SAP S/4HANA Basis und GRC

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BASIS Introduction

Tutorial Introduction to Basis

Tutorial Guide to Install SAP GUI aka FrontEnd

Tutorial What is SAP Instance and SID

Tutorial Sap Architecture

Tutorial SAP Basis Interview Question

What is SAP ECC ,ERP and SAP Netweaver confusion ?


How to Check SAP Version / SAP Netweaver Version

How to check Sap Java Version

How To Check Kernel Version in SAP

SAP BASIS Administrator Tasks and Job Responsibilities for Junior Job Role


Tutorial How to Create a New Client in SAP

Tutorial Client Copy – Local, Remote, Import and Export

Tutorial Delete a Client

User Authorization

Tutorial Create a User

Tutorial Lock/Unlock an User

Tutorial Limit Logon Attempts

Tutorial Password Restrictions

Background Jobs

Tutorial Background Job Processing

Tutorial Monitor a Background Job

Tutorial Delete a Background Job

Transport Management System

Tutorial Introduction to Transport Management System (TMS)

Tutorial Configure TMS (Transport Management System)

Tutorial Configuration of Transport Routes and Layers

Tutorial Transport Request Import/Export

Patch Administration

Tutorial Support Package & Stack Updates

Tutorial SAP Kernel Updates

Tutorial SAP System Monitoring & Performance Checks

Tutorial OSS Note Tracing

Remote Function Call

Tutorial Introduction to RFC (Remote Function Call)

Tutorial How to Configure and Test RFC

System Copy

Blue Copy for Refresh, System and Mandant Copy

Identity Management System

BASIS Miscellaneous

GRC Miscellaneous

SAP Security

SAP Security – Home

SAP Security – Overview

User Authentication & Management

Network Communication Security

Protecting Standard Users

Un-authorizing Logons Protections

System Authorization Concept

SAP Security – Unix Platform

SAP Security – Windows Platform

SAP Security – Databases

User Authentication & Single SignOn

SAP Security – Logon Tickets

SAP Security – Quick Guide

SAP BASIS Training Tutorial for Beginner

Advance SAP BASIS Tutorial

SAP Upgrade Related Tutorial:

Kernel Upgrade Related:

SAP Upgrade Related:

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