessible to all other recruiting agencies.

Excuse this procedure, but the number of recruiters makes the SAP market impersonal. We simply cannot face 1,000 recruiters in a tactfully one-to-one interview. Thank you very much for your understanding.