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The CEO Mr. Götte has been working since 2004 as an external expert and manager in many companies. In addition, he is active in social networks, at conventions and trade fairs. As author and group moderator, he was able to expand his network, too. The current number of readers, can be seen on the right side in the magazine. Good evidence are also social networks. The network is being expanded through regular contact and contributions in the magazine full-time and professional.

Software-based Marketing Tool

Software-based marketing tool with multiplier effect. Founded in February 2018 and already such a large network. This does not work alone with the right communication strategy and social networking know-how but requires technical support. Thanks to this solution, the range goes far beyond the magazine. Based on the number of visitors to the magazine, you can see a reach comparable with a daily newspaper. That has already been achieved within a short time (founded February 2018). The actual range is far greater, since the magazine can only count the interested readers. Anyone who finds an article in social media, groups and forums and does not want to go into it further will never call up the magazine or the profile of Mr. Götte. Moreover, it is a specific target group of SAP managers and experts. In the first half year, the focus was still on the technical solution and Mr. Götte worked in parallel in a customer project. So, there is a lot of growth potential.


Online Magazin S4-Experts überrschreitet die Leseranzahl von 50.000


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Moderator of the Group SAP Consultants

Timo Götte S4-Experts Xing Moderator der Gruppe SAP Consultants mit Fokus Festanstellungen Projektangebote Personalvermittlung Recruitment Stellenbörse usw.