S/4HANA Human Resources Tutorials (SAP HR or HCM)

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SAP HCM or HR Introduction

Tutorial Introduction to SAP HCM

Tutorial SAP HR Interview Question

Tutorial SAP HR Quiz

SAP HR – Introduction

SAP HR – Maintaining Relationships

SAP HR – Time Constraints

SAP HR – Maintaining Infotypes

Personnel Administration

Tutorial What is an Infotype?

Tutorial Fast Entry of Infotype

Tutorial Infotype Operations: Create, Change, Copy & Delete

Tutorial Infotypes Saved for an Employee

Tutorial All About Infotype 0003 – Payroll Status

Tutorial Time Constraints

Create company in SAP

Create company code in SAP

Assign company code to company in SAP

Personnel Action

Tutorial SAP Personnel Actions

Tutorial Delete a Personnel Number

Organizational Management

Tutorial Structures In SAP

Tutorial Object Types , Validity Dates , Infotypes

Tutorial Expert Mode

Tutorial How to create an Organizational Unit


Tutorial Create, Copy & Delimit a Position

Tutorial Define a Position as Head of Org Unit

Tutorial Assign a Job & Cost Center to a Position

Tutorial Display Organizational Structure with Positions

Time Management (TM)

Tutorial Time Evaluation Essentials

Tutorial Run Time Evaluation

Tutorial Check Time Evaluation Results


Tutorial Overview Of Payroll Process

Tutorial Control Record

Tutorial How to execute Payroll

Tutorial How to Check Payroll Results

Tutorial How to Delete Payroll Results

SAP HR – Payroll Management

SAP HR – Basic Pay Infotypes

Primary and Secondary Wage Types

SAP HR – Payroll Process

SAP HR – Gross Pay

SAP HR – Payroll Cycle

SAP HR – Universal Work List

SAP Payroll – Home

SAP Payroll – Introduction

SAP Payroll – Off-Cycle Activities

SAP Payroll – Infotypes

SAP Payroll – Pay Scale Grouping

SAP Payroll – Mid-Year Go Live

SAP Payroll – Indirect Evaluation

SAP Payroll – Gross Part

SAP Payroll – Net Part

SAP Payroll – Deductions

SAP Payroll – Subsequent Activities

SAP Payroll – Reports

SAP Payroll – Reporting

SAP Payroll – Rosters & Configuration

SAP Payroll – Quick Guide

Payroll Information

Tutorial What is Off Cycle Payroll

Tutorial How to Audit Payroll

Tutorial What is Matchcode

Tutorial Types of WageTypes in SAP

Tutorial Wage Type Reporter

Post Payroll-Run Activities

Tutorial Bank Transfer

Tutorial Create a Bank Key

Tutorial All About Ad-Hoc Query


What is ERP

What is SAP 

What is SAP HR Module

What is SuccessFactors

SAP Project Types

Enterprise Structure

Define Company

Define Company Code

Assign company code to company

Define Personnel Areas

Assign Personnel Area to Company Code

Define Personnel Subarea

Personnel Structure

Define Employee Groups

Define Employee Subgroups

Define Payroll area

Assign Employee Subgroup to Employee Group

Organizational Management

Create organizational unit

Setup Number Assignment for plan versions

Maintain Number Ranges in Organizational Management

Activate Inheritance of Account Assignment Features

Set Up Transport Connection

Integration with Cost Distribution

Maintain object types

Info Types

Infotype menu configuration

Create info Groups

Maintain Country Info Types

Maintain Subtypes

Relationship Maintenance

Setup integration with personal administration

Personnel Administration (PA)

Maintain Number Ranges for Personal numbers.

Maintain user parameters

Define Employee Attributes

Set up Personal Action type

Maintain personnel actions

SAP HR – Personnel Administration

SAP HR – Master Data

SAP HR – Infotypes

SAP HR – Personnel Actions

SAP HR – Changing Infotypes


Create new position

Create number ranges for applicant numbers

Create media

Create recruitment instruments

Create Advertisement

Create Personnel Officers

Application Structure

SAP HR Time Management (TM)

Define daily work schedules

Define work schedule rules and work schedule

SAP HR – Time Management

SAP HR – Work Schedules

SAP HR – Public Holiday Calendar

SAP HR – Attendance Absences

SAP HR Miscellaneous

SAP HR – Benefits

SAP HR – Quick Guide

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