SAP ERP MM-IS Information System

SAP ERP MM-IS-IC Inventory Controlling

Tcode Description
MC46 INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving Items
MC50 INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock
MCBE INVCO: Material Analysis Selection
MCBA INVCO: Plant Analysis Selection
MC40 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage Values
MC44 INVCO:Analysis of Inventory Turnover
MCBZ INVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection
MCBC INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selection
MCBR INVCO: Batch Analysis Selection
MC41 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC48 INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Values
MC45 INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values
MCL1 WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection
MC49 INVCO: Mean Stock Values
MCBK INVCO: MatGrp Analysis Selection

SAP ERP MM-IS-VE Vendor Evaluation 

Tcode Description
ME61 Maintain Vendor Evaluation
ME65 Evaluation Lists
ME63 Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria
ME6G Vendor Evaluation in the Background
ME6B Display Vendor Evaln. for Material
ME64 Evaluation Comparison
ME6E Evaluation Records Without Weighting
ME62 Display Vendor Evaluation
ME6C Vendors Without Evaluation
ME6F Print
ME6D Vendors Not Evaluated Since…
ME6A Changes to Vendor Evaluation
ME6Z Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables
OMGC C MM-PUR Weighting Keys
OMGU C MM-PUR Scope of Ranking Lists

SAP ERP MM-IS-PU Purchasing Information System 

Tcode Description
MCE3 PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection
ME6H Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluation
MCE1 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection
MCE7 PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selection
MCE5 PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection
MCEC PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis
MCEA PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.Analysis
MCFC PURCHIS: Display Pattern On Schedule
MCEB PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysis
MS70 Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHIS
MCE8 PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection
MCDB PURCHIS: Change Evaluation
MS71 Copy info structure version to LTP
MCDG PURCHIS: Execute Evaluation
MCER PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selection