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Tutorial Introduction FICO

Tutorial Create a Company in SAP

Tutorial Create a Company and assign to Company Code

What is SAP FICO

Accounting Entries in SAP

Types of SAP Projects

Important FI transaction Codes

Organization Structure and Master Data

Define Company

Define Company Code

Create new companies by copying existing Company Code

Assign Company Code to Company

Define Business Area

Define Functional Area

Define Credit Control

Assign Company Code to Credit Control

Define Segments

Define Financial Management Area

Enterprise Structure Transaction Codes

SAP CO Organizational Structure

SAP Controlling AreaSAP Business Area

SAP Operating Concern

SAP Activity Type

SAP Statistical Key Figures

SAP Cost Elements

SAP FICO – Enterprise Structure

  1. Define Company
  2. Define company code
  3. Define business area
  4. Define functional area
  5. Define credit control area
  6. Define FM area
  7. Define segment
  8. Define plant
  9. Define division
  10. Define sales organization
  11. Define distribution channel
  12. Define sales office
  13. Define sales group
  14. Define storage location
  15. Define purchase organization
  16. Define shipping points

SAP FICO – Enterprise Structure Assignment

  1. Assign company code to company
  2. Assign company code to credit control area
  3. Assign company code to FM area
  4. Assign plant to company code
  5. Assign sales organization to company code
  6. Assign distribution channel to sales organization
  7. Assign division to sales organization
  8. Assign sales office to sales area
  9. Assign sales group to sales office
  10. Assign purchase organization to company code
  11. Assign purchase organization to plant

Cost Center

SAP Cost Center Master Data

Tutorial Cost Center Creation

Tutorial Cost Element Creation

Internal Order

Tutorial Internal Order in SAP

Tutorial Settlement of Internal Orders

SAP Internal Orders

SAP Internal Order Types

SAP Internal Order Master Data

SAP Internal Order Status Management

SAP Internal Order Groups


SAP CO Account Assignment

SAP Adjustment Postings

SAP Direct Activity Allocation

SAP Accrual CalculationSAP Periodic Reposting

SAP Cost Allocation

SAP Indirect Activity Allocation

SAP Reconciliation Ledger

SAP Period Lock

Profit Center

Tutorial Profit Center Creation Grouping, Posting & Planning

Tutorial Creation Of Profit Centers using Standard Hierarchy

Tutorial How to assign Cost Centers to Profit Centers in SAP

Tutorial How to assign Material Master to Profit Center in SAP

Tutorial Difference of Cost Centers and Profit Centers in SAP

SAP Profit Center

General Ledger

Tutorial Create Chart of Accounts in SAP

Tutorial Define Retained Earnings Account in SAP

Tutorial Create, Display, Block & Delete GL Account

Tutorial General Ledger (G/L) Posting in SAP

Tutorial Create Financial Statement Version (FSV)

Tutorial Perform a Journal Entry Posting in SAP FI

Tutorial Create Fiscal Year Variant & Assign to Company Code

Tutorial Define Posting Period Variant in SAP FI

Tutorial Open and Close Periods in Posting Period Variant

Tutorial Define Field Status Variant & Field Status Group

Tutorial Define Document Type and Number Range in SAP FICO

Tutorial Park, Hold, Posting with Refrence of G/L Documents

Define Chart of Accounts

Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts

Define Account Groups

Define Retained Earnings Account

Define sample account rule types

Define data transfer rules

Assign company code to rule type

Create Sample Account

Create General Ledger Account 

Accounting Entries in SAP

Define Financial Statement Versions

Create chart of accounts in SAP

Assign company code to chart of accounts

Define account group

Define retained earnings account

Maintain global parameters

Accounts Receivable

Tutorial Introduction to Accounts Receivable in SAP FI

Tutorial Create, Display, Block, Delete Customer Master Data in ERP

Tutorial Change Customer Documents

Tutorial Create Customer Account Group in SAP

Tutorial Create One Time Customer FD01 in SAP

Tutorial Create Customer Sales Invoice FB70 in SAP FICO

Tutorial Document Reversal

Tutorial Guide to Post a Sales Returns – Credit Memo

Tutorial Post Customer Incoming Payments in SAP

Tutorial Post Foreign Currency Invoice in SAP

Tutorial Residual Method: Incoming & Outgoing Partial Payments

Tutorial Partial Method: Incoming & Outgoing Partial Payments

Tutorial Reset Cleared Items in SAP

Tutorial Credit Control Area in SAP

Create Customer Account Groups

Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts

Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account groups 

Define Tolerances Group for Customer

Customer Payment Terms

Create Customer Master Record

Dunning Procedure Configuration

Create number range for customer account groups

Define customers tolerance groups

Define customer accounts groups with screen layout

Accounts Payable

Tutorial Introduction to Accounts Payable in SAP FI

Tutorial Create a Vendor Account Group in SAP FICO

Tutorial Block or Delete a Vendor in SAP FICO

Tutorial Guide to Create Vendor Master Data in SAP

Tutorial Create One Time Vendor in SAP ERP

Tutorial How to Post a Purchase Invoice in SAP

Tutorial Post a Purchase Return FB65 in SAP FI

Tutorial Post Outgoing Vendor Payment in SAP

Tutorial Withholding Tax at Vendor Invoice & Payment Posting

Tutorial Automatic Payment Program Run via F110

Tutorial Map Symbolic Account to G/L Account in SAP

Tutorial Posting Rounding Differences in SAP Tutorial

Create Vendor Account Groups

Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts

Assign the Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups

Create Sundry Creditors Account

Define Tolerances Group for Vendors

Vendor Payment Terms

Create Vendor Master Data

Automatic Payment Program

Define number ranges for vendor accounts

Assign number ranges to vendor account groups

Define vendor account groups with screen layout

Financial Accounting Global Settings

Activate new General Ledger Accounting

Maintain Fiscal Year Variant

Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant

Define variants for Open Posting Periods

Open and Close Posting Periods

Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code

Define Field Status Variants

Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants

Define Posting Keys

Define Document Types

Define Document Number Ranges

Define Tolerance Group for Employees

Define Tolerance Group for G/L Accounts

Assign Users to Tolerance Group

Global Parameters for Company Code

Define Additional Local Currencies for Company Code

Interest Calculations

Define interest calculation types

Prepare interest on arrears of calculation

Define reference interest rates

Define time dependent interest terms

GST Configuration

GST Calculation Procedure

Assign Country to GST Tax Calculation Procedure

Define Access Sequence

Define Condition Types for GST

Define Account Keys in SAP for GST

Complete Steps – Implementation of GST in SAP Hana

Tax Configuration

Tax Calculation Procedure

Tax Condition Types

Assign Country to the Calculation Procedure

Jurisdiction Code Structure

Maintain Tax Code

Allow Tax Codes for Non-taxable Transactions

Bank Accounting

Create bank key

Define House bank

Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement

Define bank key in SAPhouse banks

Treasure Management

Define Lockboxes

Define lockbox posting data

Define source symbols

Define SAP lockboxes

Define lockbox control parameters

Asset Accounting

Chart of Depreciation

Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code

Specify Account Determination

Create Screen Layout Rules

Maintain asset number ranges

Define Asset Classes

Determine the Depreciation area in the Asset Class

Assignment of General Ledger Accounts

Define Screen Layout for Asset master data

Define Screen Layout for Asset Depreciation Areas

Maintain Depreciation key

Investment Management

Define Investment Program Types

Assign Program Types to Operative Objects

Define Investment Profiles

Define Investment Plan Profiles

Define Budget Profile

Define Budget Categories

Fiscal Year and Posting Periods

Create fiscal year variant in SAP

Assign company code to fiscal year variant

Define variants for open posting periods

Assign posting period variant to company code

Define open and close posting periods

FI-MM Integration

Define Plant

Define Division

Define Storage Locations

Define Purchasing Organization

Assign Plant to Company Code

Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code

Assign Purchase Organization to Plant

Define Purchasing Groups

Create Material Groups

Maintain Company Code for Material Management

FI-SD Integration

Define Sales Organization

Assign Sales Organization to Company Code

Define Distribution Channel

Assign Distribution channel to Sales Organization

Define Division

Assign Division to Sales Organization

Define Plant

Define Shipping Point

Assign Shipping Point to Plant

Maintain Sales Area

Assign Sales Organization-Distribution Channel-Plant

Cost Center Accounting (CCA)

SAP CCA – Home

SAP CCA – Overview

SAP CCA – Activity Types

SAP CCA – Master Data

SAP CCA – Cost Center Groups

SAP CCA – Creating a Cost Center

SAP CCA – Cost Center Posting

SAP CCA – Linking Order Reason

SAP CCA – Internal Order

SAP CCA – Settlement of IO

SAP CCA – Profit Center

SAP CCA – Postings to Profit Center

Profit Center Standard Hierarchy

Assignment of Cost to Profit Centers

Assigning Materials to Profit Center

SAP CCA – Compare CO, PC, IO

SAP CCA – Planning

SAP CCA – Period-End Closing

SAP CCA – Accrual Calculation

SAP CCA – Schedule Manager

SAP CCA – Variance Calculation

SAP CCA – Year-End Closing

SAP CCA – Product Costing

SAP CCA – Profitability Analysis

SAP CCA – Information System

SAP CCA – Standard Reports

SAP CCA – Important Tables

SAP CCA – Job Responsibilities


SAP Payroll – Home

SAP Payroll – Introduction

SAP Payroll – Off-Cycle Activities

SAP Payroll – Infotypes

SAP Payroll – Pay Scale Grouping

SAP Payroll – Mid-Year Go Live

SAP Payroll – Indirect Evaluation

SAP Payroll – Gross Part

SAP Payroll – Net Part

SAP Payroll – Deductions

SAP Payroll – Subsequent Activities

SAP Payroll – Reports

SAP Payroll – Reporting

SAP Payroll – Rosters & Configuration


Tutorial Foreign Currency Revaluation

Tutorial Perform Dunning in SAP

Tutorial Maintain Exchange Rates in SAP

Tutorial Correspondence Configuration, Generation, Printing & Email

Tutorial Interview Questions and Answers

Tutorial Important Reports in SAP FI


SAP FI – Overview

SAP FI – Submodules

SAP FI – Company Basics

SAP FI – Define Business Area

SAP FI – Define Functional Area

SAP FI – Define Credit Control

SAP FI – General Ledger

SAP FI – COA Group

SAP FI – Retained Earnings Account

SAP FI – G/L Account

SAP FI – Block G/L Account

SAP FI – Deleting G/L Accounts

SAP FI – Financial Statement Version

SAP FI – Journal Entry Posting

SAP FI – Fiscal Year Variant

SAP FI – Posting Period Variant

SAP FI – Field Status Variant

SAP FI – Field Status Group

SAP FI – Define Posting Keys

SAP FI – Define Document Type

SAP FI – Document Number Ranges

SAP FI – Post with Reference

SAP FI – Hold a G/L Document Posting

SAP FI – Park a G/L Document Posting

SAP FI – G/L Reporting

SAP FI – Accounts Receivable

SAP FI – Customer Master Data

SAP FI – Block a Customer

SAP FI – Delete a Customer

SAP FI – Customer Account Group

SAP FI – One-Time Customer Master

SAP FI – Post a Sales Invoice

SAP FI – Document Reversal

SAP FI – Sales Returns

SAP FI – Post Incoming Payment

SAP FI – Foreign Currency Invoice

SAP FI – Incoming Partial Payments

SAP FI – Reset AR Cleared Items

SAP FI – Credit Control

SAP FI – Accounts Payable

SAP FI – Create a Vendor

SAP FI – Create Vendor Acct Group

SAP FI – Display Changed Fields

SAP FI – Block a Vendor

SAP FI – Delete a Vendor

SAP FI – One-Time Vendor

SAP FI – Post Purchase Invoice

SAP FI – Purchases Returns

Post Outgoing Vendor Payment

SAP FI – Foreign Currency Invoice

Withholding Tax in vendor invoice

SAP FI – Outgoing Partial Payments

SAP FI – Reset AP Cleared Items

SAP FI – Automatic Payment Run

SAP FI – Posting Rounding Differences

SAP FI – Month End Closing

SAP FI – Dunning

SAP FI – Exchange Rates

SAP FI – Tables in Module

SAP FI – AR Invoice Processes

SAP FI – AR Account Analysis

SAP FI – AR Reporting

SAP FI – AA Overview

SAP FI – AA Asset Explorer

SAP FI – Cash Management

SAP CO – Overview

SAP CO – Submodules

SAP CO – Cost Center

SAP CO – Create Cost Center

SAP CO – Post to a Cost Center

SAP CO – Internal Orders

SAP CO – Settlement of IO

SAP CO – Profit Center

SAP CO – Postings to Profit Center

Profit Center Standard Hierarchy

Assigning Cost to Profit Centers

Assigning Materials to Profit Center

SAP CO – Tables in Module

SAP CO – Product Costing

SAP CO – Profitability Analysis

SAP CO – Planning Methods

SAP FI – Integration

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