SAP S/4HANA Glossary T-Z

Feel free to use the translator attached at the bottom of every website. It is best to use the key combination [Ctrl] + [F] to get to the explanation. Most links will take you to the SAP Help. The glossary listed here is supplemented by additional links. So, if there is a particularly good source in the world wide web or directly provided by S4-Experts, we will link it as well.


t-logo object
tab (EP-PIN-NAV)
tab (BI-RA-EXP)
tab (BC-FES-BUS)
tab (BC-FES-GUI)
tab (RIV)
tab area
tab bar
tab index
tab layout
tab list
tab order
tab order definition mode
tab page display area
tab page display element
tab pages
tab text
tab title
tabbed browsing
tabbed component
tabbed UIBB
table (SCM-APO-FCS)
table (BW-BEX)
table (EP-VC)
table (EIM-DS)
table (BC-DOC)
table (BC-DWB-DIC)
table access statistics
table attribute
table body
table buffer
table category (BC-I18-UNI)
table category (BC-DWB-DIC)
table category (BC-ABA)
table cluster
table condition
table configuration summary
table control
table dependency
table element
table enhancement place
table form
table function
table generation
table group
table hit list
table index (BC-TRX)
table index (BC-DWB-DIC)
table index (BC-ABA)
table key (BC-DWB-DIC)
table key (BC-ABA)
table manual
table of contents
table operation
table parameter
table pool
table processor
table redistribution operation
table redistribution plan
table screen
table section
table sharing
table structure
table type
table variable
table work area
table-based question
table-driven dynamic parallel processing
table-specific Fallback Code Page
tables for replication settings
Tablet Framework Page
tabstrip (BI-RA-AD)
tabstrip (EP-ES)
tabstrip (BC-FES)
tabstrip control
tabular reporting
tabular routing
tactic type
tactical planning
tag (CRM)
tag (CA-CEI-SCI)
tag (BC-MID-BUS)
tag (IS-HMED)
tag (MFG-PCO)
tag (PM-WCM)
tag (CA-WUI)
tag (SBA)
tag browser
tag cloud
tag column
Tag Group
tag handler
tag interface
tag library descriptor
tag provider
tagged history
tagging (BC-I18)
tagging (BC-EIM-ESH)
tagging (CA-EPT-BCV)
tagging (CA-DMS)
tagging (PM-WCM)
tagging (CA-WUI)
tagging by label
tagging by object
tagging condition
tagging cycle
tagging phase
tail number
tailored measurement service
take offline
take rate
take rule
takt (PP-FLW)
takt (AP-PPE)
takt area
takt load
takt offset
takt time (PP-FLW)
takt time (AP-PPE)
takt-based scheduling (PP-FLW)
takt-based scheduling (AP-PPE)
talent assessment
talent assessment process
talent consultant
talent development specialist
talent group (PA-ER)
talent group (PA-TM)
talent group assignment
Talent Management
talent monitor
talent pool
talent review
talent review meeting
Talent Review Meeting
talking time limit
tangible asset
tank protection
tank strapping
tank strapping table
tardy reason
tare addition
target (CRM-ANA)
target (EHS-CI)
target (EIM-DS)
target (EPM-SM)
target access control context
target account
target achievement
target activity
target agreements
target allocation object
target analytic
target application
target asset
target attribute (FS-BA-AN-PA)
target attribute (CA-DDF)
target attribute (FS-AM-PR-PR)
target base year
target boundary
target business partner
target category
target change number
target chart of accounts
target classification category
target classification type
target classification value
target cluster
target code page
target commission (ICM)
target commission (ICM)
target commitment period
target completion date
target component
target consumer
target cost version
target costs (CO-OM-CCA)
target costs (CO-PC)
target costs (CO-OM-ABC)
target costs (IS-EC-BOS)
target credit
target currency
target currency unit
target date ()
target date (IS-R)
target days‘ supply
target dimension
target distribution
target document
target external ID
target folder
target grant
target group (CRM)
target group (BC-CTS)
target group (FS-BP)
target group member
target group operation
target headcount
target hours
target input quantity
target inventory position
target investment
target language
target level
target line
target list
target location
target measure
target message
target model
target object (EP-PCT-MGR-HR)
target object (EP-PIN)
target object (SBO)
target operation
target parameter
target plan
target planning step
target premium
target price (LOD-ESO)
target price (CRM-BTX)
target profile
target QM system
target quantity (SD)
target quantity (IS-EC-BOS)
target quantity based on components
target range
target range of coverage (PP-MRP)
target range of coverage (IS-R)
target range of coverage stock
target record
target route
target rule
target sales ratio
target scenario
target schema
target scrap quantity
target service level
target setting
target setting group
target share
target stock
target stock level (SCM-APO-PPS)
target stock level (PP-MRP)
target structure
target system (CA-MDG)
target system (IS-HMED)
target system (SBO)
target system (FIN-SEM-CPM)
target system ID
target time
target time for labor value
target to date
target type (EHS-CI)
target type (ICM)
target unit of measure
target utilization
target value (FS-BA-PM-HP)
target value (IS-HT-SW)
target value (CA-FIM-FCO)
target value ()
target value (SD)
target value (ICM)
target value field
target version
target=actual activity allocation
targeted ideation
tariff (FS-AM)
tariff (ICM)
tariff number attribute
tariff payment
tariff premium
Tariffs, Duties & Permits
task (SCM-EM)
task (SCM-SOP)
task (CRM)
task (LE-TRM)
task (AC)
task (BW-BCT)
task (KM-ITU)
task (BC-VCM-LVM)
task (CAF-GP)
task (CRM-CEC)
task (EHS-MGM)
task (EPM-FC)
task (EC-CS)
task (PM)
task (PA-OS)
task (SV-ASA)
task (SV-ASA)
task (BC-BMT-WFM)
task (BC-INS)
task (BC-CTS)
task (BC-FES-GUI)
task (IS-U-WM)
task (IS-A-DBM)
task (FS-CM)
task (OPU-DUE)
task (CRM-MT)
task (SRM-CM)
task (XAP-EM)
task (XAP-PD)
task agent
Task and Resource Management
task bundle
task business-object
task catalog
task category (BC-BMT-BTM-FWK)
task category (EC-CS)
task component
task confirmation
task container
task context
task dashboard
task dependency
task family
task function
task group (AC)
task group (BW-BCT-ISR-PIP)
task group (CA-GTF-FCC)
task group (EC-CS)
task group (PA)
task group (BC-BMT-WFM)
task group (FIN-SEM-BCS)
task icon
task ID (PPM-PFM)
task ID (CA-EBD)
task in master project
task in team entry
task inbox
task level (BC-FES-GUI)
task level (CA-TS)
task level menu
task list (IS-AD-MPD)
task list (LO)
task list (CA-GTF)
task list (BC-INS)
task list (BC-FES-GUI)
task list for functional location
task list group (PP)
task list group (PM)
task list header
task list run
task list scenario
task list type
task list variant
task management (EHS-MGM)
task management (OPU-DUE)
Task Manager
task manager for technical configuration
Task Monitor
task of a worklist
task organization
task owner
task panel
task period
task processing
task profile (EPM-BPC)
task profile (PA)
task profile (BC-BMT-WFM)
task proposal in team entry
task queue service
task record
task record form
task schedule
task security
task selection in team entry
task skip
task state
task team
task template (CRM-CEC)
task template (IS-HMED)
task type (LE-TRM)
task type (BC-BMT-BTM-FWK)
task type (BC-CTS)
task type (BC-CCM-MON)
task type (CA-TS)
task type (SRM-CM)
task version
task watcher
task workspace
Task Workspace Locator List
task-oriented labor contract
task-panel toolbar
tax account
tax adjustment
tax agent
tax amount
Tax and Revenue Management
tax area
tax assessment
tax authority
tax base amount
tax calculation procedure
tax category (AP-TTE)
tax category (BNS-ARI-SE)
tax category (SD)
tax character
tax class (PY-RU)
tax class (PY-US)
tax class (IS-OIL-PRA-REV)
tax classification (SD)
tax classification (IS-OIL-PRA-REV)
tax code
tax code determination
tax code determination order
tax code determination rule
tax collected at source
tax company
tax compliance
tax compliance attribute
tax compliance document
tax component
tax concession period
tax consultant
tax date (AP-TTE)
tax date (FI)
tax decision tree
Tax Decision Tree Wizard
tax declaration box
tax deducted at source
tax deduction number
tax definition
tax depreciation
tax determination procedure (LO)
tax determination procedure (PP)
tax element
tax event
tax event type
tax exemption
tax exemption classification
tax file number
tax form
tax form field
tax form group
tax group (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
tax group (SBO)
tax ID
tax incidence
tax interface table
tax invoice
tax invoice number
tax jurisdiction
tax jurisdiction code
tax jurisdiction type
tax license
tax location
tax number (AP-TTE)
tax number (FI)
tax number (FI)
tax number (FI)
tax number category
tax number indicator
tax number type
tax object
tax obligation
tax office (PA)
tax office (SBO)
tax official
tax origin
tax payment voucher
tax privilege
tax processing allowance
tax rate
tax rate element
tax rate table
tax reassessment
tax rebate
tax refund country
tax regime
tax registration number
tax report
tax reporting country
tax reporting currency
tax return level
tax revenue
tax scale (PY-RU)
tax scale (PY-AU)
tax schema
tax situation
tax slab
tax statement
tax status (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
tax status (SBO)
tax table
tax territory
tax total (CYT)
tax total (CYT)
tax total (SBO)
tax transfer document
tax type (CYT)
tax type (AP-TTE)
tax type (BW-BCT-ISR-PIP)
tax type (PY-US)
tax type (AP-MD-BP)
tax type (CRM-MD)
tax type combination
tax unit
tax value of inventory
tax warehouse
tax warehouse number
tax warehouse type
tax year closing
tax-exempt amount
tax-exempt revenue
tax-free payments
tax-free services
tax-levying authority
tax-type-specific function
taxability model
taxable benefit
taxable country
taxable event
taxable person
Taxation Interface
taxes on sales/purchases
taxes on sales/purchases group
taxonomy (MDM)
taxonomy (EP-KM)
taxonomy (FIN-SEM-BCS)
Taxonomy Query Builder
Taxonomy Trainer
taxpayer identification code
taxpayer identification number (FI)
taxpayer identification number (PY)
taxpayer identification number (SBO)
Taxpayer Online Services
taxpayers association
TCB interpolation
TCP/IP port
TDMS control table
TDMS generated view
TDMS header table
TDO list
TDP material
TDS return
teaching activity
teaching activity grouping
teaching and studies
teaching effort
teaching hours
teaching method
teaching workload
team (PPM-PFM)
team (CA-CPD)
team (EPM-BPC)
team (EPM-DFA-PRC)
team (MP-INF)
team absence calendar
Team Calendar
team counted quantity
team counter
team counting
team grid
team ID
team KPI
Team Management
team member (PPM-PFM)
team member (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
team member (OPU-DUE)
team member (XAP-PD)
Team Members
team purchasing
team shopping cart
Team Tasks
team view
tear down (PP)
tear down (BC-CTS)
tear off
teardown time
technical adapter
technical administrator
technical age
technical amendment
technical availability
technical completion
technical completion confirmation
technical content component
technical data
technical date
technical debriefing
technical delivery terms
technical design
technical device installation
technical device removal
technical document class
technical dossier
technical evaluation panel
technical field
technical field for position
technical illustration
technical installation
Technical Integration Model
technical limit
technical mode
technical name (BC-CUS-TOL)
technical name (KM-KW)
technical object (CA-MRS)
technical object (PM)
technical position
technical POWL type
technical process
technical profile
technical quality notification number
technical receiver determination
technical reference object
technical results analysis cost element
Technical Review
technical RFx response
technical routing
technical scenario (SCM-APO-ATP)
technical scenario (SV-SMG)
technical sender determination
technical settings
technical settlement
technical source of application
Technical Specification
technical start
technical status
technical step (BC-SRV-PMI)
technical step (CA-MON)
technical system
technical topology
technical type (MP-APP-CR)
technical type (PP-BD)
technical type property
technical usage
technical utilization category
technical validity (AP-MD)
technical validity (ICM)
technical view
technical work item display
technical workflow log
technology infrastructure diagram
technology platform
technology type
telecommunication services
telecommunications network
telecommunications network edge
telecommunications network node
telecommunications service object
telecommunications tax
telephone number management
telephone sales (IS-BEV)
telephone sales (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
telephony controls
telephony function bar
telephony middleware
telephony server (CS)
telephony server (BC-SRV-COM)
telephony software
telesales (IS-T)
telesales (ONE VOICE)
telesales agent
Telnet Provider Service
template (FS-BA-SD)
template (CA-GTF-DOB)
template (SCM-EWM)
template (AP-MD)
template (BC-JAS)
template (BC-SRV-FP)
template (EP-PIN)
template (BC-VCM-LVM)
template (EHS)
template (EPM-DSM)
template (EPM-SM)
template (LO-PDM)
template (IS-M-AMC)
template (LOD-ESO)
template account
template allocation
template area
Template Builder
template card
template category
template claim
template code
template configuration
template definition
template description
template framework
Template Generator
template group
template hierarchy
template installer
template list
template management
Template Management
template modeler for search object connectors
template relationship
template repository
template responsible
template storage path
template type (FS-BA-SD)
template type (AP-MD)
template type (SBO)
template version
template-based qualification
template-driven project
temporal join
temporal method of currency translation (FI-LC)
temporal method of currency translation (EC-CS)
temporal posting difference
temporal translation difference
temporal validity
temporary absence
temporary account
temporary account holder
temporary admission
temporary alien
temporary alien code
temporary budget billing plan
temporary coverage note
temporary customs declaration
temporary difference
temporary document
temporary duty
temporary import under bond
temporary inbound delivery
temporary marker
temporary medical record
temporary object
temporary order
temporary parameter
temporary part-time employment
temporary period consumption
temporary PP/DS order
temporary price reduction
temporary quantity assignment
temporary refusal
temporary replacement
temporary sequential file
temporary storage
temporary storage facility
temporary storage location
temporary technical object
temporary untagging phase
temporary work relationship
temporary worker
TemSe header
TemSe object
TemSe part number
TemSe storage
tenancy in common
tenancy law
tenant (BC-VCM-CAL)
tenant (BC-ABA)
tenant (SBO)
tenant administrator
tenant affinity
tenant alias
Tenant Data Model
tenant isolation
Tenant Lifecycle Management
tenant settlement
tenant user
tenant with customer account
tenant without customer account
tender (PSM-GPR)
tender (CA-MRS)
tender amount
tender committee
tender fee
tender type
tendering manager
tendering process
tendering process configuration
tendering process step
Tenders Electronic Daily
tenure (PSM-FG)
tenure (EHS-CI)
Teradata Director Program ID
term (CRM-BF-CPE)
term (BC-CUS)
term (LO-VC)
term (PP)
term (BC-DOC-TER)
term (SBA)
term category (BC-DOC-TER)
term category (RE-FX)
term deal
term energy
term item
term of rating procedure
term q-check
term rule
term type
term weighting
terminal access identification number
terminal ID
terminate end event
terminating event
termination ()
termination (PA-BN)
termination (PA)
termination (IS-U-IDX)
termination defect
termination event
termination flag
termination group
termination grouping
termination message
termination opportunity
termination point
termination rule (PA-BN)
termination rule (ICM)
termination rule variant
terminology adaptation project
terminology domain
terminology entry
terminology excerption
terminology identification
terminology mining
terminology monitor
terminology profile
terms and conditions for remuneration
terms of payment
terms of payment key
territory (CRM-IM-IPM)
territory (CRM-MD-TM)
territory (EIM-DS)
territory (SBO)
territory alignment
territory assignment function category
territory hierarchy
territory hierarchy ID
territory ID
Territory Management
test (BW)
test (PE-LSO)
test author
test automation
test case
test catalog
test class
test coverage
test cycle
test cycle check
test data
test data source
test density
test double
test drive
test environment
test equipment
test group
test include
test item
Test Management
test method
test mode
Test Mode
test module
test module hierarchy
test package (BW)
test package (BC-TWB)
test person
test plan (BC-TWB)
test plan (GRC-SPC)
test plan (MFG-ME)
test plan administration tool
test procedure (BC-TWB)
test procedure (SV-ASA)
test project
test run (BC-ABA)
test run (SBO)
test scenario
test script
test seam
test standard
test status
test suite
test system
test tag
test task
test temperature
test tenant
Test Workbench
testing proposal
testing schedule
text (BW-BEX)
text (BI-RA-AD)
text (BC-DOC)
text access
text attribute
text block
text box
text control (SCM-EWM-DLP)
text control (IS-BEV)
text corpus
text determination (SCM-EWM-DLP)
text determination (CRM-BF)
text determination procedure (SD)
text determination procedure (CRM-BF)
text editor
text element (BW-BEX)
text element (BC-I18)
text element (BC-ABA)
text element (BC-DWB-TOO)
text environment
text field
text field literal
text file
text foreign key
text format
text item (PP)
text item (SD)
text item (LO-HU)
text language (CAF-GP)
text language (BC-DWB-DIC)
text length
text management
text mapping
text mining
text mode
text module (MM-SRV)
text module (FS-PM)
text number conversion
text object (SCM-EWM-DLP)
text object (BI-RA-CR)
text object (CRM-BF)
text pool
text processing
text profile (SCM-EWM-DLP)
text profile (BC-SRV-CM)
text qualifier
Text Replacement Tool
text schema
text snippet
text string
text string literal
text symbol (BC-ABA)
text symbol (BC-DWB-TOO)
text table
text to speech
text type (CA-GTF-DOB)
text type (SCM-EWM-DLP)
text type (SRM-EBP)
text type (PS)
text type (SD)
text type (CRM-BF)
text variable (BC-TWB)
text variable (PE-LSO)
text variable for characteristics
text variable for selection parameters
text-like data type
text-mining engine
text-mining index
textual cross-reference
texture compression
texture mapping
texture memory
TGNL code
The National Archives
Theil coefficient
theme (CA-UI5)
theme (WEC-FRW)
theme (BC-BSP)
theme (BC-FES-BUS)
theme (CA-VE)
theme (EP-OD)
theme (EPM-SM)
theme (BC-FES-ITS)
theme (IS-AFS)
theme (LOD-SFSF)
theme (ONE VOICE)
theme (CRM-ISA-AUC)
theme (SD-SLS-WOM)
theme (EP)
theme category
Theme Editor
theme generator
theme repository
theming engine
theoretical override
theoretical reserve
theoretical shrinkage
theoretical unit rate
therapeutic class
therapy frequency
thermal gas billing
thickness of tranche
thing quickview
thing type
third country
third party
third party product
third party purchase
third party representative
third party sale
third party service provider
third party software
third party software package
third party trading system
third-party business transaction
third-party category
third-party logistics
third-party logistics location
third-party logistics provider
third-party management
third-party order
third-party order processing
third-party partner integration
third-party payer
third-party planned independent requirement
third-party program
third-party provision of components
third-party purchase order
third-party remittance
third-party rights
third-party settlement risk
third-party share of collateral value
third-party suit against legal action
third-party type
third-party wage type
thread (EP-KM-COL)
thread (EIM-DS)
thread (BC)
thread (LOD-ESO)
Thread Manager
thread resource protection
thread system
threaded nomination
threat scan
three-phase model
three-step stock transfer procedure
threshold (PSM-GPR)
threshold (EP-PCT-MGR-HR)
threshold (EHS-MGM)
threshold (EPM-FC-SK)
threshold (GRC-FRA)
threshold (SRM-CM)
threshold (SBO)
threshold (XAP-CQM)
threshold amount (FS-MCM-BT)
threshold amount (PSM-GPR)
threshold consumption
threshold period
threshold record
threshold set
threshold type
threshold value (SCM-SOP)
threshold value (CAF-GP)
threshold value (CO-PC)
threshold value (EP-PCT-MAN)
threshold value (RE-FX)
threshold value for remaining liability
threshold value for reserve
threshold value for retention
threshold value reserve
threshold value violation
thrift savings plan
throughput agreement
thumbnail plug-in
thumbnail repository
thumbnail view
tick size
ticket (IS-OIL-DS-TSW)
ticket (LOD-CRM-SEOD)
ticket encashment (PY-KSA)
ticket encashment (PY-UAE)
ticket verification library
Ticket Verifier for Lotus Domino
ticketing/labeling text type
tickler process
tickler process subtype
tickler process type
tickler type
tiebreaker survivorship rule
tied bids
tied empties
tier (BC-CST)
tier group
tier table
tiered growth rebate
tiered pricing
tight coupling
tightened inspection
tile (CRM-MSA)
tile (CA-WUI)
tile (CA-UI2)
tile catalog
tile group
tile ID
tile layout
tile portrayal
tile set
tile template
tile type
till balancing
till insert
time (EPM-IM-FPL)
time (EPM-NOV-SWP)
time (BC-SRV)
time (BC-ABA)
time account (CA-ESS)
time account (PT)
time account (LOD-SFSF-EC)
time account change calendar
time account type
time aggregation level
time allocation (CRM-RPL-SRV)
time allocation (CA-MRS)
time allocation type
time and labor data
Time and Labour Management With Payroll Integration
Time and Labour Management With Project Confirmation
time balance
time bar
time bar navigation area
time base
time base and exposure to inflation variant
time between two DRP planning runs
time bias
time bucket
time bucket object (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
time bucket object (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
time buckets profile
time category (SCM-EM)
time category (PT)
time confirmation
time constraint (PA)
time constraint (PT)
time control
time data
time data ID
time decomposition
time dependency
time dependency by means of planned changes
time deposit agreement
time dimension
time document
time evaluation
time evaluation data
time evaluation for concurrent employment
time evaluation message
time evaluation schema
time event
time fence
time field
time frame
time granularity
time identifier
time increment
time independent column
time interval (SCM-APO-PPS)
time interval (PS)
time interval (BC-SRV)
time lag
time leveling (PT)
time leveling (CA-TS)
time limit
time limit for error message
time limit for warning message
time limit sequence
time literal
time logic
Time Management
time management key
time model
time model function
time node
time of loss/claim
time of origin
time of transfer
time off
Time Off
time offset
time over target
time pair
time period
time period focus
time periods
time portion
time pricing
time profile (SCM-ICH)
time profile (SCM-SOP)
time profile (BC-CCM-MON)
time profile (LOD-SFSF-EC)
time proportionality
time quota
time range
time recording (PT)
time recording (IS-A-DBM)
time recording ID card
time reference
time restriction
time rule
time scale (PP-CRP)
time scale (BC-FES-GRA)
time schedule
time series (FS-BA-PM-HP)
time series (SCM-BAS)
time series (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
time series (EPM-PLA)
time series (IS-U-SMA)
time series data area
time series data management
time series data type
time series horizon
time series model
time series type
time since new
time since overhaul
time since repair
time slice (AP-MD)
time slice (PSM-GM)
time slice (IS-U-BI)
time slice (IS-PS-CA)
time slice generator
time slider
time slot (SCM-EWM)
time slot (LE)
time slot (IS-H)
time slot (IS-HMED)
time slot (IS-U-WM)
time slot capacity
time slot duration
time slot profile
time specification type
time split
time stamp (BC-ABA)
time stamp (IS-A-DBM)
time stamp conversion
time stamp field
time stamp literal
time statement
time statement form
time stream
time substitution
time ticket
time ticket for individual incentive wages
time tracking
time tracking balance
time transfer specifications
time type (PT)
time type (LOD-SFSF-EC)
time unit (SCM-EWM)
time unit (BC-SRV)
time unit (ICM)
time varying data
time wage
time wage type
time wage type selection
time zone
time-based aggregation
Time-based approach
time-based component traceability
time-based constraint
time-based equipment
time-based field
time-based maintenance plan
time-based price
time-based scenario
time-continuous capacity
time-dependent address usage
time-dependent condition
time-dependent data
time-dependent limit
time-dependent location product
time-dependent location product hierarchy
time-dependent master data
time-dependent parameter
time-dependent product determination
time-dependent project version
time-dependent publishing
time-dependent view
time-frame check
time-independent condition
time-independent event
time-now line
time-of-use exception
time-of-use exception program
time-of-use exception response
time-of-use period
time-off request
time-phased materials planning
time-related supply limit
time-sensitive drug
time-sensitive material
time-weighted average
timeframe (PY-GB)
timeframe (IS-U-SMA)
timeline (SCM-ICH-AMO)
timeline (EPM-PCM)
timeline (HPA)
Timeout Service
timer start event
times thru
timeslot group
TIP entry
title (BC-FES-GUI)
title (SBC)
title (SBO)
title area
title bar
title carrier route
title code
title element
title group
title master
title transfer at destination
title transfer at origin
title transfer in transit
TLB profile
TLB shipment
TMS Trusted Services
to be announced
to be archived
to be clarified
to be revised
TO item processing time
to put on hold
TO splitting
to-bin strategy
to-do channel
today scheduling
today’s dominant
toggle button
toggle hold
token (BC-ABA)
token (LOD-SFSF)
token endpoint
token-based login
tolerance (BW-BCT-ISR-PIP)
tolerance (FI)
tolerance (PM)
tolerance (QM)
tolerance amount
tolerance change
tolerance group
tolerance interval
tolerance key
tolerance lane
tolerance level (PSM-GM)
tolerance level (IS-R)
tolerance limit (MM-IV)
tolerance limit (IS-A)
tolerance limit for reducing an invoice
tolerance period
tolerance profile
tolerance range
tolerance schedule
tolerance setting
tolerance type
tolerance value check
tolerance window
tolerated credit limit
tolerated limit
tone mark
tonnage band
tool area
Tool Business Intelligence
Tool Control & Accountability
tool group
tool menu
tool number
tool palette (CA-UI5)
tool palette (EPM-IM-FPL)
tool set
tool set management
tool-based step controller
toolbar (CRM-IC)
toolbar (EP-PIN-NAV)
tooling shop order
tooth history
tooth notation
tooth number
top %
top consolidation group
top down budgeting
top event handler
top include
Top Issue
top level account group
top level transaction
Top Manager
top materials
top N (BI-RA-AWB)
top N (PS)
top n item
top n product list
top node
top recommendation
top settlement unit
top sum
top-down budgeting
top-down fixing
top-down planning (EPM-NOV-PLA)
top-down planning (EPM-SPA)
top-level assembly
top-level component
top-level navigation (EP-KM)
top-level navigation (EP)
top-level navigation bar
top-level work item
topic (EP-PIN)
topic (MP-APP-CR)
topic (CRM-MSA)
topic (XAP-PD)
total accrual value
total available
total benefit split amount
total cash compensation
total claim expenditure
total commitment
total commitment grouping
total compensation
total compensation statement
total confirmation
total consignment pick-up quantity
total consumption
total cost
total debt service ratio
total demand (SCM-APO-SNP)
total demand (CAF-GP)
total demand work
total DRP/deployment lead time
total float
total lead time
total list price license fee
total package scheme
total patient dose
total position
total price
total project investment
total rate
total receipts
total record range
total replenishment lead time
total revaluation at retail
total savings
total shelf life (SCM-APO-SNP)
total shelf life (LE-WM)
total time
total variance
total weight of a means of transportation
total weight of a packing proposal
totals item (FI-LC)
totals item (EC-CS)
totals record (BW-BCT-ISR-PIP)
totals record (FI)
totals record (CO)
totals table
tour (TM)
tour (IS-BEV)
tour (IS-BEV)
tour (MOB-APP-DSD)
tour – activity type
tour determination
tour master
tour status (IS-BEV)
tour status (MOB-APP-DSD)
tour status profile
TPO constraint
TPO type
trace (BC-JAS)
trace (EIM-IS)
trace (BC)
trace (EP)
trace file (BC-TRX)
trace file (BC-CST)
trace file rotation
trace function
trace level (CA-GTF-AIF)
trace level (BC-CST)
trace location
trace logging
trace path
trace report
trace request level
traceability matrix view
traceable part
tracing (BC-JAS)
tracing (EPM-IM-XLS)
tracing (IS-MP)
tracing document
tracing factor
tracing table
track (BC-CTS)
track 1
track connection
track update
trackable SFC number
tracked object
tracked time view
tracking (LE)
tracking (IS-M-AMC)
tracking agent
tracking attribute
tracking ID
tracking ID code set
tracking identification
tracking limit
tracking number (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
tracking number (IS-M-SD)
tracking partner
tracking point
tracking record
tracking service provider profile
tracking service provider profile registration
tracking signal
tracking variant
tracking-related event type
tract of land
trade article
trade foundation
trade lane
trade marketing manager
trade planning
trade promotion
trade promotion agreement
trade promotion detail sheet
trade promotion guideline
trade promotion list
trade promotion list sheet
trade promotion management
Trade Promotion Management
trade promotion scenario
trade repository object
trade spend list
trade spend list sheet
trade to sales ratio
trade-off zone
trader authorization
trader’s & schedulers’s workbench
trading business
trading contract (IS-R)
trading contract (LO-AGR-CC)
Trading Execution Workbench
trading expense type
trading expenses
trading goods category
trading partner
trading transaction
trading unit (IS-U-EPM)
trading unit (IS-MP)
trading unit order
traditional Chinese
traditional securitization
traffic conference area
traffic direction
traffic light
trailer (SCM-APO-VS)
trailer (BC-TWB)
trailer (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
trailer record
trailer swap
trailer-unit-based settlement
trailing leaf NULL
Train-the-Trainer Workshop
training activity
training cost
training data
training date
training document
Training Management
training needs analysis
training needs management
training provider
training session
training set
TRAMER transformation
tranche (IS-U-LIB-DE-GF)
tranche ()
tranche (CRM-IU-S-PCT)
tranche (FI)
tranche (IS-U-EPM)
tranche calculation
tranche index
tranche model
tranche point of delivery
tranching rule
transaction (BNS-SII-SAT)
transaction (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
transaction (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
transaction ()
transaction (FI-AF-DPC)
transaction (FI)
transaction (SD)
transaction (BC-DWB)
transaction (BC-ABA)
transaction (ICM)
transaction (MFG-LPO)
transaction (MOB-SYCLO-AGENTRY)
transaction (CA-FIM-FMA)
transaction (FS-PM)
transaction authorization
transaction category (FI-AF-DPC)
transaction category (IS-U-WA)
transaction category key
transaction code (BC-DWB)
transaction code (SBO)
transaction completed
transaction condition
transaction count
transaction count item
transaction counter
transaction currency (EPM-IC)
transaction currency (FI-LC)
transaction currency (CO)
transaction currency (EC-CS)
transaction currency (CA-EUR)
transaction currency (FS-AM)
transaction currency (FI-GL-CU-MCA)
transaction data
transaction data measurement
transaction date
transaction definition
transaction demarcation
transaction difference
transaction document
transaction figures (FI)
transaction figures (FS-AM-IM-BC)
transaction form
transaction group (SD)
transaction group (IS-U-WA)
transaction group key
transaction hedge
transaction history (CRM)
transaction history (BNS-SII-SAT)
transaction ID
Transaction ID
transaction index
transaction journal
transaction launcher
transaction log
transaction logfile
transaction monitor (BNS-SII-SAT)
transaction monitor (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
transaction number (SD)
transaction number (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
transaction number (SBO)
transaction price
transaction property
transaction record
Transaction Recorder
transaction register
transaction report
Transaction Service (BC-JAS)
Transaction Service (BC-ABA)
transaction synchronization
Transaction Tax Engine
transaction tiering
transaction type (SRM-EBP)
transaction type (CRM)
transaction type ()
transaction type (FI-LC)
transaction type (FI-AA)
transaction type (EC-PCA)
transaction type (EC-CS)
transaction type (FS-SR)
transaction type (IS-PS-CA)
transaction type (IS-EC-CEM)
transaction type (IS-A-RL)
transaction type (FS-AM)
transaction type (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
transaction type (OPU-DUE)
transaction type (SBO)
transaction type (FIN-SEM-BCS)
transaction type (FIN-CGV-MIC)
Transaction type
transaction type category
transaction type symbol
transaction unit of measure
transaction validation rule
transaction variant
transaction-based allocation
transaction-related billing
transaction/event type
transactional buffer
transactional consumption equation
transactional correctness
transactional data
transactional Remote Function Call
transactional user
transactions for commission contract
transfer (PA-PM)
transfer (BCM)
transfer (FI-LC)
transfer (EC-CS)
transfer (PS)
transfer (CA-TS)
transfer (IS-H)
transfer (PSM-FM)
transfer (SLC-SUP)
transfer (XAP-EM)
transfer amount
transfer business transaction
transfer contract
transfer control
transfer costs
transfer grouping
transfer list
transfer method
transfer mode
transfer of dispute case
transfer of ownership request
transfer of reserves
transfer on hold
transfer order
transfer order for multiple deliveries
transfer order split
transfer period (IS-T)
transfer period (IS-T)
transfer posting (FI)
transfer posting (MM-IM)
transfer posting (RE)
transfer posting (FI-CA)
transfer posting (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
transfer posting document
transfer price (CO-PC)
transfer price (EC-PCA)
transfer price (IS-R)
transfer price agreement
transfer price allocation
transfer price variant
transfer quantity
transfer refill
transfer request
transfer requirement
transfer rule (BW-WHM)
transfer rule (EIM-IS)
transfer rule (FS-AM-CM)
transfer rule (FS-AM-IM-CC)
transfer share
transfer site
transfer state
transfer structure (BW-WHM)
transfer structure (CO-PC)
transfer time
transfer tracking
transfer type (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
transfer type (CA-EPC)
transfer variant
transfer wage type
transfer work
transfer, direct
transfer, indirect
transferable clearing position
transferred balance
transferred condition
transferred quantity
transferred remuneration line
transform and move
transform P&L account
transformation (BW-WHM)
transformation (EIM-IS)
transformation (BC-SRV)
transformation application
transformation capability
transformation control flow diagram
Transformation Editor
transformation file
transformation matrix
transformation name
transformation requirement
transformation rule
transformation run
transformation scenario
transformation solution
transformation solution item
transformed price
transformer group
transient data
transient pseudonym
transient state
transient transition
TransientProvider derived from Operational Data Provider
transit customs office
transit damages (inbound)
transit duration
transit time
transit work list
transition (BC-SRV-PMI)
transition (PY)
transition (CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ)
transition line
transition service
transition speed
transitional collateral
translate function
translation (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
translation (CA-VE)
translation (TR)
translation (SBC)
translation AddRow
translation date
translation DeleteRow
translation difference
translation entry (FI-LC)
translation entry (EC-CS)
translation management tool
translation method
translation ratio (FI-LC)
translation ratio (EC-CS)
translation table (EPM-BPC)
translation table (IS-CC)
Translation Worklist Editor
translator (BC-MID-ALE)
translator (BC-FES-GRA)
translator (SLC-QUA)
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
transmission grid
transmission grid operator
transmission information
transmission log
transmission medium
transmission protocol
transmission report
transmission system operator
transmit (BC-TRX)
transmit configuration
transmitter code
transmitting tax company
Transnational University Limburg (tUL)
transparent flag
transparent matchcode
transparent table
transponder ID
transport application
transport category
transport collection
transport control program
transport directory
transport documents
transport domain
transport domain controller
transport dummy key
transport equipment (SLL)
transport equipment (LE-YM)
transport equipment (IS-R)
transport equipment ID
transport governance
transport group
transport into next system
transport landscape
transport layer (BC-JAS-SEC)
transport layer (BC-CTS)
transport layer (LOD-FSN-AGT)
Transport Layer Security
Transport Load Builder
transport lock
transport log
Transport Management System
transport object type
transport of money and valuables
Transport Organizer
Transport Organizer Tools
transport profile
transport properties
transport proposal
transport request
transport symbol
transport symbol group
transport track
transport type (EHS)
transport type (FI-AA)
transport unit (EHS)
transport unit (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
transportable change request
transportation allocation
Transportation and Distribution
transportation chain
transportation charge calculation
transportation charge item
transportation charge management
transportation charge processing
transportation charge rate
transportation charge rate table
transportation charge scale
transportation charge type
transportation cost
transportation costs
transportation cross-docking
transportation group (SCM-APO-VS)
transportation group (SD)
transportation lane (TM)
transportation lane (SCM-APO)
transportation lane (CA-RT-PMR)
transportation lead time
transportation mode
transportation mode category
transportation planning
Transportation Planning
transportation planning date
transportation planning point
transportation report
transportation resource
transportation scheduling
transportation service provider
transportation service provider selection
transportation stop
transportation stop sequence
transportation unit (TM)
transportation unit (SCM-EWM)
transportation unit resource
transportation zone (TM)
transportation zone (SD)
transportation zone (IS-BEV)
transporter ranking
transshipment location (SCM-ICH)
transshipment location (SCM-APO-VS)
transshipment location chain
trash folder
travel call
travel costs
travel distance
travel distance calculation
travel expenses assignment specification
travel flat rate
travel interaction center
Travel Management
travel privilege
travel profile
traveled work
treasury confirmation
treasury ID
treasury subclass code
Treasury workstation
treatment and cost plan
treatment authorization
treatment category
treatment certificate
treatment certificate category
treatment certificate class
treatment certificate priority
treatment certificate type
treatment context
treatment diagnosis
treatment plan
treatment program
treatment sequence
treatment unit (IS-H)
treatment unit (IS-HMED)
tree (BC-FES)
tree (IS-T)
tree (SBO)
tree binding
tree list
tree type
tree UIBB
trend (CA-DDF-RT)
trend (EPM-BPC)
trend (EPM-SM)
trend (QM)
trend (LOD-SFSF-REP)
trend analysis type
trend dampening
trend dampening profile
trend indicator
trend limit alarm
trend model
trend of actual
trend value
TREX Cruiser
TREX engine
TREX INI File Editor
TREX Search Engine
TREX service
TREX Text Mining Engine
trial (PLM-RM)
trial (IS-OIL-PRA-REV)
trial balance
trial balance budget report
trial balance comparison
triangular deal
triangular operation
tributary situation
Trigg’s tracking signal
trigger (SCM-BAS-PSM)
trigger ()
trigger (BC-BMT-BPM)
trigger (CRM-BTX-SRQ)
Trigger Action
trigger count
trigger count service
trigger date
trigger file
trigger group
trigger level
trigger monitoring
trigger of the commission contract type
trigger point (PP-KAB)
trigger point (PP)
trigger point group
trigger statistics
trigger type
trigger-based replication
triggered report
triggering event (FS-BA-AN-PA)
triggering event (BC-BMT-WFM)
triggering method
triggering object type
trilinear filtering
trimetric view
trip (SCM-EWM)
trip (SCM-APO-SPP)
trip plan
trip provision
trip provision variant
trip provisions
trip request (OPU-ALY)
trip request (OPU-DUE)
trip rule
trip schema
Triple DES
trivial amount
Troubleshooting Roadmap
truck route contract
true full-time employment
true negative
true positive
Trust Manager
trust store
trusted system
trusting system
truth value
try/catch block
TSW location
TU&C/C protocol
tumble duplex printing
tuning text
turnaround letter
turnaround time
turnover class
turnover rate
TV production
twelfth rule
twisted pair
two-date pricing
two-dimensional barcode
two-dimensional period management
two-dimensional pricing
two-dimensional time dependency
two-dimensional versioning
two-envelope RFx response
two-envelope RFx response evaluation
two-level rounding
two-line concept
two-step confirmation
two-step method
two-step picking
two-step processing
two-step production confirmation
two-step stock transfer procedure
two-step transfer
two-system landscape
Two-Way Binding
two-way link
TwoGo administrator
TwoGo customer administrator
TwoGo site administrator
type (BC-SRV-RM)
type (BC-ABA)
type (IS-B-RA)
type category
type class (FS-PMA)
type class (BC-ABA)
type conversion
type descriptor
type group (BC-DWB-DIC)
type group (BC-ABA)
type handle
type linkage
type linkage table
type mutability
type name
type object
type of an entry in the basic catalog set
type of assistance and financing code
type of business
type of case end
type of connecting business document
type of coverage
type of data delivery agreement
type of drug category
type of flat rate per case
type of industry
type of input tax distribution
type of loss
type of module correspondence
type of previous document
type of reported data
type of scheduled payment
type of settlement unit
type of stock exchange listing
type of talent review meeting
type of technical object
type of transport equipment
type one cash flow disturbance
type two cash flow disturbance
type-specific right
typed literal
typical order lot size
typing (BC-ABA)
typing (BC-DWB-TOO)
typing kind


U step
U.S. Service and Agency Code
UBOI factory
UCFT code
UCTE grid
UD Connect
UD Connect source
UD Connect source object
UF unit
UFO list
UI asset
UI command
UI component (EP-VC)
UI component (CA-WUI)
UI Component Workbench
UI configuration
UI Configuration Tool
UI Designer
UI element library
UI element tree
UI object type
UI pattern configuration data
UI pattern element
UI skin
UI switch
UI theme designer
UIC code
UID number
ultimate consignee
umbrella organization
UME Provider Service
UN number
unaddressed objective value
unaddressed spending value
unallocated fee
unallocated material
unallocated order
unambiguous blended code page
unapproved overtime
unary operator
unassigned portfolio
unauthenticated user
unauthorized overdraft of an external limit
unavailability reason
unbilled revenue
unbilled revenue amount
unbilled revenue reporting
unbind operation
uncertain for certain
unchangeable agreement
unchecked delivery
unclaimed balance
unclassifiable conflict
unconditional pension key date
unconstrained capacity
unconstrained forecast
unconsumed budget
uncontrolled merge
uncovered sales order
undefined partner
undefined step
under 24-hour case
underconfirmation alert
underdelivery tolerance
underlying asset
underlying component
underlying document
underlying object
underlying object type
underlying right
underlying software component version
underlying transaction
underperformer band
undesirable customer
undesirable order
undo (BC-FES-GRA)
undo (BC-FES-GUI)
undo (IS-H)
undocumented check presentment
unduplicated headcount
unearned premium
unearned premium reserve
unemployment benefit
Unemployment Fund Administrator
unemployment state
unencumbered asset
unexcused absence
unfavorable variance
unfound object
Unicode character representation
Unicode check
Unicode Conversion
Unicode Conversion Process
Unicode fragment view
Unicode program
Unicode Reference Device Type
Unicode scalar value
Unicode sequence identifier
unicode signature
Unicode Standard
Unicode system
Unification Server
Unified Demand Forecast
Unified Framework Page
unified identification code (FI)
unified identification code (FI)
Unified Modeling Language
unified rendering
Unified Rendering Framework
uniform assessment standard
Uniform Code Council
Uniform Commercial Code
Uniform Contract Format
Uniform Naming Convention
Uniform Resource Identifier
Uniform Resource Locator
uniform tax
uniform tax on imputed income
uniform valuation
uninterruptible power supply
union shop
unique creditor identifier
unique German location number
unique ID
unique identification (LO-MD-UID)
unique identification (MFG-CAM)
unique identifier
unique index
unique item identifier
unique name
Unique Partner Identification
unique record
unique taxpayer reference (FI)
unique taxpayer reference (SBO)
unique treasury account
unique treatment certificate identifier
unique worker identification code
uniqueness profiling
unit (QM)
unit (BC-MID)
unit (SBO)
unit category (FS-BA-SD)
unit category (LOD-ESO)
unit conversion
unit cost
unit costing
unit ID (BC-ABA)
unit ID (IS-HER-CM-US)
Unit Load
unit number
unit object
unit of entry
unit of issue
unit of measure (EPM-SA)
unit of measure (LO-MD)
unit of measure (MA-SMOPS)
unit of measure group
unit of measurement
unit price (IS-EC-BOS)
unit price (SBO)
unit price contract
unit projection
unit purchase cost
unit reserve price
unit start price
unit test
unit testing
unit to be inspected
unit transfer price
unit-of-measure load category (SCM-EWM)
unit-of-measure load category (LE)
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
United Nations Standard Products and Services Code
United Nations/Standard Products and Services Code
unitized part
universal agreement
universal currency
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
universal process instruction category
Universal Product Code
Universal Unique Identifier
Uniwagnis risk-rating system
unknown person
unknown shipper
unlimited labor contract
unlisted product
unloading date
unloading document
unloading point (SD)
unloading point (IS-A-GR)
unloading rule
unloading zone
unlock resource
unmanaged report
unnamed data object
unoccupied position
unpacked format
unpacked goods movement quantity
unplaced attendee
unplaced participant
unplanned business partner
unplanned consumption
unplanned delivery costs
unplanned depreciation
unplanned downtime
unplanned withdrawal
unqualified down payment
unresolved amount
unrestricted shipment
unrestricted shipment phase
unrestricted-use stock
unsatisfied claims coverage
unscheduled billing
unscheduled claim
unscheduled correspondence
unscheduled down
unscheduled meter reading
unscheduled repayment
unsecured exposure
unsecured loan
unserviceable part
unshifted merchandising stock
unshifted safety stock
unshifted safety stock in periods
unsolicited applicant
unsolicited application group
unstructured content
unstructured document
unsuspend bidder
untagging check
untagging condition
untagging phase
unthreaded nomination
UNTIL loop
untyped literal
unusable land
unusable on-hand inventory
Unused Contracts
unvested awards
unweighted sales volume
unworked days
UoM code
UoM counted quantity
UoM measure
update (SRM-EBP-CON)
update (PA-CM)
update (MM-IM)
update (BC-UPG)
update (BC-CST-UP)
update (IS-B-RA-CL)
update (FS-PM)
update activity
update counter
update data
update dispatching
update email
update function module
update group
update header
update information
update key
update log
update management
Update Manager
update model
update module
update of a nursing plan
update of application
update of indirect planning data
update of indirect sales
update owner
update profile
update queuing
update rate
update read
update record
update request
update server
update statistics (BC-DB)
update statistics (BC-CST-UP)
update status
update table
update task
update termination
update tracker
update type
update work process
upgrade (BC-DOC)
upgrade (BC-UPG)
Upgrade Assistant
Upgrade Center
upgrade Customizing
Upgrade Management
upgrade monitor
upgrade order
upgrade path
upgrade strategy
upgrade unit
upgrade/change impact analysis
uplift (CRM-MKT)
uplift (EPM-SPA)
uplift factor
upload (EC-CS)
upload (PT)
upload (FIN-SEM-BCS)
upload center
upload from xml
upload method (EC-CS)
upload method (FIN-SEM-BCS)
upload profile
upper camel case
upper control limit
upper threshold critical zone
upper threshold normal zone
upstream confirmation
upstream settlement procedure
upward compatibility
urgent change
URI permission table
URL Access for Content
URL Capture
URL Editor
URL escaping
URL filter
URL for grouped alerts
URL iView
URL map table
URL parameter
URL prefix
URL rewriting (BC-CST-IC)
URL rewriting (BC-JAS-WEB)
usability feature
usable unit of measure
usage (AP-RC-BEF)
usage (CRM)
usage (CA-GTF-PR-CPF)
usage (EHS)
usage (IS-HMED)
usage (MFG-CAM)
usage balance of PIN limit
usage category
usage consistency check
usage context
usage count
usage decision
usage factor
usage frequency type
usage list (CA-GBT)
usage list (PM)
usage object (CRM-MKT)
usage object (RE-FX)
usage of repository objects
usage operation
usage rate
usage rights
usage scenario
usage site
usage task
usage type (IS-DFS)
usage type (WEC-APP)
usage type (CRM-MKT)
usage type (FS-CMS)
usage type (BC-BMT-BTM-FWK)
usage type (BC-DWB-TOO-PAK)
usage type (KM-KW)
usage type (RE)
usage type (IS-U-BI)
usage type (NW)
usage variance
usage view
use access
use and exposure composition
use case diagram
use dependency
use descriptor
use descriptor system
use rate
use symbol
use tax
used asset value
used instances model
used part return
useful life (FI-AA)
useful life (SBO)
user (BC-JAS)
user (BC-VCM-CAL)
user (EPM-BPC)
user (BC-SEC-USR)
user (MFG-ME)
user (CRM-BTX)
user (RIV)
user (EP-PIN-USM)
user access review
user account name
user action
user administration
user administration e-mail
user administrator (BC-SEC-USR)
user administrator (SBA)
user allocation matrix view
user argument
User Assignment Configurator
User Assignment Pattern
user budget
user buffer
user change
user code
user content
user context (WEC-APP-PCT)
user context (BC-CST-MM)
user data
user data file
user date
user decision
user defined function
user department (LO-MD)
user department (SV-ASA)
user department representative
User Directory
user element
user exit (EHS)
user exit (BC-DWB-CEX)
user favorite
user flag
user group (PLM-WUI)
user group (BI-BIP-BOE)
user group (EC-EIS)
user group (BC-SEC-USR)
user group (BC-SRV-QUE)
user group (IS-M-SD)
user group (MFG-ME)
user ID icon
user interface (PLM-WUI-APP)
user interface (BC-FES-GUI)
user interface (FIN-SEM-BPS)
user interface add-on for SAP NetWeaver
User Interface API
user interface building block
user interface element
User Interface Framework layer
user interface pattern (WEC-FRW)
user interface pattern (CA-GTF-TS-XSS)
user interface pattern (BC-WD)
user interface pattern library
user labor time
user LCC
user list
user management (WEC-APP)
user management (BC)
user management engine
user mapping
user master record
user menu
user message
user mitigation
user mode
user name
user organization mitigation
user package
user parameter
User Principal Name
user profile
user projection
user quota
user registration
user scenario
user selector
User Self Service
user service identifier
user session (BC)
user session (BC-ABA)
user shelf
user status (CA)
user status (IS-HMED)
User Storage Service
user store
user task
user technical identifier
user template
user time
user time view
user time zone
user trace
user viewer
user wage type
user-definable area
user-defined character
user-defined data type
user-defined dimension
user-defined fields
user-defined hierarchy
user-defined object
user-defined objects
user-defined period split
user-defined reference table
user-defined selection screen
user-defined text
user-defined type
user-readable format
user-specific distribution list
user-specific presetting
user-specific room role
UTA unit
UTC time stamp
utilities package
utilities product
utilities product import and export
utility master
utility pole
utility product
utility product set
utility product set type
utility server
utilization (SCM-APO-MSP)
utilization (IS-B-RA-CL)
utilization (FS-MCM-FAC)
utilization of guarantee
UTM unit
UV coordinates
UV mapping
UWV company number (FI)


V0 split
V1 module
V1 update
V2 module
V2 update
vacancy (PA-OS)
vacancy (RE)
vacancy assignment
vacancy assignment status
vacancy percentage rate
vacant position
vacant rental unit
vacant status
vacation request
vacation supplement
valid address
valid-from date
valid-to date
validate and process
validated amount
validation (CRM-MKT)
validation (BC-VCM-LVM)
validation (CRM-CEC)
validation (EPM-FC)
validation (FI-LC)
validation (FI-SL)
validation (EC-CS)
validation (IS-U-DM-MR)
validation check (SCM-ICH)
validation check (FI-LC)
validation class
validation group (SCM-ICH)
validation group (FI-LC)
validation group (FI-LC)
validation group (IS-U-DM-MR)
validation profile (SCM-ICH)
validation profile (SCM-EWM)
validation rule (EIM-IS)
validation rule (IS-U-EPM)
Validation service
validation sheet
validation sold-to party
validity area
validity area category
validity criterion
validity data
validity date of exchange rate
validity interval
validity of bill of material
validity order
validity period (BC-SRV-BRF)
validity period (AP-MD)
validity period (PA-PM)
validity period (PP)
validity period (PA)
validity period (PE)
validity period (PE-LSO)
validity period (SLC-EVL)
validity period of a price
validity period of institution’s accreditation
validity window
valuated goods receipt blocked stock
valuated project stock
valuated sales order stock
valuated stock
Valuated Stock Quantity
Valuated Stock Value
valuation (PA-CP)
valuation ()
valuation (MP-APP-DPE)
valuation (FI)
valuation (CO-PA)
valuation (QM)
valuation (IS-OIL)
valuation (IS-OIL-PRA)
valuation (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
valuation (ICM)
valuation (PM-WCM)
valuation (SBO)
valuation agreement
valuation alternative
valuation application area
valuation approach
valuation approach clearing account
valuation area
valuation at retail
valuation base
valuation basis
valuation category (FS-BA)
valuation category (MM-IV)
valuation class
valuation code
valuation cross reference
valuation date
valuation date for tax purposes
valuation differences
valuation environment
valuation factor
valuation factor determination
valuation for accounting purposes
valuation formula
valuation function
valuation group
valuation header record
valuation ID
valuation level
valuation method (FS-BA-PM-CR)
valuation method (FI)
valuation method (FI-AA)
valuation method (SBO)
valuation mode
valuation object
valuation of net assets
valuation period
valuation price (MM-IV)
valuation price (SBO)
valuation principle
valuation procedure (MM-IV)
valuation procedure (ICM)
valuation procedure (FIN-BAC-INV)
valuation profile
valuation remnants
valuation reserve for special reserves
valuation result
valuation result category
valuation rule (FS-BA)
valuation rule (QM)
valuation rule (IS-B-RA)
valuation run
valuation run type
valuation selections process
valuation strategy (CO-PC)
valuation strategy (CO-PA)
valuation strategy (FIN-BAC-INV)
valuation structure
valuation transaction
valuation type (FI-AA)
valuation type (MM-IV)
valuation type (IS-R)
valuation type (ICM)
valuation type (CRM-BTX-SVO)
valuation type ‚balance sheet account‘
valuation unit of measure
valuation variant
valuation view (CO)
valuation view (FIN-BAC-INV)
value (EPM-SA)
value (BC-DWB)
value added
value adjustment document
value adjustment step
value annulment CT-e
value assignment
value assignment assessment
value assignment category
value assignment instance
value assignment origin
value assignment rating
value assignment text
value assignment text type
value assignment type
value assignment usage
value at risk (GRC-RM)
value at risk (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
value category
value chain (BC-CUS)
value chain (SV-ASA)
value change
value checksum
value code
value column
value comparison
value conflict
value contract (IS-HT-SW)
value contract (MM-PUR)
value contract (SD)
value date (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
value date (FS-PE)
value date (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
value date agreement
value date in the past (CYT)
value date in the past (FI)
value date in the past with fiscal year change
value date rule
value date split
value date time
value date-based balance
value dating
value determination
value domain
value driver tree (SV-ASA)
value driver tree (FIN-SEM-CPM)
value exclusion conflict
value field (CO-PA)
value field (FIN-SEM-CPM)
value group
value hierarchy
value item (IS-HT-SW)
value item (FI-LC)
value item (EC-CS)
value limit
value link
value list value
value mapping (MDM)
value mapping (CA-MDG)
value mapping (CA-GTF-AIF)
value mapping (SBO-INT)
value of goods received
value of travel flat rate
value operator
value owner ID
value range
value range integrity
value reserve
value scale
value scenario (SV-ASA)
value scenario (ONE VOICE)
value schedule
value semantics
value set
value share
value structure
value table
value transfer adjustment type
value type (EHS-MGM)
value type (FS-LRM)
value type (CO)
value type (PP)
value type (PSM-FM)
value type (PA-PF)
value variable
value-added reseller
value-added service (LE-WM)
value-added service (IS-AFS-SD)
value-added service order (SCM-EWM)
value-added service order (LE-WM)
value-added service template
value-added tax (FI)
value-added tax (SBO)
value-as-new insurance
value-at-risk weight
value-churn index
value-mapping context
value-only article
value-only material
value/quantity contract
van seller (IS-BEV)
van seller (MOB-APP-DSD)
van stock
vapor pressure
variable (CA-GTF-DOB)
variable (BW)
variable (FI-SL)
variable (BC-ABA)
variable (BC-SRV-REP)
variable (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
variable activity
variable bar code
variable cost
variable definition
variable depreciation
variable filler task
variable inspection
variable interest rate
variable key
variable limit value
variable overview
variable pay
variable payments/deductions
variable rate
variable status
variable transaction
variable tree
variable view
variable withholding tax supplement
variable-size item
variable-size item formula
variable-size item quantity
Variables Editor
variance (FIN-FSCM-CLM)
variance (EPM-BPC)
variance (EPM-SA)
variance (CO)
variance (IS-B-RA)
variance (IS-A-PPC)
variance (SBO)
variance based on components
variance calculation
variance category
variance key
variance type
variance variant
variance/covariance approach
variant (PA-PM-PB)
variant (BC-SRV-RM)
variant (CA-EPT-BCV)
variant (CA-GTF-SB)
variant (EPM-DSM)
variant (FI)
variant (IS-R)
variant (BC-DOC-TER)
variant (BC-SRV)
variant (BC-ABA)
variant (BC-SRV-REP)
variant (AP-PPE)
variant BOM
variant condition
variant configuration
variant defective part
variant definition file
variant differentiation
variant directory
variant function
variant generation
variant key
variant mapping
variant program
variant table
variant transaction
variant-creating characteristic
variation (EIM-IS)
variation (MFG-CAM)
varying price structure
VAS consumption posting
VAS material
VAT account
VAT code
VAT exempt
VAT number
VAT perception
VAT refund
VAT refund code
VAT registration number
VAT report
VAT transaction
VAT-free operations
VbF class
vector graphic
vector operator
vehicle (SCM-EWM)
vehicle (LE-YM)
vehicle (IS-OIL)
vehicle (IS-A-DBM)
vehicle (IS-A-VMS)
vehicle category
vehicle chain
vehicle drop-off
vehicle history
vehicle identification number
vehicle life cycle act
Vehicle Management System
vehicle master (IS-A-DBM)
vehicle master (IS-BEV)
vehicle model (IS-A-DBM)
vehicle model (IS-A-VMS)
vehicle model master
vehicle pick-up
vehicle quotation
vehicle reconciliation
vehicle resource (TM)
vehicle resource (SCM-APO-VS)
vehicle returns order
Vehicle Scheduling
vehicle search area
Vehicle Space Optimization
vehicle status
vehicle table
vehicle transfer
vehicle-resource combination
vendor (WEC-APP-SLS)
vendor (LO)
vendor (FI)
vendor (BC-FES-GRA)
vendor (MFG-ME)
vendor (SBC)
vendor (XAP-CQM)
vendor account
vendor assortment
vendor billing document
vendor block
vendor capacity (SCM-APO-SNP)
vendor capacity (IS-AFS-MM)
vendor confirmation
vendor consignment stock
vendor contract (MM-PUR)
vendor contract (RE)
vendor declaration
vendor evaluation
vendor evaluation criterion „complaints level“
vendor fund
vendor group
vendor liabilities aging
vendor link
vendor master
vendor master record
vendor net procedure
vendor number
vendor number conversion
vendor operation (FI-AR)
vendor operation (MFG-ME)
vendor order
vendor outline agreement
vendor quotation
vendor quote
vendor ranking
vendor release
vendor replacement material
vendor restriction
vendor schedule achievement
vendor scheduling agreement
vendor service level
vendor subrange
vendor-managed inventory (SCM-APO-CA)
vendor-managed inventory (IS-R)
vendor/article discontinuation
vendor/article/site discontinuation
vendor/material discontinuation
vendor/material/plant discontinuation
verification list
verification PIN
verification PSE
verification word
verified defect
version (WEC-WCB)
version (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
version (SRM-EBP)
version (LO-WTY)
version (BC-SRV-RM)
version (CAF-GP)
version (EHS-MGM)
version (EHSM-LOD)
version (MP-APP-CR)
version (FI-LC)
version (CO)
version (EC-CS)
version (MM-PUR)
version (BC-SRV)
version (ICM)
version (RIV)
version (FIN-SEM-BCS)
version (FS-PM)
version assignment
version change
version change protection
version comparison (CAF-GP)
version comparison (FS-BP)
version conflict
version control
version control system
version creation
version database
version directory (BC-DWB-DIC)
version directory (BC-CTS)
version in the future
version increment
version linkage
version management (FS-BA-SD)
version management (CRM)
version number (BC-CUS)
version number (BC-DOC-DTL)
version numbering exit
version of a planning hierarchy
version of a segment hierarchy
version of available capacity
version only migrated for display
version overview
version reconciliation
version relation
version relationship
version type
version-controlled resource
version-dependent master data
version-independent master data
version-specific cost estimate
versioned exposure
versioned folder
versioning (FS-BA)
versioning (BC-SRV-KPR)
versioning schema
vertex shader
vertex skinning
vertical aggregation
vertical layer
Vertical Markers
vertical merger
vertical reference number
vessel’s call sign
vested benefits account
vested interest
vested portion
vested reserves
vested rights
vesting (PY-HK)
vesting (PA-EC)
vesting (PA-BN)
vesting rule (PA-CM)
vesting rule (PA-BN)
vesting scale
vesting schedule
vesting service
veteran status
veteran student
veterans‘ preference
video conference
video enforcement system
view (SCM-EWM)
view (CA-UI5)
view (BC-CUS-TOL)
view (BC-BSP)
view (BC-WD)
view (EP-PIN)
view (EP-VC)
view (CA-GBT)
view (EPM-EA)
view (EPM-PCM)
view (GRC-SPC)
view (LO-MD)
view (BC-BMT-WFM)
view (BC-DWB-DIC)
view (BC-FES-GUI)
view (IS-H)
view (IS-B-RA)
view (PPM)
view (RIV)
view area
View Builder
view cluster
view cluster transaction
view cluster variant
view component
view composition
view controller
View Designer
view field
view group
view history
view ID
view node
view panel
view rule
view screen
view set
view set hierarchy
view set selection UI pattern
view step
view switch
view tile
view type
view variant
view XSL
view-led transaction
viewer (BI-BIP-BOE)
viewer (LO)
viewer (BC-SRV-ARL)
viewer mode
Viewers Java SDK
viewing rights
violated resource network
VIP status
virtual account number
virtual address space
virtual address space for work process
virtual appliance
virtual aspect
virtual attribute
virtual child location
virtual classroom
virtual community
virtual compatible unit
virtual component
virtual core
virtual data model
virtual domain
virtual guest user
virtual hedging relationship
virtual host
virtual individual account
virtual interface
Virtual Learning Room
virtual location for consolidated ordering
virtual machine
virtual original table
virtual phone
virtual private network
virtual processor (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
virtual processor (BC-DB)
Virtual Programming Model
virtual resource
virtual resource provider
virtual safety stock
virtual SAP System
virtual storage
virtual trading point
virtual unit
virtual user
virtualization manager
VirtualProvider based on a Classic InfoSet
virus scan profile
Virus Scan Server
visa block
visa quota
visibility buffer based on order document management
visibility filter
visibility method
visibility rule
visibility scenario
visibility section
visibility settings
visible component
visible component slot
visible for subpackages
visible length
visible theme
visit appointment
visit control
visit list
visit overview
visit plan (CRM)
visit plan (IS-BEV)
visit plan group
visit plan header
visit plan item
visit plan maintenance
visit plan type
visit planning
visit scheduling
visit status
visit time
visit type
visiting student
visiting studies
visiting studies choice
visual application component
Visual Business UIBB
visual compare
Visual Composer
visual context
visual order
Visual Test and Repair
visual total
visualization (BW-BEX)
visualization (BI-RA-EXP)
visualization (CA-GTF-SB)
visualization profile (SCM-APO-PPS-MMP)
visualization profile (PP-FLW)
visualization segment
vital sign value
vital signs
VM Container
VM Container statistic record
VMC log display
VMI promotional lead time
VMI sales order
vocabulary (AIE)
vocabulary (BC-I18-UNI)
vocabulary collision
vocabulary hint
voice action
voice chat
voice entity
voice menu
voice response unit
voice user interface
VoiceObjects Connector log
volatility (FS-BA-SD)
volatility (IS-B-RA)
volatility (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
volume analysis for company code deletion
volume code
volume correction factor (IS-U-BI-SF-GA)
volume correction factor (IS-OIL-DS-HPM)
volume decomposition
volume delivery
volume indicator
volume label
volume number
volume rebate
volume schedule
volume test
volume unit
volume variance
volume-based continuous
volume-based rebate
volumetric gas billing
volumetric lighting
voluntary pension savings
vostro account
voucher (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
voucher (SBO)
Voyager connection
Voyager workspace
VSR check (IS-HER-CM)


wage area
wage basis days
wage earner
wage element
wage group
Wage ledger
Wage Protection System
wage type (PP)
wage type (PY)
wage type characteristic
wage type class
wage type group
wage type model
wage type split
wage type statement
wages commitment item
wait notice
wait step
wait step work item
wait symbol
wait time (SCM-APO-VS)
wait time (PP-KAB)
wait time (PP)
wait time (BC-BMT-WFM)
wait time (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
wait time (MFG-ME)
waiting list level
waiting list management
waiting list place
waiting list status
waiting list type
waiting patient
waiting period (PA-CM)
waiting period (PA-BN)
waiting period (LOD-SFSF-EC)
waiting period (PA-PF)
waiting period (FS-PM)
waiting time
waiting time learning
waiting-list booking (PE)
waiting-list booking (PE-LSO)
waived deductible
waiver condition (CA-FIM-FCO)
waiver condition (RE-FX)
waiver of premium
waiver order
walking card
walkthrough (CA-VE)
walkthrough (SV-ASA)
WAP application
WAP device
WAP gateway
WAP report
WAP server
warehouse (LE-WM)
warehouse (SBO)
warehouse activity monitor
warehouse balance report
warehouse checker
warehouse clerk
Warehouse Cockpit
warehouse code
warehouse complex
warehouse control unit
warehouse document
warehouse entry summary
warehouse funds center
warehouse inventory
warehouse inventory list
Warehouse Management system
warehouse master
warehouse material document
warehouse number
warehouse operation
warehouse order (SCM-EWM)
warehouse order (IS-R)
warehouse order activity area
warehouse procurement
warehouse product
warehouse release order
warehouse request
warehouse space savings
warehouse stock
warehouse stock valuation
warehouse task
warehouse withdrawal
warm transfer
warm transfer call
warning limit
warning threshold
warrant bond
warranty (CRM-BF-CFG)
warranty (SBO)
warranty category (CS)
warranty category (IS-A-DBM)
warranty claim
warranty claim type
warranty control
warranty counter
warranty management
warranty processing
warranty profile
warranty type
wartime establishment
wash sale
washout quantity
waste amount
waste approval
waste billing category
waste billing factor
waste catalog
waste code
waste disposal
waste disposal calendar (IS-U-WA)
waste disposal calendar (IS-U-WA)
waste disposal facility
waste disposal object
waste disposal order
waste disposal service
waste generation
waste level
waste life-cycle analysis
waste management
waste management business partner
waste management concept
waste transport
watchdog (CRM-IC)
watchdog (KM-WPB)
water cut ratio
water pollution class (LE)
water pollution class (EHS)
wave pick
wave template
wave template option
waybill stock
waybill stock management
WBS element
WBS forecast date
WBS scheduling
WCD template
WCM object
WCM object template
WCM-relevant operation
WCM-relevant order
weak negative
weak performer band
weak positive
weak reference
weakly encapsulated
weapon system ID
web access portal
Web activity
Web administration interface
Web application
Web Application Builder
web application development
Web application object catalog
Web Application Server
Web Application Server Components
Web AS Java
Web Auction
Web Auctions Administration
web broker
web broker type
Web catalog
Web Channel application
Web Channel application template
Web Channel Builder
Web Channel configuration management
Web Channel deployment unit
Web Channel framework
Web client
Web component
Web Container Service
Web Dynpro
Web Dynpro ABAP Page Builder
Web Dynpro application
web dynpro base components
Web Dynpro Client for Java
Web Dynpro Client for Windows
Web Dynpro component
Web Dynpro component controller
Web Dynpro component interface
Web Dynpro Explorer
Web Dynpro Foundation
Web Dynpro List Viewer
Web Dynpro meta model
Web Dynpro metadata
Web Dynpro metadata API
Web Dynpro mode
Web Dynpro perspective
Web Dynpro rendering
Web Dynpro Tools
Web Dynpro-built-in
Web facet
web folder
Web form (EP-KM)
Web form (BC-BMT-WFM)
Web form task
Web interface (SCM-EM)
Web interface (FIN-SEM-BPS)
Web Interface Builder
Web interface user profile
Web item
Web item paging
Web Page Composer
web report
Web report
Web Reporting
Web request
Web request printout
web server
Web service (BC-ESI)
Web service (BC-BMT-WFM)
Web service (BC-DWB)
Web service (ONE VOICE)
Web service client proxy definition
Web service configuration
Web Service Connector
Web service creation wizard
Web service definition
Web Service Destination
Web Service Enabling
Web service model
web service request
Web Service Tool
web services
Web Services Consumer .NET SDK
Web Services Consumer Java SDK
Web Services Container Service
Web Services Description Language (AP-RC-BDS)
Web Services Description Language (BC-MID-BUS)
Web Services Description Language (EP-PIN-GP)
Web Services for Remote Portlets
Web Services Generator
Web Services Security Service
Web shop
Web shop customer
Web site
Web switch
Web Target Editor
Web target iView
Web telephony
web template
Web template (BW-BEX)
Web template (BW-BEX)
Web work item
Web Workplace
Web-Based Distributed Authoring and Versioning
Web-based training
Web-based user management
web-ready file
WebClient UI
WebClient UI framework
WebDAV service
WebEx meeting
WebEx session
WebFlow (BC-BMT-WFM)
WebFlow Engine
WebFlow rule
week date field
week date literal
week program
weekday-dependent transportation zone
weekend rule
weekly lot size
weekly payroll
weeks of stock
weight (EPM-BPC)
weight (MP-APP-DPE)
weight (LOD-SFSF-PM)
weight EAN
weight equation
weight group
weight unit
weight-dependent fee
weight/volume ratio
weighted amount
weighted average (EPM-SM)
weighted average (PA-CM)
weighted average (IS-U-BI)
weighted average (FS-CM)
weighted average invoice unit price
weighted average price
weighted expected sales volume
weighted overtime valuation
weighted sales volume
weighted score
weighted scoring
weighting (CRM-ANA)
weighting (LO)
weighting (PA-PD)
weighting (IS-U-DM-MR)
weighting consumption equation
weighting factor (FS-BA-PM-CR)
weighting factor (GRC-FRA)
weighting factor (MM)
weighting factor equation
weighting group
weighting key
weighting portion
weighting procedure
weighting profile
weighting share
weighting type
weighting unit
weighting vector
welcome and transition
welcome e-mail
welcome message (BCM)
welcome message (LOD-SFSF)
well completion (PP-PN-ALN)
well completion (IS-OIL-PRA-PRD)
well completion contribution
well data store
well facility
well maintenance
well maintenance schedule
well portal
well test data
well workover
wellness program
Western Electric Rules
wet stock business
Wf-XML document
WFD attribute set
WFM volume indicator identifier
WFM volume indicator key
WFM volume indicator type
whaleback curve
What If Prediction
what-if analysis (SCM-APO-SCC)
what-if analysis (EPM-SA)
what-if forecast
what-if scenario
where clause
where-applied indicator
where-used data
where-used list
where-used list for restrictions
WHILE loop
white noise
white space analysis
Who Rates Whom
wholesale acquisition cost
wholesaler bookstore
wholesaler bookstore code
wholesaler code
wholesaler split
wide area network
wide area pricing zone
wide iView
widening cast
widget (EP-OD)
widget (CA-WUI)
widget (SBC)
widget (SBO)
width of a loading bay
wildcard character (SCM-APO-ATP)
wildcard character (BC-ABA)
wildcard search (AP-CCM)
wildcard search (CRM-MD-BP)
win a conflict
winding group
window (BC-WD)
window (BC-FES-BUS)
window (PY)
window (BC-SRV-SCR)
window (BC-FES-GUI)
window element
window management
window title
Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Event Viewer
Windows Installer
Windows Integrated Authentication
winner determination
winter maintenance
winter maintenance level
Winters‘ method
WIP Account
WIP batch
WIP calculation
WIP clearing
WIP curve
WIP journal
WIP layer
WIP object
WIP posting logic
WIP quantity
WIP revaluation
WIP stock
WIP Variance Account
wire endpoint
wire plug UIBB
wire source
wire target
Wireless Application Protocol
Wireless Bitmap
wish list (WEC-APP)
wish list (CRM-ISA)
with respect to
with workflow
withdrawal (IS-HER-CM)
withdrawal (PA-PF)
withdrawal amount
withdrawal lump-sum benefits
withdrawal point
withdrawal with settlement
withdrawn (SRM-EBP-CON)
withdrawn (MP-APP-DPE)
withdrawn (OPU-DUE)
withholding agent
withholding amount
withholding tax (CYT)
withholding tax (CYT)
withholding tax (FS-LOC-BR)
withholding tax (FI)
withholding tax adjustment
withholding tax code
withholding tax key
withholding tax statement
withholding tax supplement
withholding tax total
withholding tax type
witness necessary
wizard (SRM-EBP-SHP)
wizard (IS-HMED)
wizard (IS-A-DBM)
wizard framework
WM unit
Wobbe factor
won opportunity
word breaking
word separator
work (CRM-IM-IPM)
work (CAF-GP)
work (LO)
work approval
work area (CRM-RPL-ICS)
work area (SCM-APO-PPS)
work area (SCM-APO-SCC)
work area (EHS)
work area (EPM-IM-FPL)
work area (BC-ABA)
work area (BC-FES-GUI)
work area (IS-HMED)
work area (IS-HMED)
work area (IS-BEV)
work area (PLM-CFO)
work area (AP-PPE)
work area (MFG-CAM)
work area (CA-WUI)
work area for basic catalog set
work area reluctance profile
work area title
work area toolbar
work break
work break schedule
work breakdown
work breakdown structure
work canvas
work center (PLM-WUI-APP)
work center (SCM-EWM)
work center (CRM-IC)
work center (LE-TRM)
work center (SV-SMG)
work center (CA-LT)
work center (CA-MRS)
work center (GRC-SPC)
work center (LO)
work center (LE-WM)
work center (QM)
work center (PT)
work center (BC-SRV-COM)
work center (PPM)
work center (MFG-ME)
work center (SRM-CM)
work center (CA-WUI)
work center (XAP-PD)
work center capability
work center category
work center data
work center group
work center hierarchy
work center link group
work center operation set
work center role
work center substitution
work chapter
work clearance application
work clearance document
work clearance management (ONE VOICE)
work clearance management (PM-WCM)
work client
work content (PP-FLW)
work content (AP-PPE)
work cost regulation
work environment (PLM-WUI-APP)
work environment (IS-H)
work feed
work finish
work flow
work in process (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
work in process (CO-PC)
work in process (MFG-ME)
work in process based on components
work in progress (EHSM-LOD)
work in progress (SBO)
work instruction (MFG-ME)
work instruction (SBO)
work instructions
work item (BI-OD-SW)
work item (BC-BMT-WFM)
work item container
work item display
work item ID
work item manager
work item preview
work item text
work item type
work level
work location
work management
work mode (CRM-IC)
work mode (SV-SMG)
work on project
work order (PP)
work order (IS-U-WM)
work organizer
work organizer management
work organizer type
work package (PS)
work package (SV-ASA)
work package (IS-HMED)
work permit (PM-WCM)
work permit (PM-WCM)
work plan
work process
work process load monitor
work process type
work product
work program
work queue (BC-BMT-WFM)
work queue (MFG-CAM)
work queue work item
work rule (CRM-RPL-ICS)
work rule (FS-AM)
work rule template set
work schedule (PT)
work schedule (PT)
work schedule (LOD-SFSF-EC)
work schedule rule
work scheduler group
work set
work span
work start
work state
work status
work status reporting
work step (SCM-EWM)
work step (IS-AD-PRM)
work tax area
work week
Work with Customers
Workbench channel
Workbench Manager
Workbench Organizer
Workbench page
Workbench page template
workbench request
workbook (BW-BEX)
workbook (EIM-IS)
workbook (PY)
workcenter role
worker (LE-TRM)
worker (BNS-SII-SAT)
worker process
worker safety
worker thread
worker’s identification code
workflow (BNS-SII-SAT)
workflow (CA-VE-VEG)
workflow (EPM-FC)
workflow (BC-BMT-WFM)
workflow (LOD-SFSF)
workflow (SBO)
Workflow Builder
workflow configuration
workflow container
workflow controller
workflow definition
workflow definition version
workflow developer
Workflow Engine
workflow inbox
Workflow Information System
workflow instance
workflow instance creator
workflow log
workflow manager
workflow modeler
workflow outbox
workflow phase
workflow proxy
workflow resubmissions
workflow status
workflow step
workflow system administrator
workflow system element
workflow task
workflow task owner
workflow task participant
workflow template (BC-BMT-WFM)
workflow template (SBO)
workflow trace
Workflow Wizard
Workflow Wizard Explorer
Workflow Wizard Repository
workflow work item
workflow-controlled transport
workflow-relevant release code
workforce cost
workforce deployment
Workforce Deployment – Limited Access for Manager
Workforce Deployment – Open Access for Manager
workforce forecast
workforce gap
workforce management
workforce requirements (PT)
workforce requirements (PA-RC)
workforce requirements planning
workforce schedule
working area (LE-TRM)
working area (PP-BD)
working capital
working chart of accounts
working client
working conditions environment
working context
working day (BC-SRV-ASF)
working day (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
working day check
working day shift
working days system
working environment
working group media info on professional and special magazin
working hours
working interest
working item
working language
working paper
working set
working time (PT)
working time (LOD-SFSF-EC)
working time attribute
working time based
working time model
worklist (BC-MOB)
worklist (CRM)
worklist (QM-PT-FA)
worklist (LE-TRM)
worklist (BC-I18-UNI)
worklist (CA-GBT)
worklist (CA-MRS)
worklist (CA-RT-CAR-OSA)
worklist (LO)
worklist (PP-BD)
worklist (BC-DOC)
worklist (BC-DOC-TTL)
worklist (BC-BMT-WFM)
worklist (CA-TS)
worklist (RE)
worklist (MFG-ME)
worklist category
worklist for initial commission case
worklist for object assignment
worklist monitor
workload (SCM-EWM)
workload (CRM-RPL-ICS)
workload (BC-BMT-WFM)
workload collector
workload distribution
workload document
workload monitor
workload record
Workplace user
Workset Map iView
workshop planner
workspace (BW-WHM)
workspace (EP-VC)
workspace (BC-BMT-OPI)
workspace (CA-VE)
workspace (EIM-DS)
workspace (EP-ES)
workspace (BC-CTS)
workspace (CRM-CIC)
workspace (SBC)
workspace administrator
workspace approval
workspace author
workspace categories
workspace directory
workspace folder
workspace manager
workspace member
workspace owner
workspace quota
workspace role
workspace template
workspace window
workstation (IS-R-POS)
workstation (MFG-ME)
World Resources Institute
World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement
World Wide Web
WPBP split
wrap up
wrap-up (BCM)
wrap-up (CA-MRS)
wrap-up list
write off
write phase (BC-ILM)
write phase (BC-CCM-ADK)
write program
write-down category
write-off (CRM-CLA)
write-off (FI-AA)
write-off (SBO)
write-off notification
write-protect mode
write-up (FI-AA)
write-up (SBO)
write-up category
writer position
writer stream
Writing Assistant
writing direction
writing system
WS-Reliable Messaging
WS-Security identity
WS-Security PSE
WSRP application sharing
WSRP connection
WSRP consumer
WSRP producer
WWI generation server
Wyoming Escrow process


X table
X-Window ICC
xIEP administrator
XML check
XML Content and Actions
XML Data Package
XML device configuration
XML for analysis
XML form module
XML Forms Architecture
XML Forms Builder
XML iView
XML iView Wizard
XML Localization Interchange File Format
XML message DemandInfluencingNotification
XML message ReplenishmentOrderConfirmation
XML message ReplenishmentOrderNotification
XML message VendorGeneratedOrderConfirmation
XML message VendorGeneratedOrderNotification
XML metadata interchange
XML model
XML Path Language
XML schema definition
XML schema document
XML schema object
XML transformation
XO business object
XO business object type
XO listener object
XO memory object
XO persistence object
XO segment object
XO validation object
XO validation target
xPD administrator
XPress customer service representative
XPress internal customer
XSL style sheet
XSL transformation
XSLT mapping program
XStep component
XStep context
XStep editor
XStep generation
XStep parameter
XStep process instruction
XStep value assignment symbol
XXL List Viewer (BC)


Y table
Yahoo! content module
Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions
Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions server
Yahoo! iView
Yahoo! module group
yard (SCM-EWM)
yard (LE-YM)
yard activity
yard bin
year of cash effectivity
year of loss
year of manufacture
year offset
year over year
year to date (EPM-FC-SK)
year to date (CA)
year to date (SBO)
year transfer
year-end adjustment (PY-JP)
year-end adjustment (PY-KR)
year-end adjustment correction of dependents‘ data
year-end adjustment recalculation
year-end balance for BL accounts
year-end closing
year-end posting
year-end settlement
year-end valuation
yearly advance payment
yearly balance
yearly gross profit
yearly maximum pensionable earnings
yearly spend data
yearly trend percent
years of participation
years of service
Yellow List pharmaceutical database
yellow rating
yield (CO-PC)
yield (PP)
yield (MA-SMOPS)
yield (MFG-ME)
yield counter reset
yield curve (FS-BA-SD)
yield curve (IS-B-RA)
yield curve (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
yield curve structure
yield curve type (FS-BA-SD)
yield curve type (IS-B)
yield index
yield ratio
YTD/YTG analysis (CRM-ANA)


Zero Administration
zero balance account
zero balancing
zero bond
zero bond discounting factor (IS-B-RA)
zero bond discounting factor (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
zero bond interest rate
zero clearing
zero condition
zero emissions vehicle
zero item
zero level internal order
zero profit center
zero quantity
zero report
zero spread
zero stock check
zero-based budgeting method
Zhang Jie Method
ZIP City File
ZIP plus 4
ZKGNG code
Zona Franca
zone (LE-TRM)
zone (MFG-CAM)
zone A limit alarm
zone B limit alarm
zone type
zoom in and out (EP-KM)

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