S/4HANA Fiori Launchpad

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SAP S/4HANA Service Procurement, External Services und SAP ERP MM-SRV Dienstleistungsbeschaffung

/n/UI2/FLP SAP FIORI Launchpad
SICF Activate Services
PFCG Assign Roles
LPD_CUST Create LaunchPad
/n/UI2/CACHE Registration of Cache Support for Service
/n/UI2/CACHE_DEL Delete Cache
/n/UI2/CHIP Create CHIP
/n/UI2/CUST UI Technology Implementation Guide
/n/UI2/FLIA Fiori Launchpad Intent Analysis
/n/UI2/FLC Fiori Launchpad Checks
/n/UI2/GW_ACTIVATE Activate SAP Gateway
/n/UI2/NWBC Start NWBC
/n/UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUST NWBC Configuration Maintenance {Customers}
/n/UI2/NWBC_CFG_SAP Display NWBC Configuration {SAP}
/n/UI2/NAV Define Semantic Object
/n/UI2/SEMOBJ Define Semantic Objects – Customers
/n/UI2/SEMOBJ_SAP Define Semantic Objects – SAP
/n/UI2/PERS_DEL Delete Personalization Containers
/n/UI2/FLP_INTENTCHECK Fiori Launchpad Intent Analysis
/n/UI2/GW_APPS_LOG SAP Gateway Application Log Viewer
/n/UI2/GW_MAINT_SRV Activate and Maintain Services
/n/UI2/GW_SYS_ALIAS Gateway to Manage SAP System Alias
/n/UI2/POWL Register POWL for OData Consumption
/n/UI5/THEME_DESIGNER UI Theme Designer
/n/UI5/THEME_TOOL Tool for customer Theme Maintenance




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