SAP S/4HANA Glossary A-G

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A number
A vs. B rule
A.TR. movement certificate
A/P credit memo
A/P invoice
A/P reserve invoice
A/R credit memo
A/R invoice
A/R invoice and payment
A/R reserve invoice
A/R summary
AB0 system
abandonment rate
ABAP based SAP system
ABAP Central Services Instance
ABAP Communicator Service
ABAP Compiler
ABAP control
ABAP Database Connectivity
ABAP Debugger
ABAP Debugger window
ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver
ABAP Dictionary (PY)
ABAP Dictionary (BC-DWB-DIC)
ABAP Doc comment
ABAP dump analysis
ABAP Editor
ABAP event
ABAP file interface
ABAP keyword
ABAP language element
ABAP language element addition
ABAP Mapping Script
ABAP memory
ABAP Messaging Channel
ABAP Objects
ABAP Path Expression Language
ABAP perspective
ABAP processor
ABAP program
ABAP project
ABAP Push Channel
ABAP Repository
ABAP Repository Information System
ABAP runtime analysis
ABAP runtime environment
ABAP Serialization XML
ABAP stack
ABAP statement
ABAP Support Package
ABAP Table Services
ABAP Test Cockpit
ABAP unit
ABAP word
ABAP Workbench
abatement modeling
abatement project
ABC analysis (CRM-ANA)
ABC analysis (CA)
ABC classification
ABC Classification
ABC indicator
ABC/XYZ analysis
ABC/XYZ classification
About Me
above the line
above-price currency
absence (PT)
absence (IS-H)
absence event
absence quota
absence quota type
absence reason
Absence Report
absence split
absence time
absence type (PT)
absence type (LOD-SFSF-EC)
absence valuation
absolute commission
absolute deadband
absolute due date scenario
absolute frequency
absolute market share
absolute maturity band
absolute path
absolute quantity
absolute target
absolute type name
absolute valuation
absolute yield
absorption costing
abstract (BC-ABA)
abstract (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
abstract (SBO)
abstract aggregation object
abstract character repertoire
abstract class
abstract element
abstract IBC
abstract interface
abstract service interface
abstract syntax tree
Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund
academic advisor
academic calendar
academic event
academic hold
academic offering
academic performance index
academic period
academic specialization
academic substitution
AccAD Administrator
AccAD tunnel
Accelerated Application Delivery for SAP NetWeaver
accelerated pay
accelerator key
accent color
acceptability constant
acceptable quality level
acceptable use policy
acceptance email
acceptance form
acceptance inspection
acceptance level
acceptance number
acceptance of services performed
acceptance rate
acceptance request
acceptance sampling inspection
acceptance status
acceptance test (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
acceptance test (SV-ASA)
acceptance test criteria
acceptance test procedure
acceptance tolerance limit
accepting bank
access (SD)
access (IS-CC)
access authorization (PLM-WUI-APP)
access authorization (BC-SRV)
access character
access code
access control
access control context
access control context type
access control domain
access control engine
access control entry
access control list (BI-BIP-BOE)
access control list (BC-DWB-TOO)
access control list (BC-SEC)
Access Control List
access control management
access control object
Access Control User
access key
access level (BC-SRV-BR)
access level (BI-BIP-BOE)
access limit
access line
access log (PA-PA)
access log (SBO)
access method
access network
access node
access object
Access Object Builder
access option
access path (CA-DMS)
access path (BC-DWB-DIC)
access request administration
access request creation
access request management
access right
Access Risk
access sequence (CO)
access sequence (SD)
access sequence (LO-BM)
access sequence (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
access sequence (IS-A-DBM)
access server
access token
access type (IS-H)
access type (ICM)
accessibility (BC-ILM)
accessibility (BC-FES-GUI)
accident category
accident insurance act
accident insurance mandatory service
accident notification
accident questionnaire
accident report
accident type
accommodation category
accommodation per diem
accommodations per diem
Accompanying Administrative Document
accompanying document
account (FS-BA-SD)
account (BC-NEO)
account (BC-VCM-CAL)
account (EPM-BPC)
account (FI)
account (FS-AM-IM-GL)
account (FS-AM-CM-AC)
account (OPU-DUE)
account (CRM-MD-BP)
account (RIV)
account (CA-CEI)
account accumulator
account allocation
account and contact management (ONE VOICE)
account and contact management (CRM-MD-BP)
account assignment (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
account assignment (FI)
account assignment (IS-CC)
account assignment category (SCM-EWM)
account assignment category (CO)
account assignment category (MM-PUR)
account assignment change
account assignment element
account assignment group
account assignment item
account assignment manager
account assignment model
account assignment object (SCM-EWM)
account assignment object (CO)
account assignment object (PS)
account assignment reference
account assignment subobject
account assignment template (FI-BL)
account assignment template (SBO)
account assignment type (PY)
account assignment type (ICM)
account balance (FI)
account balance (IS-A-RL)
account balance (SBO)
account balance inquiry
account balance interest calculation
account balance role
account balancing
account category
account closure (FS-AM-OM-AC)
account closure (PA-PF)
account code
account creation variant
account currency (FS-AM)
account currency (SBO)
Account Defaults
account determination (FI)
account determination (CO)
account determination (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
account determination ID
account determination procedure
account determination type
account determination value
account dimension (EPM-BPC)
account dimension (EPM-FC)
account event refill
account family
account group (EPM-IC)
account group (FS-FBS-TXC)
account group (FI)
account group (EC-PCA)
account group (PSM-FM)
account group (PSM-FM)
account group hierarchy
Account Hierarchies
account hierarchy
account holder change
account holder change for loans
account holder change reason
account ID
account identification
account index
account key
account level
account life
account linking
account location
account maintenance
account maintenance document
account management (FI)
account management (IS-B)
account management (LOD-SFSF-PM)
account management (RIV)
account model
account name
account number engine
account number tail range
account number type fieldset
account number type value
account order
account owner
account plan
account planning
account pool
Account Pooling
account posting (IS-A-RL)
account posting (SBO)
account processing
account product group
account proxy
account reclassification
account reconciliation
account residence
account segmentation
account settlement
account shipper
account statement inquiry
account symbol (FI-GL)
account symbol (FS-AM-IM)
account symbol (FS-AM-IM-IT)
account team
account type (CRM-MKT-MPL-TPO)
account type (FI)
account view
account with transactions
account-based calculation
account-based profitability analysis
account-managing branch
account-managing system
accountable property
accountable tool
accounting balances
Accounting Coding Block Distribution
accounting community
accounting component
accounting configuration
accounting currency
accounting document (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
accounting document (FIN)
accounting document (FI)
accounting document (SBO)
accounting exchange on the assets side
accounting group
accounting indicator
accounting instance
accounting interaction center
accounting interface
Accounting Interface
accounting method
accounting notification
accounting object (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
accounting object (FS-PM)
accounting object category
accounting object class
accounting object product
accounting object type
accounting principle
accounting statement
accounting system (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
accounting system (FI)
accounting technique
accounting variant
accounts payable
accounts payable ledger
accounts receivable (EPM-SA)
accounts receivable (IS-OIL-PRA)
accounts receivable (SBO)
accounts receivable ledger
accounts receivable pledging
accounts receivable pledging indicator
accrual (CRM-RB)
accrual (LO-CMM)
accrual (FI-GL)
accrual (RE)
accrual (LOD-SFSF-EC)
accrual amount
accrual and deferral
accrual basis for VAT accounting
accrual calculation
accrual calculation run
accrual closeout
accrual engine
accrual entitlement
accrual method
accrual object category
accrual order
accrual posting run
accrual procedure
accrual profile
accrual rate
accrual reversal run
accrual run
accrual type (FI-GL)
accrual type (SBO)
accrual value
accrual/deferral (FS-PE)
accrual/deferral (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
accruals and deferrals
accruals correction posting
accrued balance
accrued commission
accrued costs
accrued discount
accrued interest
accrued interest on arrears
accrued items
accumulate to own
accumulated assets
accumulated statistics
accumulation period
accumulation point
accuracy level details
acidification potential
acknowledged alert
acknowledgement of receipt
acknowledgment message
acquisition (IS-CC)
acquisition (IS-EC-CEM)
acquisition (SBO)
acquisition and production costs
acquisition commission (ICM)
acquisition commission (ICM)
acquisition cost
acquisition costs
acquisition date
acquisition list
acquisition session
acquisition tax
acquisition year
action (OPU-GW)
action (PLM-WUI-APP)
action (SCM-EM)
action (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
action (AIE)
action (SCM-APO-PPS-AHT)
action (SCM-APO-PPS)
action (BC-XI)
action (BC-BMT-BPM)
action (EP-VC)
action (CA-GTF-AIF)
action (CA-IAM-MOC)
action (CAF-GP)
action (EHS-CI)
action (EHS-MGM)
action (EPM-IC)
action (FI-AP)
action (BC-SRV-COM)
action (BC-SEC)
action (BC-MID)
action (IS-PS-CA)
action (IS-A-DBM)
action (IS-M-AMC)
action (FS-CM)
action (IS-A-JIT)
action (IS-A-VMS)
action (MFG-MII)
action (OPU-TNG)
action (CRM-MT)
action (CRM-BTX)
action (RIV)
action (FS-PM)
action (CA-UI2)
action box (CS)
action box (MP-APP-CR)
action box (CA)
action control
action data
action data container
action definition
action designer
action determination
action file
action grid
action group (PA-PM-PB)
action group (MFG-CAM)
action group (MFG-ME)
Action Handler
action in repairs processing
action item (SCM-SOP)
action item (CRM-IC)
action item (MFG-CAM)
action item channel
action limit
action list
action merging
action message
action network
action object
action pane
action parameter mapper
action plan
action plan scenario
action point (SCM-APO-PPS-AHT)
action point (AP-PPE)
action processing
action profile (CRM)
action profile (BC-SRV-COM)
action profile determination
action provider
action reason
action record
action routing
action rule
action step
action template
action type (AIE)
action type (SCM-APO-ATP)
action value
action variable
action with dialog step
actions column
activatable checkpoint
activate (PSM-GPR)
activate (SBO)
activate accessibility features
activate order
activation (PA-EC)
activation (BC-JAS-EJB)
activation (SV-SMB-AIO)
activation (CA-MDG)
activation (EIM-MDS)
activation (BC-DWB)
activation (SV-RDS)
activation administrator
activation link
activation log (BC-DWB-DIC)
activation log (SBO)
activation mode
activation owner
activation period
activation phase
activation set
activation status (SCM-FRE)
activation status (IS-R)
activation type
activation variant
active (SRM-EBP-CON)
active (MP-APP-DPE)
active (PA)
active (BC-DOC-DTL)
active (BC-CST)
active (OPU-DUE)
active account (FS-LOC-RU)
active account (FI)
active account (SBO)
active analysis step
active area
active attack
active configuration (WEC-WCB)
active configuration (EIM-MDS)
active date
Active Directory
active document
active document splitting
active energy
active ingredient
active instance
active order monitoring
active parcel
active plan version
active power
active return
active user (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
active user (LOD-SFSF)
active version
active well
active worklist
ActiveX control
ActiveX Data Objects
ActiveX Data Objects Multidimensional
activities profile
activity (PLM-WUI-APP)
activity (SCM-EM)
activity (SCM-BAS-STM)
activity (SCM-EWM)
activity (CRM)
activity (PA-ER)
activity (CS)
activity (SCM-APO-MD)
activity (BI-OD-SW)
activity (BC-VCM-LVM)
activity (CA-CPD)
activity (EHS-CI)
activity (EPM-IM-FPL)
activity (GRC-RM)
activity (EC-CS)
activity (PM)
activity (PM)
activity (PS)
activity (PE)
activity (PA-OS)
activity (SV-ASA)
activity (BC-BMT-WFM)
activity (BC-CTS)
activity (FS-CM)
activity (PE-LSO)
activity (AP-PPE)
activity (MFG-ME)
activity (MOB-APP-DSD)
activity (CRM-IPS-ICM)
activity (SBO)
activity (FS-PM)
activity area (SCM-EWM)
activity area (BC-SRV-RM)
activity audit
activity basic data
activity category (CRM)
activity category (AIE)
activity category (CA-IAM-MOC)
activity category (GRC-RM)
activity class
activity clipboard object
activity code
activity context (AIE)
activity context (EPM-BPC)
activity data collector
activity diagram
activity direction
Activity Drivers
activity element
activity filter
activity forecast data
activity function
activity group (PA-OS)
activity group (ICM)
activity group (MFG-ME)
activity hierarchy
activity hook
activity input (EHS-CI)
activity input (CO)
activity input planning
activity item (CRM)
activity item (MOB-APP-DSD)
activity journal
activity journal template
activity journal template type
activity log
activity management (CRM)
activity management (FS-CM)
activity management (SLC-SUP)
activity manager
activity matrix
activity output (EHS-CI)
activity output (CO)
activity owner
activity parameter
activity participation
activity partner (CRM)
activity partner (AP-MD-BP)
activity period
activity profile
activity proposal
activity reason
activity report
activity scheduling
activity schema
activity score
activity status
activity status table
activity task type
activity template (CRM)
activity template (BI-OD-SW)
activity template (CA-IAM-MOC)
activity template (CA-IAM-QIM)
activity tracing
activity type (SCM-EM)
activity type (CRM)
activity type (SCM-APO-MD)
activity type (CA-IAM-MOC)
activity type (GRC-RM)
activity type (CO)
activity type (IS-EC-CEM)
activity type (ICM)
activity type category
activity type group
activity type planning
activity version
activity workspace
actor (BC-ESI)
actor (CRM-BF)
actor type
actual (EPM-SM)
actual (GRC-FRA)
actual activation date
actual agent
actual amount (EPM-SA)
actual amount (IS-R)
actual capacity requirement
actual cash desk amount
actual cash value
actual commission (ICM)
actual commission (ICM)
actual completion date
actual configuration (IS-DFS)
actual configuration (IS-AD-CC)
actual cost
actual cost splitting
actual costing
actual costs (CO)
actual costs (CO-PC)
actual credit
actual customs
actual data
actual data portfolio
actual date (CRM)
actual date (PP)
actual date (IS-R)
actual debit
actual execution duration
actual input quantity
actual investment
actual labor
actual loss
actual loss on receivables
actual markup
actual materials
actual move-in date
actual move-out date
actual objective value
actual parameter
actual personnel
actual plan
actual premium
actual principle
actual profit
actual QM system
actual quantity
actual quantity structure
actual range of coverage
actual record
actual results analysis
actual revenue
actual route (TM)
actual route (IS-BEV)
actual scrap quantity
actual scrap quantity based on components
actual shrinkage
actual spend
actual spend amount
actual spending value
actual stop
actual subsidy premium
actual teaching effort
actual time
actual total duration
actual usage
actual value
actual VAT
actual version
actual volume
actual working time
acute treatment
ad component
ad content
ad content attribute
ad content identification number
ad content validation
ad content validation rule
ad hoc anchor
ad hoc cost estimate
ad hoc issue
ad hoc payment condition
ad hoc query
ad hoc run
ad hoc scenario
ad hoc workflow
ad insert
ad insert item type
ad item type
ad order
ad preprint
ad preprint order
ad preprint zone
ad production system
ad proof
ad spec
ad spec master
ad spec master data record
ad spec split
ad valorem tax rate
ad week
ad-hoc activity
Ad-hoc Query Designer
ad-hoc refinement
adaptation definition
adaptation description
adapter (FS-BA-SD)
adapter (AIE)
adapter (EIM-DS)
adapter (SBC)
adapter facade
Adapter Framework
Adaptive Remote Function Call
Adaptive RFC model
Add form
add-on (BC-MOB)
add-on (CA)
add-on (IS-B-RA-CL)
add-on (SBO)
add-on amount
Add-On complete piece list
Add-On delta upgrade
Add-On exchange package
Add-On exchange upgrade
add-on factor
Add-On Installation Package
add-on partner solution
Add-On Patch
add-on registration
Add-On Registration Data Generator
add-on risk category
add-on software component
Add-On Solution License
Add-On Support Package
Add-On Upgrade Package
addition to existing stock
additional account assignment
additional account assignment for insurance
additional activity context
additional application
additional application server instance
additional available amount
additional benefit
additional calculation
additional card
additional card pool
additional collateral
additional commission case
additional component
additional costs
additional currency
additional data (CA-DMS)
additional data (FS-BP)
additional data for transport
additional date
additional duty of customs
additional excise duty
additional expense
additional expenses for meals
additional field
additional file
additional financial data
additional funding scheme
additional governance-pending best record
additional holiday system
additional ID
additional information (IS-HMED)
additional information (FS-BP)
additional input
additional insurance
additional IOF
additional language
additional ledger
additional packaging
additional part (IS-DFS)
additional part (PY-JP)
additional partner number
additional payment (PY-ES)
additional payment (FS-PM)
additional payment calculation module
additional performance obligation
additional planning
additional program group
additional receivable
additional revenue
additional screen
additional services
additional storage
additional supply capacity
additional tax (FI)
additional tax (SBO)
additional time data
additional travel expenses
additional vacation for challenged persons
additional value days
additional version
additional web deployment descriptor
additional winter pay
additional work
additionals document
additive contribution
additive cost
additive cost estimate
address activity
address bar
address book (EPM-FC)
address book (BC-SEC)
address change form
address dependent object
address determination
address format
address ID
address line
address list
address list version
address management
Address Matching Approval System
address pool
address profiling
address space
address type (CA-GTF)
address type (BC-SRV-COM)
address type (AP-MD-BP)
address type set
address usage
address verification system
addressable spend
addressable spending value
addressed objective value
addressed spending value
addressing type
adherence data
adjacent DRG
adjoining building unit
adjust (PSM-GPR)
adjust (SCM-APO-PPS)
Adjust to structural changes in site
adjusted basic pay
adjusted collateral value
adjusted customer forecast
adjusted debt
adjusted GRI
adjusted guarantee amount
adjusted R square
adjusted standard costing
adjustment (PSM-GPR)
adjustment (GRC-SPM-SR)
adjustment (FI)
adjustment (LO-AGR-CC)
adjustment account
adjustment amount
adjustment basis
adjustment by fifteenths
adjustment calculation module
adjustment charge
adjustment claim
adjustment customer group
adjustment direction
adjustment frequency
adjustment grouping
adjustment horizon
adjustment level
adjustment level of agreement
adjustment measure
adjustment measure type
adjustment method (FI)
adjustment method (RE)
adjustment of FX position account
adjustment of FX position account type
adjustment of implicit FX transactions
adjustment posting
adjustment profile
adjustment rate
adjustment reason
adjustment reply code
adjustment request
adjustment rule (IS-M-SD)
adjustment rule (RE-FX)
adjustment rule for bases for calculating average values
adjustment term
adjustment time
adjustment to annual net income
adjustment to net income
adjustment to retained earnings
adjustment type
adjustment user group
ADK index
ADK interface
ADL score
Admin Space
admin training course
administration (ONE VOICE)
administration (ONE VOICE)
administration (SBO)
Administration Adapter Service
administration advice
administration charge
administration client
administration cockpit
administration console
Administration Console (EPM-BPC)
Administration Console (MP-APP-DPE)
administration console perspective
administration device
administration documentation
administration interface
administration notes
administration plug-in
administration rights
administration route
administration toolkit
administration unit
administration user
administrative chain of command
administrative change
administrative data
administrative district ID
administrative hierarchy
administrative personnel structure
administrative premium
administrative unit
administrator (BC-VCM-CAL)
administrator (CA-IAM-MOC)
administrator (CAF-GP)
administrator (OPU-DUE)
administrator (SRM-SUS)
administrator (SBC)
administrator (EP-PIN-USM)
administrator (XAP-CQM)
Administrator (PA-PM-PB)
Administrator (EIM-DS)
Administrator (EPM-BPC)
admissibility check
admission and emergency unit
admission date
admission diagnosis
admission notification
admission profile
admission reason
admission record
admission type
admitting facility
admitting physician
admitting release form
Adobe Document Services
Adobe Flash Islands
Adobe LiveCycle Designer
Adobe-certified document
ADT characteristic
advance (CRM-IM-IPM)
advance (EPM-PLA)
advance (PY-CH)
advance deployment
advance group
advance leave payment (PY-KSA)
advance leave payment (PY-UAE)
advance notice
advance off-cycle payment
advance payment (PY)
advance payment (FS-CML)
advance payment (RE)
advance payment (IS-U-CA)
advance payment (FS-AM-EP-MN)
advance payment (SBO)
advance payment (IS-U-IDE)
advance payment for sales-based rent
advance payment of retroactive amount
advance payment request
advance payroll calculation
advance premium
advance publication
advance refund payment
advance request claim
advance return
advance the phase
advance with immediate dialog
advanced activity design
Advanced Adapter Engine
Advanced Encryption Standard
advanced G/L account determination
advanced IRB approach
Advanced Layout Designer
advanced macro
advanced meter
advanced metering
advanced metering infrastructure
advanced metering system
advanced mode
advanced recommendations
advanced replication settings
advanced report builder
Advanced Returns Management
advanced right
advanced search (AP-CCM)
advanced search (EP-UP-ES)
advanced search (BC-DWB-TOO)
advanced search (CA-WUI)
advanced selection filter
advanced shipping notification
adverse medication effects
advertised learning product
advertising management
advertising medium
advice code
advising bank
Advisor UI
advisory note
affected area
affected land
affecting net income
affiliated company (FI-LC)
affiliated company (EC-PCA)
affinity domain
AFM number
AFS additional data
AFS change reason code
AFS component selection
AFS factor price
AFS filter
AFS first-level contract
AFS MM route determination
AFS MRP Cockpit
AFS MRP list compression
AFS MRP status
AFS planned independent requirement
AFS quota
AFS reasons for not assigned sources
AFS single vendor
after method
after-import method
aftercare examination
age bonus
age data
age group
age limit
age of contract
age qualifier
age-based deductable
age-related credit
agency (IS-DFS)
agency (FIN-FSCM-BC)
agency (FS-RI)
agency business
Agency Location Code
agent (TM)
agent (CS)
agent (KM-ITU)
agent (BCM)
agent (EHS)
agent (EHS-MGM)
agent (FS-LOC-RU)
agent (BC-BMT-WFM)
agent (FI-CA)
agent (ICM)
agent (MFG-PCO)
agent (SRM-CM)
agent (SBO)
agent bank
agent configuration
agent dashboard
agent group
agent instance
agent login
agent logout
agent profile
agent push
agent role
Agent Server
agent service of remote support platform for SAP Business On
agent session
agent skill
agent type (EHS)
agent type (IS-HMED)
agent without own commission contract
agent work mode
aggregate (SLL)
aggregate (SCM-APO-FCS)
aggregate (BW-WHM)
aggregate (BC-ABA)
aggregate analyzer
aggregate consumption equation
aggregate contract
aggregate expression
aggregate function (BI-RA-CR)
aggregate function (BC-DB-HDB)
aggregate function (BC-ABA)
aggregate function (IS-HMED)
aggregate level (SCM-APO-FCS)
aggregate level (CO-PC)
aggregate management
aggregate state (MM-IM)
aggregate state (LE-WM)
aggregate type
aggregated accrual result
aggregated balance
aggregated balance sheet
aggregated business transaction
aggregated counter
aggregated data
aggregated demand work
aggregated financial transaction
aggregated object (FS-BA-SD)
aggregated object (BC-DWB-DIC)
aggregated planning
aggregated release value
aggregated safety stock planning
aggregated status (SCM-EM)
aggregated status (SCM-BAS-STM)
aggregated value
aggregating characteristic
aggregating relationship type
aggregation (SCM-APO-FCS)
aggregation (BC-WD-ABA)
aggregation (BW-BCT-ISR-PIP)
aggregation (CA-GBT)
aggregation (CRM-CEC)
aggregation (EPM-IM-FPL)
aggregation (EPM-NOV-PLA)
aggregation (EPM-NOV-SWP)
aggregation (EC-EIS)
aggregation (MM-PUR)
aggregation (PS)
aggregation (BC-CCM-MON)
aggregation (MA-SMOPS)
aggregation accrual result
aggregation approach
aggregation business transaction
aggregation business transaction class
aggregation category (FS-BA-SD)
aggregation category (IS-B-RA)
aggregation container
aggregation EL
aggregation factor
aggregation hierarchy
aggregation horizon
aggregation ID
aggregation key
aggregation level (FS-BA-RD)
aggregation level (BW-BCT-ISR-PIP)
aggregation level (BW-PLA)
aggregation logic
aggregation method
aggregation object
aggregation of deficiencies
aggregation period
aggregation ratio
aggregation run
aggregation run type (FS-BA-AN-STA)
aggregation run type (FS-BA-AN-STA)
aggregation table
aggregation task
aggregation type
aggregation view
aggregation view category
aging of open receivables
aging parameters
agreed business appointment
agreed cumulative quantity
agreed date
agreed delivery time
agreement (TM)
agreement (CRM-IU-DSM)
agreement (CRM)
agreement (PSM-GM)
agreement (SD)
agreement (ICM)
agreement (LOD-ESO)
agreement (FS-PM)
agreement amount
agreement availability check
agreement for settlement scheduling
agreement ID for run administration
agreement minimum
agreement order
agreement rule
agreement type
agriculture duty
aid organization
air buoyancy factor
air change rate
air freight agreement allocation
Air Transport Association of America
air transport safety
air waybill (EHS)
air waybill (SD-FT)
air waybill type
airborne object
aircraft accident
aircraft operating cycle
Airworthiness Directive
alarm (MFG-ME)
alarm (MFG-MII)
ALE Customizing object
ALE Customizing request
ALE Customizing synchronization
ALE distribution group
ALE distribution packet
ALE distribution unit
ALE integrated system
alert (LE-TRM)
alert (BI-BIP-BOE)
alert (BC-VCM-LVM)
alert (CA-RT-CAR-OSA)
alert (CAF-GP)
alert (EPM-DFA-SCO)
alert (EPM-SA)
alert (GRC-FRA)
alert (MP-APP-CR)
alert (BC-SRV-COM)
alert (BC-CCM-MON)
alert (IS-HMED)
alert (IS-A-DBM)
alert (IS-CC)
alert (LOD-SFSF-GM)
alert (OPU-DUE)
alert (SBO)
alert attribute
alert attribute service
alert browser
alert category
alert color
alert confirmation
alert consumer connector
alert container
alert creator
alert delivery
alert editor
Alert Engine
alert engine structure
alert framework
Alert Framework
alert group (SCM-ICH-REP)
alert group (SV-SMG)
alert history
alert inbox
alert item
Alert Management
alert management adapter
alert modeler editor
alert modeler method
alert modeler profile
alert modeler rule
alert monitor (LE-TRM)
alert monitor (BW-BEX)
alert monitor (BC-CCM-MON)
Alert Monitor
alert monitor window
alert notification (BI-BIP-BOE)
alert notification (EPM-SA)
alert notification mechanism
alert notification profile
alert object type
alert overview (SCM-APO)
alert overview (SBO)
alert processing
alert program
alert provider
alert recipient
alert resolution
alert server
alert setting
alert status
alert theme
alert user
Alert Watchlist
alert worklist
alert worklist type
alert-based rating
alert-specific URL
Alerting Configuration Editor
Alerting Definition Editor
Alerting Directory
Alerting Repository
alerting store
alerts management
algorithm profile for cartonization planning
algorithm suite
alias (WEC-APP-PCT)
alias (MDM)
alias (BC-BMT-BPM)
alias (EIM-DS)
alias (EPM-NOV-PLA)
alias (FIN-FSCM-IHC)
alias (FS-BP)
alias (MFG-PCO)
alias (CRM-IPS-ICM)
alias name
alias table
alias type
alien file
aligned down
aligned up
alignment gap
alignment key
all fast
all my travel plans
all my travel requests
all my trips
all-in-one-directory logic
all-inclusive rent
Allied Deployment and Movement System
allocated actual costs
allocated fee
allocated loss adjustment expenses reserves
allocated material
allocated memory
allocated quantity
allocated transaction price
allocation (FS-BA-AN-PA)
allocation (EPM-APP-ALLO)
allocation (FI-SL)
allocation account
allocation base
allocation category
allocation cost element
allocation course
allocation cross reference
allocation cycle
allocation environment
allocation form
allocation logic
allocation method
allocation mode
allocation model
allocation module
allocation module version
allocation month
allocation node
allocation object
allocation profit center
allocation rule (CRM-MKT)
allocation rule (FI-SL)
allocation rule (IS-R)
allocation rule (RE-FX)
allocation rule determination
allocation rule generation
allocation run (IS-AFS-ARUN-IMD)
allocation run (IS-AFS-ARUN)
allocation run event
allocation run status
allocation run type
allocation segment
allocation sequence
allocation step
allocation strategy
allocation structure
allocation table
allocation transfer order
allocation type
allocation value (FS-BA-AN-PA)
allocation value (EPM-APP-ALLO)
allowance (PA-GE)
allowance (IS-B)
allowance (IS-CC)
allowance logic
allowance plan
allowed characteristic value
allowed configuration
Alloy by IBM and SAP
Alloy client plug-in
Alloy component
Alloy role
Alloy server
Alloy user
ALM converter
ALM expert mode
ALM reference currency
ALM simulation
ALP split
alpha channel
alpha factor
alpha service level
alphanumeric Form Painter
alphanumeric Screen Painter
alternate (EIM-IS)
alternate (MFG-ME)
alternate clause
alternate element
alternate operation
alternate part
alternate server
alternating limit alarm
alternative adjustment rule
alternative bid
alternative BOM
alternative BOM item
alternative catalog
alternative clause
alternative cost center
alternative currency
alternative date (LO-ECH)
alternative date (IS-M-AM)
alternative determination
alternative distribution point
alternative evidence
alternative fuel vehicle
alternative historical data
alternative ID
alternative item (SRM-EBP-BID)
alternative item (SBO)
alternative item group
alternative key conversion
alternative line
alternative location identifier
alternative main due date
alternative material
alternative material cost estimate
alternative operation
alternative payee (CRM-IPS)
alternative payee (FI)
alternative payer
alternative payer/payee
alternative plant
alternative priority
alternative product number
alternative qualification
alternative recipe
alternative reference dose
alternative resource search (PE)
alternative resource search (PE-LSO)
alternative rule
alternative scenario
alternative scheduling type
alternative search term
alternative sequence
alternative session
alternative taxpayer
alternative unit of measure (SCM-APO-CA)
alternative unit of measure (MM-IM)
alternative unit of measure (SBO)
alternative valuation
alternative value
ALV grid control
AMB file
AMB procedure
ambient light
ambient occlusion
ambient temperature
ambiguous blended code page
Ambiguous Language List
ambulatory code
amended return (IS-PS-CA)
amended return (SBO)
amendment (CRM-MKT)
amendment (EHSM-LOD)
amendment (SD-FT)
amendment (LOD-ESO)
amendment to previous combined synopsis/solicitation
amenities level factor
amenities level sign
American option
AMI headend system
amortization (FI-LC)
amortization (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
amortization of fair value adjustments
amortization of intangible assets
amortization or impairment of goodwill
amortized cost (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
amortized cost (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
amortized cost adjusted by hedge
amount (EHS-CI)
amount (EHS-MGM)
amount (SD)
amount category
amount counter
amount determination
amount disbursed
amount due to customs
amount of contributory effect
amount of loss
amount of wage type class
amount profile
amount reservation
analysis (CRM-BTX-COM)
analysis (BW-BEX)
analysis (BI-RA-PA)
analysis (IS-BEV)
analysis authorizations
analysis dimension
analysis document
analysis for company code merge
analysis for controlling area merge
analysis for fiscal year conversion
analysis for profit center reorganization
analysis grid
analysis horizon (CA-CEI-CVI)
analysis horizon (MA-SMOPS)
analysis item
analysis key
analysis key date
analysis lab
analysis list
analysis method (EHS)
analysis method (BC-CCM-MON)
analysis mode (BW-BEX)
analysis mode (ICM)
analysis model
analysis object
analysis of material transfer frequency
analysis path
analysis path display
Analysis Path Framework
analysis path gallery
analysis process
Analysis Process Designer
analysis quantity
analysis report
analysis results
analysis screen
analysis step
analysis step category
analysis step display
analysis step gallery
analysis toolbar
analysis type
analysis value (EHS)
analysis value (GRC-SPC)
analysis view (BI-RA-AWB)
analysis view (BC-CCM-MON)
analytic component
analytic engine
analytic index
Analytic Monthly Declaration
analytic view
analytical account
analytical applications
analytical business object
analytical content configuration
analytical CRM
analytical data storage
analytical event
analytical process
analytical service interface
analytical service operation
analytics (SCM-SOP)
analytics (LOD-SFSF-REP)
analytics (ONE VOICE)
analytics and reporting
analytics database
Analytics UIBB
analyze hierarchy
analyzed level
anamnestic medication order
Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical classification
ancestor (MDM)
ancestor (EP-PIN)
ancestor (BC-CTS)
anchor rate
and process
angular tolerance
angular tolerance cap
animation sequence
animation timeline
anisotropic filtering
Annex 16
Annex I goods
Annex XIV
Annex XVII
Annex-I license
anniversary balance
anniversary date
anniversary review
annotation (OPU-GW)
annotation (EIM-DS)
annotation (EIM-IS)
annotation (EPM-IM-LAB)
annotation (MFG-CAM)
annual budget (IM)
annual budget (RE-FX)
annual contribution limit
annual estimate
annual extra payment
annual financial statements
annual inventory
Annual Invoice Declaration
annual percentage yield earned
annual profile
annual profit
annual report (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
annual report (SBO)
annual resident
annual review
annual spend
annual support review
annual tax statement
annual working time account
annuity repayment
anonymization (BC-DWB-DIC)
anonymization (IS-H)
anonymization indicator
anonymous bid
anonymous bidding
anonymous data object
anonymous indicator
anonymous logon
anonymous membership processing
anonymous user
answer criterion
answer type (EHS)
answer type (SV-ASA)
answered-on-time limit
answering button
any conditions
any price bidding
apartment hereditary land register
apartment rent adjustment type
aperiodic service
API gravity
APO Core Interface integration model
APO Performance Monitor
APO query
APO query pool
APO scheduling agreement
APO Support Package
app (SV-SMG)
app (BC-SRV-MCM)
app (MOBILE)
app launcher
app passcode
apparent power
append (SRM-EBP-CON)
append (BW-WHM)
APPEND maintenance concept
append package
append package interface
append search help
append structure
appended order
appendix table
APPL Support Package
applicable scope
applicant (CRM-IPS)
applicant (IS-HER-CM)
applicant (IM)
applicant (PA-RC)
applicant (LOD-SFSF-RCM)
applicant action
applicant action type
applicant activity
applicant activity type
applicant class
applicant document
applicant group
applicant master data
applicant pool
applicant range
application (SCM-BAS-BIF)
application (CRM-IU-DSM)
application (AP-RC-BEF)
application (PA-ER)
application (PSM-GM)
application (MDM)
application (BC-SRV-BR)
application (CA-MDG)
application (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
application (EIM-DS)
application (FS-FBS-TXC)
application (CA-DMS)
application (BC-SRV-ARL)
application (RE)
application (FS-PCO-AM)
application (ICM)
application (OV-SPECIALNAMES)
application (CRM-MT)
application (PM-WCM)
application (RIV)
application (FS-PM)
application administrator
application alias
Application Analysis
application architecture diagram
application area (PLM-WUI-RCP)
application area (CRM-IC)
application area (CS)
application area (SV-SMB-AIO)
application area (FI)
application area (BC-FES-GUI)
application area (FI-CA)
application area (IS-BEV)
application area editor
application area icon
application area list
application areas
Application Assemblies Gallery
application authorization
application bar
application browser
application business object
application category
application CHIP
application class (AP-RC-BEF)
application class (BC-BSP)
application client
Application Client Service
application cloner
application component (BC-XI)
application component (SV-ASA)
application component (ONE VOICE)
application configuration
application connection
application consultant
application container
application content area
application context
Application Creation Tool
application currency
application definition
application definition type
application delivery engine
application designer framework
application document (BC-SRV-ARL)
application document (LO-AGR-APP)
application domain
application embedding
Application Enhancement Tool
application environment
application event (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
application event (IS-HMED)
application event category
application event management
application event type
application explorer
application field
Application for Salary and Income Tax Projection Statement G
application form (CRM-IPS)
application form (FS-CMS)
application form (FI)
application form (CA-GTF)
application grid
application group (PA-ER)
application group (IS-BEV)
application group (IS-MP)
application help (BC-DOC)
application help (BC-FES-GUI)
application host
application hosting (ONE VOICE)
application hosting (EP)
application identifier
Application IDoc
Application Incident Management
application interface (RIV)
application interface (FS-PM)
Application Interface Support Package
application journal
application key
application language (CAF-GP)
application language (EPM-FC)
application layer (BC-ABA)
application layer (EP)
application level
application level menu
Application Link Enabling
Application Locking Service
application log (LE-TRM)
application log (BC-CCM-MON)
application log (ICM)
application logging
application logic
application map
application measurement
application modeling
Application Monitor
application object
application object type (SCM-EM)
application object type (AP-PPE)
application offlining
Application Operations
application overview
application pane
application passport
application period (CRM-IPS)
application period (IS-H)
application plug
application portal
application process
application profile
application program
application programming interface
Application Programming Interface layer
application property
application property service
application receipt date
application runtime container
application scenario
application server (BI-RA-EXP)
application server (BC-ABA)
application server (NW)
Application Server
Application Server Java
application service (BC-CCM-MON)
application service (NW)
application service provider (CRM)
application service provider (CA)
application service provision
application set status
application sharing (EP-KM-COL)
application sharing (MP-APP-CR)
Application Sharing Server
application source
application status (PSM-GM)
application status (BC-JAS)
application system (SCM-EM)
application system (BC-CUS-TOL)
application table
application test
application thread
Application Thread Manager
application toolbar (BC-ABA)
application toolbar (BC-FES-GUI)
application type (MP-APP-CR)
application type (MP-APP-DPE)
application type (BC-CTS)
application version
application window (BC-FES-BUS)
application window (BC-FES-GUI)
application wizard (PA-ER)
application wizard (ICM)
application-controlled workflow
application-directed dialog
application-specific alert profile
application-specific search
application-to-application communication
application-to-application integration
application-to-application process
apply contract
apply date
appointment (BC-SRV-COM)
appointment (IS-H)
appointment (IS-A-DBM)
appointment booker
appointment calendar
appointment editor
appointment enquirer
appointment management (BC-SRV-COM)
appointment management (IS-H)
appointment overview
appointment registry
appointment rule (BC-SRV-COM)
appointment rule (IS-BEV)
appointment rule period
appointment series
appointment source
appointment template (IS-HMED)
appointment template (IS-HMED)
apportioned order
apportionment factor
apportionment loss risk
apportionment method
apportionment of follow-up costs
apportionment structure
apportionment unit
APPQ interface
appraisal (PY-PT)
appraisal (PA-PD)
appraisal (FS-CM)
appraisal category
appraisal category group
Appraisal Coordination Council
appraisal costs
appraisal criterion
appraisal element (PA-PD-PM)
appraisal element (PA-PD)
appraisal model
appraisal order
appraisal reason
appraisal receipt
appraisal subtemplate
appraisal system
appraisal template
appraisal type (PA-PD)
appraisal type (FS-CM)
appraiser (IS-HER-CM)
appraiser (PE)
appraiser (SLC-EVL)
appreciation surcharge
appropriated funds
appropriation (IS-HER-CM)
appropriation (PSM-FM-BCS)
appropriation of retained earnings (FI-LC)
appropriation of retained earnings (EC-CS)
appropriation procedure
appropriation request
appropriation request type
appropriation request variant
approval (CRM-BTX-COM)
approval (CAF-GP)
approval (EPM-FC)
approval (EPM-SM)
approval (QM)
approval (PM-WCM)
approval (XAP-PD)
approval activity
approval chain
approval check
approval history
approval level (FI-AP)
approval level (IM)
approval limit
approval matrix
approval percent
approval procedure
approval process (EPM-BPC)
approval process (BC-CTS)
approval process (SBO)
approval report
approval rule
approval specialist
approval stage
approval status (SCM-ICH-PO)
approval status (SBO)
approval step
approval task (AP-RC-BDS)
approval task (BC-BMT-WFM)
approval template
approval type
approval with completion
approval workflow
approval worklist
approve (EPM-BPC)
approve (IS-HMED)
approved (EPM-BPC)
approved (PA)
approved (LOD-SFSF-EC)
approved (OPU-DUE)
approved amount
approved budget
approved manufacturer list
approved manufacturer part list
approved manufacturer parts list (SCM-ICH-PO)
approved manufacturer parts list (MM-PUR)
approved overconsumption
approved requisition
approved supplier
approved supplier list
approved vendor list
approver (EP-KM-CM)
approver (FI-AP)
approver (LOD-ESO)
approver (LOD-SFSF)
approving outcome
approving physician
APR hierarchy
architectural object
architectural object type
architectural room
architectural space (RE)
architectural space (RE)
architectural view
architecture concept document
archivability check
archive administration
archive administration data (BC-ILM)
archive administration data (BC-CCM-ADK)
archive analysis
archive CD
Archive Development Kit
archive document ID
archive file (BC-CCM-ADK)
archive file (BC-SRV-ARL)
archive file key
archive folder
archive handle
archive ID
archive index
archive information structure
Archive Information System
archive management
archive mode
archive path (BC-CCM-ADK)
archive path (BC-SRV-ARL)
Archive Retrieval Tool
archive search UI
archive selection
archive store
archived (SRM-EBP-CON)
archived (CRM-BF-AR)
archived appraisal
archiving category (FI)
archiving category (FIN-FSCM-CLM-CM)
archiving class
Archiving Engine
Archiving Factory
archiving in dialog
Archiving Monitor
archiving object
archiving parameter
archiving profile
archiving sequence
archiving session
archiving session created during reload
archiving session number
archiving set
archiving subobject
archiving unit for CYT business partner
ARE document
ARE reference document
ARE-1 document
ARE-3 document
area (FIN-FSCM-BC)
area (BC-SRV-RM)
area (KM-KW)
area (CA-RT-PMR)
area (BC-ABA)
area analysis
area change
area chart
area class
area code
area description header
area details
area for day-based appointments
area group page
area handle
area instance
area instance version
area lock
area menu
area menu template
area of intervention
area of responsibility (EPM-NOV-PLA)
area of responsibility (SD)
area of validity
area page
area root class
area schema
area type
Ariba Network ID
Ariba Network Integration 1.0 for SAP Business Suite
arithmetic average
arithmetic expression
arithmetic operator
armed forces
armed forces, police, and aid organizations
ARO asset
ARO retirement date
arrange all
arrangement calendar
arrangement rank
arrangement type
arrears characteristic
arrears processing
arrears surcharge
arrival (SD-FT)
arrival (IS-H)
arrival draft
arrival time
arrivals list
arrivals view
art and background component
article (IS-REA)
article (EHS-MGM)
article (IS-R)
article (IS-R-KUNDE)
article category (EHS-MGM)
article category (IS-R-KUNDE)
article class
article document
article for settlement
article hierarchy
Article Inward Note
article master
article master record
article numbering system
article order number
article substitution
article type
article with intended release
article/site discontinuation
artifact resolution service
ARun Customizing check tool
ARun delivery check tool
ARun Optimizer
ARun Optimizer control
ARun Optimizer type
ARun type
as-built bill of material
as-built configuration
as-built design
as-if principle
as-is .NET Custom iView
as-of-point-in-time reporting
as-shipped bill of material
ASAP for Upgrades
ASAP project documentation
ASCII Adapter
ASF factor
ASF type
Asian Unification C
Asian Unification K
Asian Unification T
ask rate
ASL code
ASL of institution
ASL of place of residence
ASMX file
ASN history
ASP service
aspect (PLM-WUI-APP)
aspect (BC-DWB-UTL-CLS)
aspect (EHS-CI)
aspect (EC-EIS)
aspect (IS-HMED)
aspect (MFG-PCO)
aspect header data
aspect toolbar
assemble-to-order sell-through
assembler (BC-SRV-PMI)
assembler (MFG-ME)
assembly (CA-GTF-DOB)
assembly (CS)
assembly (SCM-APO-PPS)
assembly (PP)
assembly (PM)
assembly (CA-DMS)
assembly (MA-SMOPS)
assembly (MFG-ME)
assembly bill of material
assembly factor
assembly group
assembly header
assembly item
assembly location
assembly operation
assembly opportunity
assembly order
assembly point
assembly reference
assembly rule
assembly scrap (SCM-APO-PPS)
assembly scrap (PP)
assembly tree balancing
assembly type
assembly-level geometry
assertion (GRC-SPC)
assertion (BC-ABA)
assertion consumer service
assessable value
assessed value
assessment (IS-HER-CM)
assessment (GRC-SPC)
assessment (FI-SL)
assessment (CO)
assessment (RE-FX)
assessment basis
assessment contract
assessment cost element
assessment coverage
assessment preprocessor
assessment process
assessment survey
assessment test
assessment type
asset (CRM-IFS)
asset (FS-CMS)
asset (CA-VE)
asset (PP-PN-NO)
asset (EHS-EEI)
asset (SBO)
Asset Accounting
asset acquisition
asset area
asset catalog
asset category (CYT)
asset category ()
asset category (FS-CMS)
asset category (SBA)
asset class (FI-AA)
asset class (RE)
asset class (SBO)
asset class catalog
asset class conversion
asset component
asset correlation
asset document
asset event
asset event cost report
asset event report
asset event time report
Asset Explorer
asset fiscal year change
asset goods receipt
asset hierarchy
asset history report
asset history sheet (FI-AA)
asset history sheet (SBO)
asset item
asset level
asset life-cycle management
Asset Life-Cycle Management
asset lifecycle management
asset line item
asset maintenance
asset pool
asset portfolio
asset progress report
asset purchase order
asset qualifier
Asset Regulation
asset request document
asset retirement obligation
asset revaluation document
asset structure
asset subnumber
asset summary report
asset super number
asset transfer (FI-LC)
asset transfer (EC-CS)
asset type (CRM-IFS)
asset type (AIE)
asset type (FS-CMS)
asset type (EHS-MGM)
asset type (FI-AA)
asset type (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
asset type (SBA)
asset under construction
asset value date (FI-AA)
asset value date (SBO)
asset versioning
asset view
Asset Viewer
asset year-end closing
asset-dependent payment plan
asset-independent payment plan
asset/liability management
assets (FI)
assets (IS-B-RA)
assign (EHSM-LOD)
assign (EPM-NOV-PLA)
assign (PA-PA)
assign (CA-GTF)
assign (MFG-CAM)
assign (SBC)
assign a license
assign subsequently
assign then store
assigned funded receivable
assigned location
assigned object
assigned partner
assigned value
assignee (LOD-SFSF-GM)
assignee (SBO)
assigning process step
assignment (PLM-WUI-APP)
assignment (CRM-RPL-SRV)
assignment (MDM)
assignment (CA-MRS)
assignment (CA-VE-VEG)
assignment (CAF-GP)
assignment (EPM-PCM)
assignment (GRC-SAC)
assignment (CA-CL)
assignment (BC-ABA)
assignment (FS-CM)
assignment (KM-WPB-UI)
assignment assistant
assignment block
assignment category
assignment concept
assignment control
assignment criterion
assignment enforcement
assignment group
assignment indicator
assignment instruction
assignment level
assignment object
assignment object in portfolio assignment
assignment object type
assignment of budget
assignment of business process chain
assignment of in-force business
assignment operator
assignment parameters
assignment path
assignment period
assignment planning phase
assignment position
assignment process
assignment profile
assignment role
assignment role for assignment object
assignment role for business object
assignment role type
assignment rule
assignment set
assignment share
assignment start date
assignment state
assignment strategy
assignment test
assignment type (CRM-RPL-SRV)
assignment type (ICM)
assignment type of credential type
assignment unit
assignment variant
assignment-based resource selection
assimilated absence
assimilation factor
assistance class
assistance code
assistive technology
associate group
associate group owner
associate group solution
associate with
associated company (EHS-CI)
associated company (FI-LC)
associated content
associated document item
associated KPI
associated material
associated query
associated release date
associated risk
associated segment rule
associated user
associated variable rule
association (BC-ESI-ESF)
association (EIM-IS)
association (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
association class
association management
association matching
Association of German Magazine Publishers
association on the fly
association view
assortment (IS-R)
assortment (IS-AFS-SD)
assortment (CRM-MD)
assortment control
assortment determination
assortment dimension
assortment grade
assortment header
assortment list
assortment list profile
assortment list sort method
assortment list type
assortment list version category
assortment module
assortment plan
assortment type (IS-R)
assortment type (CRM-MD)
assortment user
assumed payment
asterisk diagnosis
asynchronous collaboration
asynchronous communication
asynchronous goods movement
asynchronous indexing
asynchronous method
asynchronous Remote Function Call
asynchronous retrieval
asynchronous search
asynchronous signature process
asynchronous storing
asynchronous update
AT&T rules
athletically-related student aid
Atom Publishing Protocol
ATP check
ATP group
ATP profile
ATP quantity
ATP requirement
ATP requirements group
ATP requirements schedule line
ATP result
ATP system
ATP time series
ATP tree structure
ATR document
attached equipment
attachment (BC-XI)
attachment (EP-KM-COL)
attachment (BC-BMT-WFM)
attachment (BC-SRV-COM)
attachment (LOD-ESO)
attachment code
attachment component
attachment library
attachment manager (SRM-EBP-CON)
attachment manager (MP-APP-DPE)
attachment point
attachment type
attachment UIBB
Attachments Configurator
Attachments User Interface Component
attempted credit
attendance counting rule
attendance list (PE)
attendance list (PE-LSO)
attendance menu
attendance quota
attendance tracking
attendance type
attendee appraisal
attendee list
attendee type
attention area
attester system
attributable amount
attributable amount determination
attribute (FS-BA-SD)
attribute (SCM-SOP)
attribute (WEC-APP-PCT)
attribute (AP-RC-BEF)
attribute (CRM-MKT)
attribute (SRM-EBP-CON)
attribute (MDM)
attribute (BW)
attribute (EP-UP-ES)
attribute (BC-EIM-ESH)
attribute (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
attribute (BI-RA-AWB)
attribute (CA-FS-PO)
attribute (CRM-CEC)
attribute (EIM-DQ)
attribute (EPM-IM-FPL)
attribute (EPM-NOV-PLA)
attribute (EPM-PCM)
attribute (EC-CS)
attribute (SV-ASA)
attribute (BC-SRV-COM)
attribute (BC-ABA)
attribute (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
attribute (BC-DWB-TOO-DMO)
attribute (BC-MID)
attribute (FS-AM-PR-PR)
attribute (LOD-ESO)
attribute (MA-SMOPS)
attribute (MFG-ME)
attribute (CRM-MD)
attribute (EP)
attribute alias
attribute bundle
attribute categorization
attribute category
attribute context
attribute data
attribute derivation
attribute engine
attribute group (FIN)
attribute group (CA-DDF)
attribute group (CRM-IU)
attribute hierarchy
attribute ID
attribute index
attribute list
attribute manager (FS-MCM-CSL)
attribute manager (SRM-EBP-CON)
attribute mapping
attribute node
attribute profile
attribute requiring reproduction
attribute search
attribute set (CRM-MKT)
attribute set (CA-DDF)
attribute store
attribute type (CRM-MKT)
attribute type (CRM-MD)
attribute type ID
attribute value derivation
attribute value hash
attribute view
attribute-based hierarchy
attribute-based planning and analysis
attribute-based search
attributive inspection
auction close
auction item
auction monitor
auction profile
auction status
audience restriction
audio file
audio project
audit (CA-AUD)
audit (GRC-AUD)
audit (BC-SEC)
audit (IS-CC)
audit (IS-R-POS)
audit (LOD-ESO)
audit analysis report
audit class
audit component
audit definition
audit evidence
audit execution
audit file
audit function
Audit Information System
audit log (BC-SEC)
audit log (MFG-PCO)
Audit Log Report
audit log table
audit objective
audit plan (CA-AUD)
audit plan (GRC-AUD)
audit planning
audit point
audit proposal
audit record
audit report
audit report category
Audit Risk Rating
audit scope
audit trail (IS-HT-DRM)
audit trail (SCM-ICH)
audit trail (IS-HER-CM)
audit trail (PA-ER)
audit trail (LO-ECH)
audit trail (LOD-SFSF)
audit trail of posted records
audit type
audit universe (GRC-AUD)
audit universe (GRC-SPC)
auditable entity
auditable entity report
auditable item
auditor (GRC-SAC)
auditor (LOD-ESO)
auditor’s avoidance
augmentation constructor
Australian stamp duty
authenticating authority
authentication (GRC-SAC)
authentication (BC-SEC)
authentication assertion ticket
authentication assistant
authentication context
authentication determination
authentication file
authentication mechanism
authentication policy
authentication scheme
authentication service
authentication template
Authentication Type
author (BC-CUS-TOL)
author (KM-ITU)
author (XAP-PD)
Author Relationship Management
authoring domain
authoring environment (SV-ASA)
authoring environment (PE-LSO)
Authoring Space
authoring system
authority (IS-H)
authority (AP-MD-BP)
authority check (BC-ABA)
authority check (FS-PM)
authority code
authority level
authority type
authority-assigned number
authority-to-load credit check
authorization (SD)
authorization (BC-SEC-USR)
authorization (OPU-DUE)
authorization administrator
authorization assignment
authorization characteristic profile
authorization check
authorization concept
authorization dependency viewer
authorization field
authorization field group
authorization group (FS-BA-SD)
authorization group (SCM-EWM)
authorization group (EHS)
authorization group (CA-GTF-FCC)
authorization group (BC-SEC-USR)
authorization group (ICM)
authorization horizon
authorization limit
authorization management
Authorization Manager
authorization number (PY-JP)
authorization number (SD)
authorization number (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
authorization object
authorization parameter
authorization profile (BC-SEC-USR)
authorization profile (ICM)
authorization profile parameter set
authorization role (BC-SEC)
authorization role (CRM-MT)
authorization role (CA-WUI)
authorization rule
authorization server
authorization store
authorization summary
authorization to borrow
authorization token
authorization tool
authorization trace
authorization variable
authorized amount (PSM-GM)
authorized amount (SD)
authorized channel partner
authorized configuration
authorized configuration status
authorized consignee
authorized consignor
authorized goodwill
authorized materials
authorized partner
authorized payment
authorized personnel
authorized recipient
authorized reseller
authorized service
authorized/actual comparison
auto accrual
auto balance pickup
auto configuration
auto draw
auto extension point before end time
auto form post
auto suggest of objects
auto suggest of solutions
auto-ID cockpit
auto-reaction method
autocomplete service
Autocomplete Service Configuration Editor
automated change processing
automated delivery order process
automated dialer
automated dialing
Automated Export System
automated process for master data approval
automated properties register
automated service and support
automated speech recognition
automated test rules
automated translation
automated variance analysis
automatic adjustment
automatic assignment creation
automatic capacity management
automatic centering
automatic cost estimate
automatic debit authorization
automatic debit position
automatic debit transfer
automatic delivery cost settlement
automatic dialing
automatic download
automatic export
automatic feeder table
automatic financial object integration
automatic ID
automatic inversion prior periods
automatic macro
automatic message generation
Automatic Number Identification
Automatic Payments Centre payment code
automatic plan
automatic planning (SCM-APO-PPS)
automatic planning (IS-R)
automatic posting
automatic posting indicator
automatic print request generation
automatic printout
automatic processing function
automatic product assignment
automatic project model
automatic reconciliation
automatic relation
automatic release to shipment
automatic reorder point planning
automatic reply
automatic rerecording
automatic resource assignment (PE)
automatic resource assignment (PE-LSO)
Automatic Server Session Termination
Automatic Session Manager
automatic synchronization of channel inventory reconciliatio
automatic system health checks
automatic tagging
automatic warehouse
automatically resolved
Automotive Industry Action Group
automotive OEM
automotive sales and service
automotive suppliers
autopsy indicator
autosuggest profile
auxiliary condition
auxiliary data
auxiliary document for electronic nota fiscal
auxiliary packaging material
auxiliary product
availability (CRM-RPL-ICS)
availability (CRM-RPL-SRV)
availability (AP-TIM)
availability (CA-DDF-RT)
availability (CA-MRS)
availability (IS-R-DM)
availability (MFG-MPM)
availability (CRM-RPL)
availability calculation
availability check (CA-MRS)
availability check (MM)
availability check (PP-MRP)
availability check group
availability control (CRM-FM)
availability control (PSM-FM-BCS)
availability control (CO-OM-OPA)
availability control object
availability date (CRM-IM-IPM)
availability date (SCM-APO-SNP)
availability date/time
availability description
availability for work
availability grouping
Availability Indicator
availability information
availability period
availability pool
availability status (EP-KM-COL)
availability status (IS-A-VMS)
availability template
availability view
availability-based utilization
available amount (PSM-FM-BCS)
available amount (FS-CML)
available amount (IS-B-BCA)
available amount (FS-AM-IM)
available amount without tolerated limit
available asset value (CRM-IFS)
available asset value (FS-CMS)
available assignment object
available balance
available budget
available business object
available capacity
available collateral value as prior charge
available element
available function
available portfolio
available quantity
available right
available segment
available stable funding
available stock
available version
available-to-deploy quantity
average balance ledger
average base salary
average counter performance
average daily balance (FS-CML)
average daily balance (PSM-FM)
average delivered price
average demand
average exposure
average forecast coefficient of variation
average forecast mean
average grade
average inventory position
average length of stay
average lost demand
average pipeline stock
average price
average rate (FI)
average rate (IS-MP-NF)
average ratio
average retail
average safety stock
average safety stock coverage
average salary
average score
average shop load
average value calculation rule
average-demand horizon
averaging period
avoided grid usage charges
awaiting approval (CA-IAM-MOC)
awaiting approval (OPU-DUE)
award (PSM-GPR)
award (PSM-GM)
award (PA-CM)
award fee
award history
award level
award type
axis system
axis tuple (BW)



B number
B2A Manager
B2B for occasional users
back button
back channel
back end
back face
back office
back office processing
back to top
back-end destination
Back-End Editor
back-end purchase order
back-end system
back-facing geometry
back-to-back (TM)
back-to-back (LO-AGR-CC)
back-up collateral agreement
back-valued business transaction
backdated change
backed-up collateral agreement
backend of remote support platform for SAP Business One
Backend Operation Proxy
backend service
Backend Service Object
background action
background billing
background check
background component
background data
background document
background filter
background job
background material
background processing (BC-CCM-BTC)
background processing (MFG-ME)
background processing (FS-PM)
Background Processing Framework
background processing system
Background Remote Function Call
background RFC
background RFC scheduler
background task
background work item
background-enabled business transaction
backlog (SCM-APO-PPS)
backlog (MM-PUR)
backlog (PP-CRP)
backlog (SBO)
backlog calculation
backlog safety stock
backorder processing (SCM-APO-ATP)
backorder processing (PP-MRP)
backup domain controller
backup file
backup host
backup ID
backup index server
backup queue server
backup supply
backward confirmation
backward scheduling (SCM-APO-SNP)
backward scheduling (PP)
backward scheduling (PS)
backward scheduling (IS-R)
BACS user number
bad debt party
BAdI Builder
BAdI class
BAdI context object
BAdI implementation
BAdI implementation class
BAdI interface
BAdI method
BAdI object
BAdI reference
BAdI reference variable
balance (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
balance (EPM-IC)
balance (FI)
balance (IS-CC)
balance (LOD-SFSF-EC)
balance amount
balance audit trail
balance carryforward (FI)
balance carryforward (FI-LC)
balance carryforward (EC-CS)
balance check (FS-FBS-TXC)
balance check (FI)
balance check set
balance commitment item
balance confirmation
balance determination basis
balance deviation
balance due (IS-R-POS)
balance due (SBO)
balance funds center
balance hierarchy
balance holiday pay
balance inquiry
balance list
balance method
balance netting
balance notification (FI)
balance notification (FS-AM-IM)
balance object
balance object category
balance object class
balance object type
balance of general ledger transfer
balance posting
balance quantity
balance request
balance revision
balance sheet
balance sheet account
balance sheet adjustment (FI)
balance sheet adjustment (FI)
balance sheet budget report
balance sheet comparison
balance sheet for tax purposes
balance sheet indicator
balance sheet preparation data
balance sheet price
balance sheet revaluation
balance sheet transaction
balance sheet transfer
balance sheet valuation (FI)
balance sheet valuation (MM-IV)
balance sheet value per account
balance subobject
balance subobject category
balance subobject type
balance transfer
balance transfer relationship
Balanced Scorecard
balances overview
balancing account
balancing basis
balancing item
balancing legal disclaimer
balancing method
balancing object
balancing period
balancing product group
Balancing Report
bandwidth control
bandwidth group
bank accountant
bank area
bank chain
bank challan
bank check
bank code
bank data storage
bank details
bank file format
bank financing
bank format
bank format project
bank key
bank master data (FS-PE)
bank master data (FI)
bank number
bank posting area
bank product
bank profitability analysis
Bank Profitability Analysis
bank selling rate
bank statement
bank statement processing
bank statement time periods
bank transaction handling facility
bank transfer
bank transfer split
bank-specific collateral markdown
bank’s own model
banker’s acceptance (SD-FT)
banker’s acceptance (FI)
banned substance
banner family
BAPI ActiveX control
BAPI Explorer
bar chart
bar code
bar code identifier
bar code type
barcode price
bargain element
barge-in (BC-SRV-NWV)
barge-in (BCM)
barring group
barter operation
base (EPM-SPA)
base (IS-U-EPM)
base adjustment period
base allocation object
base amount (FS-AM-IM-CC)
base amount (SBO)
base amount for standing order
base bill part
base budget form
base calculation procedure
base category
base character
base clause
base condition
base condition type
base cost item
base costs
base currency
base date ()
base date (MM-IM)
base density
base depreciation area
base dimension
base directory
Base Distinguished Name
base document
base element
base entitlement
base for tax/SI contributions
base hierarchy (EHS-CI)
base hierarchy (CRM-MD)
base index
base installation
base insurable value
base item (IS-HMED)
base item (SBO)
base item type
base key
base KPI
Base KPI
base level
base location
base member
base nursing charge
base object
base object costing
base object explosion
base package
base period (IS-U-DM-MR)
base period (MA-SMOPS)
base period (PY-UA)
base planning object (CO-PC)
base planning object (CO-PC)
base plant group
base price (LO-AGR-CC)
base price (SBO)
base product
base projection
base quantity (IS-REA)
base quantity (LO)
base quantity (IS-EC-BOS)
base quantity (IS-MP-NF)
base quantity (SBO)
base quantity for price
base quantity ratio
base query
base rate (IS-H)
base rate (RE)
base rate (AP-PPE)
base record
base rent calculation
base row
base scenario
base site group
base software
base software agreement
base space type
base speed
base support agreement
base surplus
base system
base table
base target group
base temperature
base theme
base type
Base Type
base unit (MP-APP-DPE)
base unit (IS-HMED)
base unit of measure (LE)
base unit of measure (LO)
base unit of measure (SBO)
base unit of quantity
base value ()
base value (FI-AA)
base value (MM-IV)
base value (IS-B-PA)
base value (IS-OIL-DS-MAP)
base value (IS-MP-NF)
base value date
base value distribution
base value participation
base volume planning
base waiting period
base year (EHS-CI)
base year (MM)
base year (IS-U-FPC)
base year emissions
base year emissions recalculation
Basel III
Basel III ratio
baseline (CRM-MKT)
baseline (LO-CM)
baseline (EHS-CI)
baseline (PS)
baseline date
baseline date for payment
baseline demand
baseline forecast
baseline inventory
baseline reporting
baseline scenario (EPM-NOV-SWP)
baseline scenario (FS-LRM)
baseline scope
baseline scope worksheet
Basic Administration Service
basic arithmetic operation
Basic Authentication
basic availability
basic booking unit
basic border type
basic business package
basic calculation module
basic catalog
basic catalog ID
basic catalog range
basic catalog set
basic catalog set ID
basic characteristic (FS-BA-SD)
basic characteristic (FIN-SEM-BPS)
basic charge
basic clinical data
basic contract
basic contribution
basic conversation
basic costs
basic cover
basic data measurement
basic data text
basic date (PP)
basic date (PS)
basic dates
basic device category
basic excise duty
basic finish date
basic form configuration
basic formula
basic function
basic index
basic index cluster
basic index definition
basic index value
basic initialization
basic key figure
basic list (LO-MD)
basic list (CO)
basic list (BC-ABA)
basic list (BC-SRV-REP)
basic list (BC-SRV-QUE)
basic load
basic margin decomposition
basic material
basic material assessment
basic material specialist
basic measurement service
basic member type
basic multilingual plane
basic password fallback
basic path
basic pay for CPDF
basic period
basic population
basic price (IS-R)
basic price (IS-U-BI)
basic process
basic property tax amount
basic provider data
basic purchase price
basic quantity
basic rent
basic rent formula
basic report
basic rule
basic scenario
basic score
basic search
basic sediment and water
basic set
basic start date
basic type
basic value
Basis FCS Support Package
basis for calculating average value
basis for input tax correction
basis of assessment
basis payment
basis payment item
basis reserve
Basis Support Package
Basis System
Basis table
batch (CRM-RPL-ICS)
batch (PP-PI)
batch (QM)
batch (LO-BM)
batch (SBO)
Batch Acquisition and Rating Toolset
batch characteristic inheritance
batch classification
batch consolidation process
batch determination
batch genealogy
Batch Information Cockpit
batch input
batch input command
Batch Input Monitor
batch input session
batch input table
batch inversion check
batch job
batch level
batch management (LO-BM)
batch management (ONE VOICE)
batch management requirement
batch master record
batch mode
batch number
batch number transactions report
batch operation
batch process
batch process step template
batch project
batch rating group
batch record (PP-PI)
batch record (SBO)
batch report
batch request
batch search procedure
batch search strategy
batch selection list
batch size
batch split
batch splitting
batch status
batch status management
batch stock
batch where-used list
batch-related object type
batch-specific material unit of measure
bayesian priors
Baylor Plan
BBP procedure
BCS solution deployment
BCV cockpit
BCV query
BDC administration object model
BDC client runtime
BDC metadata store
BDC option
BDC publishing
BDC runtime object model
BDoc Generator
BDoc instance
BDoc Layer
BDoc message
BDoc Modeler
BDoc Repository
BDoc segment
BDoc Structure Mapper
BDoc type
BDT view
bean class
bean factory
bean instance
bearer group
bearer stock
bed assignment
bed category
bed scheduling
before method
before you go
beginning cumulative quantity
beginning point
behavior profile
behavior rating
behavior variant
belated claim year
bell curve
below the line
below-price currency
bench scale trial
bench strength
benchmark job
benchmark period
bending factor
beneficiary (CRM-IPS)
beneficiary (SD-FT)
beneficiary (PA-BN)
beneficiary (LOD-SFSF)
beneficiary (PA-PF)
beneficiary eligibility rule
beneficiary eligibility rule variant
beneficiary for pricing
beneficiary name
beneficiary role
benefit (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
benefit (CRM-IPS)
benefit (GRC-RM)
benefit (PA-BN)
benefit (IS-U)
benefit (FS-MCM)
benefit (LOD-SFSF-EC)
benefit accrual service
benefit area
benefit calculator
benefit carrier
benefit certificate
benefit check
benefit confirmation
benefit criterion
benefit cutoff day
benefit decision
benefit group
benefit level
benefit object
benefit offer
benefit offset
benefit part
benefit payer
benefit processing
benefit program (CRM-IPS)
benefit program (PA-BN)
benefit reduction
benefit salary
benefit split
benefit split run
benefit split schema
benefit type (CRM-IPS)
benefit type (FS-CM)
benefit type area
benefit type determination
benefit type for claim item grouping
benefit type group
benefit type tree
benefit usage
benefit user
benefit value
benefits and services catalog item
benefits entitlement
benefits, services and fees catalog
Berkeley protocol
Berkeley System Distribution
berth planning board
best bets
best bid (SRM-LA)
best bid (MP-APP-DPE)
best buy
best composite well time
Best Effort
best fit
best PHIO
best possible DSO
Best Practices for
Best Practices for Solution Management
best record (EIM-DS)
best record (EIM-MDS)
best record (EIM-MDS-GOV)
best record activation
best record calculation
best record priority
best record recalculation
best records table
best-rate billing
beta factor
beta service level
BEx Analyzer
BEx Broadcaster
BEx Download Scheduler
BEx Information Broadcasting
BEx Map
BEx Mobile Intelligence
BEx Mobile Reporting
BEx Portfolio
BEx Query Designer
BEx Web
BEx Web Analyzer
BEx Web application
BEx Web Application Designer
BEx Web Application Wizard
BEx Web Publisher
BEx Web Publisher Wizard
BEx Web Reporting
BfS statistics
BI analyst
BI Content
BI Content bundle
BI Document Repository Manager
BI drill-down
BI drill-through
BI Inbox
BI integration
BI Java Connector
BI JDBC Connector
BI launch pad
BI Metadata Repository Manager
BI viewer
BI workspace
BI workspaces
Bi-Directional Data Binding
bias ratio
bid (SRM-LA)
bid (MP-APP-DPE)
bid (LOD-ESO)
bid accepted
bid award notification
bid decrement
bid display criteria
bid history
bid history report
bid increment (MP-APP-DPE)
bid increment (LOD-ESO)
bid invitation
bid invitation specifications
bid notification
bid on behalf
bid rate
bid remark
bid value
bidder indicator
bidding close
bidding criteria
bidirectional display
bidirectional planning
bifurcation branch
big endian
big-bang migration
bill accounting
bill consolidator
bill creation date
bill creation proxy
bill creation system
bill of distribution
bill of exchange (FI)
bill of exchange (SBO)
bill of exchange collection
bill of exchange count
bill of exchange list
bill of exchange management
bill of exchange payment request
bill of exchange portfolio
bill of exchange receivable
bill of exchange usage
bill of lading (TM)
bill of lading (IS-R)
bill of material
bill of material explosion (CRM-SLC)
bill of material explosion (PP)
bill of material for function location
Bill of Material Management
bill of materials
bill of materials transfer
bill of services
bill ready
bill statement
bill-back processing
bill-to party
bill-to party internal order
bill-up claim amount
billable item for usage
billback (CRM-FM)
billback (CA-RT-PMR)
billed and late
billed and on time
Biller Access
Biller Service Provider
biller’s customer number
billing (CRM-BE)
billing (SAP)
billing (IS-U-BI)
billing (IS-PS-CA)
billing (FS-AM)
billing account
billing account item
billing account item type
billing account type
billing address
billing agent
billing attribute
billing block
billing catalog
billing category (SD)
billing category (IS-T)
billing category (FS-AM)
billing class
billing consolidator
billing cycle
billing date (CRM-BE)
billing date (SD)
billing date (FS-CML)
billing day
billing day with discount
billing day without discount
billing detail record
billing document (CA-MON)
billing document (SD)
billing document (IS-M-AM)
billing due date
billing due list
billing due list item
billing element (CO)
billing element (PS)
billing encounter group
Billing Engine
Billing Engine Application
Billing Engine Framework
billing factor
billing group
Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
billing item
billing model
billing notification
billing object
billing order
billing period (IS-U-BI)
billing period (IS-T)
billing plan (CRM-BE)
billing plan (PS)
billing plan (SD)
billing plan procedure
billing plan type
billing rate
billing rate determination
billing rate type
billing relevance
billing request
billing request amount
billing request item
billing request line
billing reversal
billing rule
billing run date
billing schema
billing schema extension
billing service
billing status
billing transaction
billing type (CRM-BE)
billing type (SD)
billing type (IS-H)
billing unit
billing-account-based billing
billing-related device installation
billing-related device removal
bin access type
bin location
bin quantity
bin status report
bin type
binary ABAP serialization XML
binary file (BC-ABA)
binary file (BC-SRV-ARL)
binary floating point arithmetic
binary floating point literal
binary floating point number
Binary Large Object (EIM-DS)
Binary Large Object (BC-DB)
binary mode
binary resource
binary stream
binary XML
bind join
bind operation
binding (BC-ESI)
binding (BC-VMC)
binding (CA-EPT-ANL-APF)
binding (BC-BMT-WFM)
binding date
binding definition
binding program
bio-demographic data
biological sink
birth procedure
bit comparison
bit expression
bit function
bit operator
biweekly payroll
biz card
black duck scan
BlackBerry App World
blacklist owner
blacklist reference
blackout period (PA-EC)
blackout period (BC-DB-HDB)
blank compression
blank penalty
blanket agreement (IS-HT-DRM)
blanket agreement (SBO)
blanket order agreement case
blanket purchase order
blended code page
blended codepage
blind grading
blind spot (PY-CN)
blind spot (LOD-SFSF-PM)
blind transfer
blind transfer call
block (SCM-APO-SNP)
block (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
block (BCM)
block (CA-MDG)
block (CA-RT-PMR)
block (CAF-GP)
block (BC-BMT-WFM)
block (LOD-SFSF-EC)
block basis definition
block check
block definition
block discount
block group in nursing plan
block in nursing plan
block indicator
block planning
block planning with buckets
block price
block restriction
block size
block template
block value
block view
block visa procedure
blocked capacity
blocked people
blocked returns stock
blocked stock (MM-IM)
blocked stock (IS-OIL)
blocked stock returns
blocking period
blocking reason
Blueprint form
blueprint framework
Blueprint Generator
blueprint table
BMP Character
BMP Code Point
BO Browser
BO job monitor
body type
bogus business
bolus (variable)
BOM application
BOM attribute
BOM category
BOM comparison
BOM component
BOM explosion number
BOM factor
BOM group
BOM header
BOM item
BOM list
BOM makeup
BOM makeup volume
BOM redlining
BOM status
BOM usage
BOM-BOS transfer
bond (IS-B-RA)
bond option
bonded goods
bonded stock
bonded warehouse
bonded warehouse entry
bone hierarchy
bonus (PT)
bonus (ICM)
bonus (ICM)
bonus buy (CA-RT-PMR)
bonus buy (IS-R)
bonus calculation module
bonus payment
bonus plan
bonus point
bonus settlement
bonus type
bonus-malus data
bonus-malus owner
book (KM-WPB)
book (EPM-FC)
book (EPM-PCM)
book (SD)
book attendee list
book delivery adjustment
book depreciation
book inventory
book list (PE)
book list (PE-LSO)
book of reports
book page
book page editor
book participant list
Book Publication Wizard
book reader bar
book receipt adjustment
book sorting code
book structure
book sub-tracking number
book tracking number
book value category
book value component
book value determination (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
book value determination (IS-B-SA-ALM)
book value method (FI-LC)
book value method (EC-CS)
booking date
booking deletion protection
booking entry period
booking party
booking priority (PE)
booking priority (PE-LSO)
booking type
booking unit
booking unit content
booking unit element
booking window
bookkeeping table
bookmark (KM-ITU)
bookmark (SBA)
bookstore category
Boolean class
Boolean data object
Boolean function
Boolean operator (BC-ABA)
Boolean operator (BC-SRV-KPR-RET)
Boolean search
Boolean statement
booster pump station
bootstrap job
bootstrap UIBB
BOPF reusables
border point
border style
border type
borrow/loan exchange
borrower category
borrower’s note loan
borrowing date
borrowing period
borrowing reason
borrowing status
bottleneck planning
bottleneck resource
bottleneck work center
bottom %
bottom layer approach
bottom N
bottom sum
bottom up budgeting
bottom-up characteristic propagation
bottom-up fixing
bottom-up planning
bounce back coupon
bounce category
bounce management
bounce rule
bound data
bound data type
bound item (OPU-ALY)
bound item (OPU-DUE)
bound memory
boundary event
boundary representation
bounding box
box plot
box truck
boxed component
boycott list
BP catalog number
BP channel
BP summary
BPF action
BPF assistant
Braille line
branch (IS-DFS)
branch (MDM)
branch (EP-KM)
branch (FS-LOC-RU)
branch (BC-ABA)
branch (BC-CTS)
branch (IS-H)
branch (RIV)
branch account
branch operation
branch relation
branch type
branching action
branching code
branching question
brand owner
branding image
Brazilian Federal Revenue Service
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Brazilian Oil Agency
Brazilian payment system
breadcrumb (EP-KM)
breadcrumb (BI-RA-EXP)
breadcrumb area
breadcrumb trail
breadcrumbs (CRM-IC)
breadcrumbs (CA-EPT-BCV)
break group
break hierarchies
break key
break pattern
break point
break rule set
break space rule
break-even point
break-weight calculation
breakdown button
breakdown category (EC-CS)
breakdown category (FIN-SEM-BCS)
breakdown indicator
breaking down a partnership
breaking down a partnership in the commission case
BRF BI Planning Connector
BRF trace
bridge (BCM)
bridge (BC-NET)
bridge object
briefing book
Briefing Book
briefing card (CRM-ANA)
briefing card (CRM-MD)
Bright Morning
Broad National Consumer Price Index
broadcast message
broadcast message theme
broadcast messaging
broadcast setting
broadcast tendering
broadcasting framework
Broadcasting Wizard
broken character
broken lot
broken period
broken seal
broker (FS-CD)
broker (ICM)
broker (SBA)
broker account
broker collections
broker contract
broker dunning status
broker hierarchy
broker processing
broker report
broker report history
broker type
brokerage (ICM)
brokerage (ICM)
browser view
brute force attack
BSI interface
BSI tax company
BSI tax company experience rate
BSP application
BSP directive
BSP element
BSP extension
BSP extension editor
bucket (PPM-PFM)
bucket (TM)
bucket (SCM-APO-PPS)
bucket (BW-BEX)
bucket (IS-R-POS)
bucket owner
bucket resource
bucket schema
bucket team
bucket-oriented capacity check
buckets template
budget (PPM-PFM)
budget (CRM-FM)
budget (PA-PM)
budget (PSM-FM-BCS)
budget (CO)
budget address
budget allocation
budget amount
budget apportionment
budget assigned for persons/positions
budget assigned per person/position
budget balance
budget billing amount (IS-U-IN)
budget billing amount (CRM-LAM)
budget billing collective bill
budget billing cycle
budget billing plan
budget billing plan item
budget billing plan period
budget billing plan procedure
budget billing procedure
budget billing request
budget bucket
budget carryforward in investment program
budget category (IM)
budget category (PM)
budget category (PSM-FM)
budget chapter
budget check
budget comparison (PE)
budget comparison (PE-LSO)
Budget Control System
budget distribution
budget distribution method
Budget Enforcement Act
budget expiration posting
budget expiration run
budget expiration schedule
budget extension request
budget form
budget form definition
budget hierarchy
budget ID
budget level
budget management
budget memo (PSM-FM-BCS)
budget memo (PSM-FM-BU)
Budget Monitoring
budget monitoring alert
budget monitoring report
budget name
budget number
budget object
budget patient
budget period (PA-CM)
budget period (PSM-FM)
budget plan
budget posting
budget profile (CO-OM-CCA)
budget profile (PSM-FM-BU)
budget proposal
budget relationship
budget renewal request
budget report
Budget Reports Branch
budget restriction
budget restrictions
budget return (PSM-FM)
budget return (PSM-FM)
budget status (PPM-PFM)
budget status (PA-PM)
budget structure (PA-CM)
budget structure (PSM-FM)
budget structure element (PA-PM)
budget structure element (PSM-FM-BU)
budget structure element type
budget transfer
budget type (PSM-FM-BCS)
budget type (PA-CM)
budget type (IS-R)
budget type (PSM-FM-BU)
budget unit (PA-PM)
budget unit (PA-CM)
budget unit (PSM-FM)
budget unit price
budget update (CRM-FM)
budget update (PA-PM)
budget update (PSM-FM)
budget updates
budget use
budget value
budget year
budget-conform position plan
budgetary constraint
budgetary ledger
budgeted balance sheet
budgeted value
budgeting group
budgeting method
budgeting rule
Budgeting Workbench
buffer (IS-AD-ROT)
buffer (AP-PPE)
buffer pool
buffer table
buffering (BC-DWB-DIC)
buffering (BC-CST)
buffering permission
buffering type
build history
build process
build variant
build-to-order (MFG-LPO)
build-to-order (MFG-ME)
building block (SCM-ICH)
building block (SV-SMB-AIO)
building block (EHS)
building block (EPM-SPA)
Building Block Builder
building block group
building category
building loan pooling
building method
Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Met
building unit
building unit type
building value
bulk consumable goods
bulk density
Bulk Distribution Requirements Planning
bulk import balance
bulk issue indicator
bulk loading
bulk material (EHS-MGM)
bulk material (PP)
bulk material (XAP-CQM)
bulk parameter split
bulk product
bulk sales
bulk storage
bulk transportation (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
bulk transportation (ONE VOICE)
bulk transportation (ONE VOICE)
bulk waste order type
bullet chart
Bulletin Board member
bump map
bump order
bump process
bump quote
bundle (FS-BA-PM-CR)
bundle (IS-HT-SW)
bundle (AIE)
bundle (IS-AFS-PP)
bundle (LOD-ESO)
bundle calculation
bundle file
bundle period
bundle pricing calculation
bundle transformation
bundled insurance
bundled pricing
bundled product
bundling group
bunker consumption
bunker diesel
burden share
business action
business activity (CRM)
business activity (FS-CMS)
business activity (CA-MDG)
business activity statement report
Business Add-In
business administrator (SRM-CM)
business administrator (SBA)
business agreement
business agreement class
business alignment
business analyst (GRC-FRA)
business analyst (CA-CEI)
business analytics
business anchor
business anchor hierarchy
business application
business application ID
Business Application Programming Interface
business area (SV-SMG)
business area (FI)
business area (SV-ASA)
business area consolidation (FI-LC)
business area consolidation (EC-CS)
business assignment object
Business Blueprint
Business Blueprint document
business boundary
business card
business category
business character for unit of measure
business CHIP
business combination
Business Communication
business communication diagram
Business Communication Service
business completion
business component (CRM-MT)
business component (FS-PM)
business condition
business configuration check group
Business Configuration Set (BC-CUS-TOL)
Business Configuration Set (SBO)
business confirmation
Business Connectivity Services
business content (SV-SMG)
business content (ONE VOICE)
business content component
business context (SRM-EBP)
business context (CRM-CIC)
business context (SBC)
Business Context Viewer
business contributor
business data
Business Data Actions Gallery
Business Data Catalog
Business Data Collaboration Workspace
Business Data Connectivity framework
Business Data Connectivity model
Business Data Connectivity service application
Business Data Connectivity service application proxy
Business Data Connectivity shared service
business data context
business data display
Business Data Task Panes Gallery
Business Data Toolset
business date
business day
business day date
business decision workflow application
Business Directory
business document (TM)
business document (CA-GBT)
business document (BC-SRV)
business document (SBO)
Business Document Navigator
Business Document Service
Business document set
business domain
Business Enablement Provisioning
business entity
business environment
business event (WEC-APP)
business event (IS-HER-CM)
business event (SCM-APO-ATP)
business event (GRC-SPC)
business event (PE)
business event (IS-U-CS)
business event (IS-T)
business event (CRM-ISE)
business event appraisal
business event brochure
business event catalog
business event costs
business event demand
business event group
business event hierarchy
business event language
business event location
business event menu
business event planning
business event preparation
business event type
business event without schedule
Business Execution Suite
Business Explorer
Business Explorer Browser
business filter
Business Framework Architecture
business function (BC-DWB-TOO-SFW)
business function (FS-PM)
business function set
business graphic
business hours
Business Impact Map
Business Integration Scenario
Business Integration Unit
business intelligence
Business Intelligence cockpit
Business Intelligence Java Software Development Kit
business interest
business layer
business layer view
business line
business lines
business location
business logic component
business logic handler
business logic profile
Business Logic Studio
business map
business model
business network transformation
business node
business object (SCM-ICH)
business object (SRM)
business object (AP-RC-BDS)
business object (EP-PIN)
business object (CAF)
business object (CAF-GP)
business object (SV-ASA)
business object (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
business object (BC-MID)
business object (ICM)
business object (ONE VOICE)
business object (FS-PM)
business object assignment
Business Object Browser
Business Object Builder
business object category
Business Object Editor
Business Object Importer
business object instance
business object layer
business object model
business object operation
Business Object Repository
business object specialization
business object tree
business object type
Business Objects product
business office tax
business organization
business package
Business Package for Automotive Suppliers
Business Package for Projects, Portfolio Management and Desi
business partner (CA-GBT)
business partner (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
business partner (FI)
business partner (IS-H)
business partner (IS-T)
business partner (AP-MD-BP)
business partner (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
business partner (CRM-MD-BP)
business partner (SBO)
business partner account
business partner alias
business partner category
business partner cockpit
business partner code
business partner connection
business partner currency
business partner data
business partner data cleansing
business partner default price
business partner duplicate
business partner function mapping
business partner group
business partner group hierarchy
business partner grouping
business partner integration using industry standards
business partner listing rate
business partner master data
business partner merging
business partner number (FS-BP)
business partner number (ICM)
business partner profile
business partner proxy
business partner relationship
business partner relationship category
business partner relationship type
business partner role
business partner role category
business partner role exclusion group
business partner role grouping
business partner role grouping category
business partner service settlement
business partner standard price
business partner tax group (AP-TTE)
business partner tax group (AP-MD-BP)
business partner taxability
business partner type
business partner version
business partner versioning
business partner view
Business Partners
business performance management
business place (MM-IV)
business place (SBO)
Business Planning and Simulation
business process (AP-TTE)
business process (BC-SRV-PMI)
business process (CAF-GP)
business process (CO-OM-ABC)
business process (BC-MID-ALE)
business process (SV-ASA)
business process (ONE VOICE)
business process (FS-PM)
business process attribute
business process category
business process chain
Business Process Content Powered by SAP NetWeaver Gateway
business process diagram
business process dialog
business process enabler
Business Process Exception Management
business process flow
business process flow editor
business process framework
Business Process Hierarchy
business process management
Business Process Master List
business process model
Business Process Modeling Language
Business Process Operations
business process owner
business process platform (BC-ESI)
business process platform (ONE VOICE)
business process price
Business Process Procedure
business process push
business process quantity
Business Process Repository
business process step (BC-SRV-PMI)
business process step (ONE VOICE)
business process type
business purpose
business record date
business record time
business relationship
business role
business routing
business rule (CA-EPC)
business rule (EPM-BPC)
business rule (IS-R-DM)
Business Rule Framework
business rule item
business scenario (BC-ESI)
business scenario (BC-BMT-OPI)
business scenario (CO)
business scenario (IS-R)
business scenario (SV-ASA)
business scenario (CA)
business scenario (ONE VOICE)
business scenario configuration
business scenario context data
business scenario instance
business scenario instance correlation
business scenario instance log
business scenario map
business scenario questionnaire
business scope account
business screen
business security profile
business segment (FI-GL)
business segment (LOD-SFSF-EC)
Business Server Page
business service (MP-APP-CR)
business service (SRM-SUD)
business share
business solutions consulting
Business Status
Business Suite content container
Business Suite home page
Business Suite view
Business Suite work center
business system
business system group
business tool
business transaction (FS-BA-SD)
business transaction (CRM)
business transaction (SCM-APO-ATP)
business transaction (CO)
business transaction (ICM)
business transaction (FS-RI)
business transaction (FS-PM)
business transaction allocation
business transaction category
business transaction class
business transaction component
Business Transaction Event
business transaction for scenario switch
business transaction group
business transaction type (FIN-FSCM-BC)
business transaction type (IS-A-DBM)
business transaction variant
business trip
business unit (TM)
business unit (EPM-FC-SK)
business user (AP-RC-BDS)
business user (BC-SEC)
business utilization category
business validity
business view
business volume comparison and agreement
business workflow
Business Workflow Explorer
Business Workplace
business XML
business-partner CFOP category
business-partner-related search
business-to-business communication
Business-to-Business Internet Sales
business-to-business process
business-to-consumer (CRM-SLC)
business-to-consumer (SAP)
Business-to-Consumer Internet Sales
Button (CA-UI5)
Button (BI-RA-AD)
button choice
button group
button permission
buy quantity
buy side
buy term
buy/sell exchange
buyback program
buyer’s negotiation sheet
buying center
buying customer
buying dates
buying group
buying history
buying pattern
buying rate
buyoff call
buyoff cycle
BW Accelerator index
BW connector
BW process chain monitor
BW profile
BW report monitor
BW status
BW Support Package
BW Workspace
By Title Financial Processing and Reporting
bypass (LE)
bypass (IS-OIL-PRA-PRD)
byte code
byte field
byte field literal
byte literal
byte order
byte serialization
byte string (BC-ABA)
byte string (BC-ABA)
byte string function
byte string literal
byte-like data object
byte-like data type (BC-ABA)


C number
C object
cache data access
cache entry
cache group
cache hit
cache key
cache manager
cache miss
cache object
cache reader
cache region
cache server
cache settings
CAD desktop
CAD translation
cadastral category
cadastral revenue
CAE number
CAF Runtime Configurator
Caixa Econômica Federal
calculate slice
calculated cash desk amount
calculated characteristic
calculated column
calculated costs
calculated energy
calculated field
calculated index definition
calculated index value
calculated key figure
calculated mass
calculated measure
calculated measurement service
calculated member (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
calculated member (BI-RA-AWB)
calculated price
calculated revenue
calculated seniority
calculated service level
calculation base (LE)
calculation base (PA-CM)
calculation base (CO)
calculation base adjustment
calculation base date
calculation based on investment
calculation based on premium
calculation based on sums insured
calculation category for credit risk
calculation currency
calculation date
calculation depth
calculation engine
calculation environment
calculation expression
calculation form
calculation formula
calculation horizon
calculation input characteristic
calculation instructions
calculation length
calculation level
calculation liquidity group
calculation management
calculation method (FS-BA-PM-CR)
calculation method (FI-AA)
calculation method (IS-HMED)
calculation mode
calculation module
calculation module version
calculation object
calculation of time specifications
calculation parameter curve
calculation point
calculation procedure
calculation procedure class
calculation procedure for tax on sales and purchases
calculation profile (TM)
calculation profile (CRM-RB)
calculation profile (SCM-APO-ATP)
calculation rule (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
calculation rule (CA-GTF-CPE)
calculation rule (FS-LRM)
calculation rule (MM-PUR)
calculation rule (RE-FX)
Calculation Server
calculation service
calculation service URL
calculation sheet
calculation time
calculation trigger
calculation type (FS-BA-PM-CR)
calculation type (SD)
calculation type (BC-ABA)
calculation type (IS-U-CS)
calculation type (ICM)
calculation view
calendar (BCM)
calendar (BC-DB-HDB)
calendar buffer
calendar component
calendar date
calendar day
calendar day field
calendar day literal
calendar for invoice dates
calendar integration
calendar is lenient
calendar mismatch
calendar quarter
calendar resource (SCM-APO-PPS)
calendar resource (SCM-APO-MD)
calendar schema
calendar year filer
calibration (GRC-FRA)
calibration (LOD-SFSF-PM)
calibration (MFG-ME)
Calibration Executive Review
calibration inspection
calibration session
calibration subject
Calibration template
calibration validity
call (IS-B-BCA)
call attached data
call board
call center
call component
call context
call control
call dispatcher
call flow
call hierarchy
call history
call horizon
call interval
call list
call list assignment
call list statistics
call list synchronization
call me back
call out prefix
call result
call sequence
call sign (IS-DFS)
call sign (IS-OIL)
call stack
call state
call status display
call structure
call transaction
call type
call waiting
call waiting tone
call-off workcenter
callable entity
callable object
Callback plug-in
callback queue
called patient
caller (FS-MCM-CSL)
caller (BC-SRV-NWV)
callup point (IS-HER-CM)
callup point (FI-SL)
calorific value
calorific value district
calorific value procedure
camp (PY-KSA)
camp (PY-UAE)
campaign (CRM-MKT)
campaign (EP-KM)
campaign (CA-RT-PMR)
campaign (CRM-CEC)
campaign (EHS-MGM)
campaign (PP-PI)
campaign (IS-U-WM)
campaign automation
campaign bar
campaign color
campaign element
campaign framework
campaign management (CRM)
campaign management (ONE VOICE)
campaign optimization
campaign planning (SCM-APO-PPS)
campaign planning (ONE VOICE)
campaign response handling
campaign schedule
campaign status
campaign weighing
campaign wizard
can be crushed
can be occupied by
cancel (PE)
cancel (PE)
cancel (BC-FES-GUI)
cancel (PE-LSO)
cancel (PE-LSO)
cancel (LOD-SFSF-EC)
cancel-part relationship
cancelation date
cancelation document
cancelation email
cancelation penalty
cancelation series
canceled (PSM-GM)
canceled (IS-HMED)
canceled (OPU-DUE)
cancellation (CRM-BE)
cancellation (PA-EC)
cancellation (PA-CM)
cancellation (ICM)
cancellation (ICM)
cancellation (IS-U-IDX)
cancellation (LO-AGR-CC)
cancellation (RE-FX)
cancellation date
cancellation document (SD)
cancellation document (FS-CD)
cancellation liability
cancellation procedure
cancellation rate
cancellation reason code
cancellation reserves
cancellation rule
cancellation threat
candidate (IS-HER-CM)
candidate (PA-ER)
candidate (CRM-CEC)
candidate (LOD-SFSF-RCM)
candidate document
candidate for authorization
candidate information
candidate list (PA-ER)
candidate list (CRM-CEC)
Candidate Search
candidate status (PA-ER)
candidate status (LOD-SFSF-RCM)
cannibalization (SCM-APO-FCS)
cannibalization (IS-R-DM)
cannibalization group
canonical name
canonical XML representation
canvas (BI-RA-XL)
canvas (SBO)
canvas container component
cap (CA-VE)
CAP goods classification
CAP products
CAP products list number
capability index
capacitive assignment
capacitive planning
capacity (CRM-RPL-SRV)
capacity (CRM)
capacity (SCM-APO-MD)
capacity (CO)
capacity (PP)
capacity (PE)
capacity (IS-HMED)
capacity (IS-OIL-DS-TSW)
capacity (IS-U-EDM)
capacity (PE-LSO)
capacity (MA-SMOPS)
capacity alert
capacity balancing
capacity balancing target
capacity category (PPM-PFM)
capacity category (PP)
capacity check
capacity consumption
capacity factor
capacity graph
capacity group
capacity leveling (SCM-APO-SNP)
capacity leveling (PP)
capacity leveling profile
capacity limit
capacity load
capacity management
capacity offset lead time
capacity overload
capacity planner group
capacity planning (IS-BEV)
capacity planning (CRM-RPL)
capacity planning group
capacity planning node
capacity point
capacity pot
capacity pot interval
capacity requirement (SCM-APO-PPS)
capacity requirement (PP)
capacity requirements planning
capacity reservation
capacity reservation group
capacity reserve
capacity roll
capacity utilization level
capacity value
capacity variant
capacity zone
capital allowance
capital formation savings payment
capital invested in group equity
capital investment order
capital lease method
capital reposting
capital requirement factor
capital requirement ratio
capital stock
capital tie-up
capital transfer
capital yield tax
capital yield tax proxy
capitalization (FI-AA)
capitalization (PA-PF)
capitalization (SBO)
capitalization and valuation allowances
capitalization key
capitalization method
capitalization of an asset under construction
capitalization reserves
capitalization rule
capitalization structure
capitalized costs
capitalized profit
capitalized value
CAPP element
CAPP formula
CAPP method
CAPP process
CAPP rule
CAPP subcalculation
CAPP technical data
capping provision
capture (EP-PIN-IVS)
capture (CA-VE)
capture (CRM-ISE)
Capture Configuration Tool
capture on hand inventory
capture operation
capture qualifier
captured area
car allowance
car benefit
car lot contract
carbon black
carbon dioxide equivalent
Carbon Disclosure Project
Carbon Reduction Commitment
Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme
card account file
card cancellation
card contract
card issuer
card issuing authority
card manufacturer
card number encryption
card pool
card pool cancellation
card rank (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
card rank (FS-AM-CM-CA)
card renewal date
card renewal period
card settlement
card type
card verification value
cardinality (EP-VC)
cardinality (SV-ASA)
cardinality (FS-AM-CM-AC)
care benefit
care circle (CRM-CEC)
care circle (EPM-DFA-PRC)
care delivery organization
care guide
care management
care manager
care plan
care plan template
care program
care program member
care provided by substitute
care provider
care site
care team
care type
care unit
care unit staff
care unit type
care unit work station
career development
career group
career item
career mobility
career model
career path
career planning
career type
caregiver (CRM-CEC)
caregiver (EPM-DFA-PRC)
cargo handover party
cargo manifest
cargo recipient
carnet ATA
carnet TIR
carriage and insurance paid to
carriage paid to
carried interest
carried-over prepayment
carrier (LE)
carrier (IS-M-SD)
carrier (MOBILE)
carrier domain
carrier flight schedule
carrier processing (IS-BEV)
carrier processing (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
carrier route
carrier schedule
carrier selection allocation
carrier service
carrier service product
carrier shipment ID
carrier ticket
carrier tracking URL
carry forward an overall budget
carryforward level
carryforward period
carrying distance
carrying forward of overall budget
carryover data
cart (CA-LT)
cart (CRM-CIC)
cartonization planning
CAS number
cascade (CA-RT-PMR)
cascade (EPM-SM)
cascade (LOD-SFSF-GM)
cascade billing
cascade level
cascaded initiative
cascaded objective
cascaded scorecard
cascading font
cascading fonts settings
cascading line items
cascading menu
cascading stylesheet
case (CA-GTF-RCM)
case (BC-SRV-CM)
case (EIM-DI-DF)
case (IS-H)
case (CRM-IPS-ICM)
case (SBA)
case assignment profile
case category
case classification
case container
case conveyor system
case creation strategy
case designator number
case determination strategy
case fill rate
case function
case group
case group catalog
case header data
case hospitalized for less than 24 hours with overnight stay
case list
case management
case management system
case mix (IS-H)
case mix (IS-H)
case mix index
case node
case procedure
case revision
case score
case selection
case sensitive (BC-CST-IC)
case sensitive (EIM-DQ)
case statement
CASE statement
case statement formula
case template
case type (BC-SRV-CM)
case type (IS-H)
case type determination strategy
cash account
cash accounting
cash amount
Cash and Bank Book
cash balance plan
cash balancing
cash basis for VAT accounting
cash box (IS-R-POS)
cash box (SBO)
cash budget
cash budget area
cash budget cycle
cash cage
cash card
cash check
cash concentration (CA-EBD)
cash concentration (FI)
cash concentration (FS-AM-IM-CC)
cash concentration contract
cash control (IS-R)
cash control (PSM-FM)
cash control object
cash deposit
cash desk closing
cash desk office
cash desk prefix
cash discount (FI)
cash discount (SBO)
cash discount base amount
cash discount date offset
cash discount terms (TM)
cash discount terms (FI)
cash distribution
cash flow (FS-BA-SD)
cash flow ()
cash flow (FS-LRM)
cash flow (IM)
cash flow (RE)
cash flow (IS-B-RA)
cash flow (FS-AM)
cash flow (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
cash flow (CRM-LAM)
cash flow (SBO)
cash flow approach
Cash Flow Calculator
cash flow category (FS-BA-SD)
cash flow category (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
cash flow condition
cash flow determination method
cash flow direction
cash flow distribution
cash flow disturbance
cash flow engine
cash flow filter
cash flow fixer
cash flow fixing
cash flow hedge
cash flow indicator (FS-BA)
cash flow indicator (IS-B-RA)
cash flow item
cash flow item category
cash flow pool
cash flow ratio
cash flow reporting
cash flow scenario
cash flow set
cash flow splitting
cash flow transaction (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
cash flow transaction (CA-FIM-FMA)
cash flow view (FS-BA-SD)
cash flow view (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
cash flow view (FS-LRM)
cash fund
cash journal (FI)
cash journal (FI-CA)
cash journal business transaction
cash journal document (FI)
cash journal document (FI-BL)
cash journal posting
cash ledger
cash loss
cash management and forecast
cash management group
cash management position
cash management variant
cash on delivery
cash payer
cash pool
cash position
cash sale
cash security deposit
cash voucher register
cash-based multiple transaction collateral
cash-basis accounting
cash-generating unit
cash-in (IS-R)
cash-in (IS-SE-CCO)
cash-on-delivery partner
cash-to-cash cycle time
cashed checks
cashier (IS-R)
cashier (IS-R-POS)
cashier balance
cashier login
cashpoint ID
casting operator
casual user
casualty unit
catalog (SCM-ICH)
catalog (MDM)
catalog (BC-SRV-BR)
catalog (EP-KM-CM)
catalog (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
catalog (EIM-IS)
catalog (PM)
catalog (QM)
catalog (IS-CC)
catalog (MOB-APP-DSD)
catalog (SBO)
catalog area
catalog area type
catalog category
catalog content
Catalog Content Management
Catalog Content Manager
catalog determination
catalog entry (EHS)
catalog entry (CA)
catalog federation
catalog group (EHS)
catalog group (CA)
catalog header
catalog ID
catalog item (AP-CCM)
catalog item (IS-T)
catalog item (CRM-MD-PCT)
catalog item characteristic
Catalog Manager
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
catalog of medical services and procedures
catalog page
catalog profile
catalog publishing
catalog type (AP-CCM)
catalog type (PM)
catalog type (CRM-MD-PCT)
Catalog User
catalog variant
catalog view (AP-CCM)
catalog view (CRM-ISA)
catch weight
catch weight product
catch-up period
catchable runtime error
category (CRM-IC-EMS)
category (AP-CCM)
category (IS-HER-CM)
category (LO-WTY)
category (MDM)
category (SCM-APO-ATP)
category (EP-UP-ES)
category (BC-TRX)
category (BC-EIM-ESH)
category (EP-KM-COL)
category (EP-OD)
category (EPM-BPC)
category (EPM-FC)
category (CO-PC)
category (IS-AFS-BD)
category (IS-MP)
category (CRM-MD)
category (SRM-SUD)
category by time
category facet
category for off-cycle reason
category hierarchy
category management (IS-R)
category management (ONE VOICE)
category manager (SLC-CAT)
category manager (SRM-CM)
category node
category of danger
category of limit item
category of primary transaction
category of scheduled payment
category of specialized lending
category of transport equipment
category of user lists
category scenario
category structure (IS-AFS-BD)
category structure (SRM-SUD)
category tree
category type
CATS classic
CATS for service providers
CATS instant
CATS notebook
CATS phone
CATS regular
CATT log
CATT menu
CATT variable
CATT variant
causal factor (CRM-FM)
causal factor (IS-R-DM)
causal factor type
causal model
cause (EPM-SM)
cause (GRC-AUD)
cause of death
cause of loss
cause-effect chain
CBA application
CCF class
CCMS agent
CCMS system repository
CCS bucket
CCS element
CCS type
CDC checkpoint
CDC datastore
CDC subscription
CE rating category
ceding contract
ceding remuneration line
ceiling amount
ceiling type
cell information
cell lock
cell padding
cell-level rule
center line
Central ABAP Spooler
central bank eligibility
central Change and Transport System
central contract
Central Contractor Registration
central control
central controlling system
central CTS server
central data collection
central delegation
central government department
central hub deployment
central incoming payments
central instance
central logon module
central manual journal entry
central master data maintenance system
central monitoring system
central object of SAP NetWeaver Application Server
central payments
Central Performance History
Central Personnel Data File
central planning
central planning plant
central playback
Central Print System
central procurement
Central Register for Enrolment in Higher Education
central repository
central reservations facility
central risk
Central Sales Tax
central sales tax number
central SAP Web Application Server object
central search (CRM-PCC)
central search (CA-WUI)
central services
Central Sharing Tool
Central Software Deployment Tool
central system (BC-ESI)
central system (CA-LT)
central system (BC-SEC-USR)
central task list
central tracking data store
Central User Administration
central value-added tax
central workarea
centralized CHN model
centralized payment
centralized processing
CENVAT reversal
CEQ factor
certain for uncertain
certainty level
certificate list
certificate logon
Certificate Manager
certificate mapping
certificate of compliance
certificate of deposit
certificate of exportation
certificate of origin (SD-FT)
certificate of origin (MM)
certificate parser
certificate question
certificate request
certificate response
certificate revocation check
certificate revocation list
certificate store (BC-SEC)
certificate store (MFG-PCO)
certificate type
certification (PSM-EC)
certification (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
certification (GRC-SPC)
certification (MFG-ME)
certification accountant
Certification Authority
certification manager
Certification of the Employee’s Income
certification phase
certification procedure
certification report
certification run
certification test
certification type
certified contribution
certified expenditure
certified sales
certified support consultant
certifying authority
certifying official
CFOP code
CGA magnetic file
CGA number
CGA pension scheme
chain liability
chain liability method
chain of command
chain of dependency
chain of title
chain package
chained attribute access
chained method call
chained name
chained statement
chaining operator
challenge type
challenger collection strategy
champion collection strategy
change (BC-DB-HDB)
change (BC-FES-GUI)
change alert (MFG-CAM)
change alert (MFG-ME)
change analyzer
Change and Transport Organizer
Change and Transport System
change application
change category
Change Control Management
change directory
change document (SV-SMG)
change document (CA-MDG)
change document (PS)
change document (CA-GTF)
change document object
change document object class
change document update program
change editor
change flag
change group
change hierarchy
change history
change in indirect investment (FI-LC)
change in indirect investment (EC-CS)
change in legal person
change in staffing level
change item
change list (BC-XI)
change list (BC-UPG-OCS)
change lock
Change Logistics
change management (BC-CUS)
change management (BC-DB-HDB)
change management (GRC-SPC)
change management (CRM-BTX-SRQ)
Change Management
Change Management Service
change manager
change master record
change name
change notification agent
change notification service
change number
change number for product master data
change object
change of activity type
change of control
change of insurer certificate
change of legal form
change of location
change of method
change of notification type
change of stratum
change of supplier
change of supplier process for feed-in installations
change of title
change of utilizer
change option
change option journal
change order
change order type
Change Organizer
change package (SV-SMB-AIO)
change package (LO-ECH)
change piece list
change pointer
change process ()
change process (CRM-LAM)
change process chain
change process type
change processing profile
change processor
change project
change protection
change quotation
change reason
change record (PLM-WUI-OBJ)
change record (SV-SMB-AIO)
change record (MFG-CAM)
change record ID
change recording (SV-SMB-AIO)
change recording (BC-CTS)
change request (CA-GTF-ECM)
change request (FS-CMS)
change request (SV-SMG)
change request (CA-MDG)
change request (CA-CPD)
change request (CA-IAM-MOC)
change request (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
change request (BC-CTS)
change request category
Change Request Management
change rule
change scope
change sequence graph
change state
change task
change to fund allocation key
change transaction
change transaction type
change transfer
change type (CA-GTF-ECM)
change type (BC-IAM-IDM)
change type (PP)
change user ID
change validation
change version (SRM-EBP)
change version (LOD-ESO)
changeable agreement
changed-data capture
changeover recipe
changes in balance sheet from local to consolidated values
changes in balance sheet values (FI-LC)
changes in balance sheet values (EC-CS)
changes in investee equity (FI-LC)
changes in investee equity (EC-CS)
changes in investments (FI-LC)
changes in investments (EC-CS)
changing parameter
channel (EP-KM)
channel (BC-EIM-ESH)
channel (BCM)
channel (CA-CEI-SCI)
channel (EP-ES)
channel (EPM-PCM)
channel (LOD-ESO)
channel (EP)
channel analytics
channel assignment
Channel Commerce
channel interface
channel inventory
channel inventory initialization
channel inventory reconciliation
channel layout
Channel Logic Layer
channel master
channel model
channel parameter
channel partner
channel partner hierarchy
channel sell-in
channel type
chapter ID
character (BC-I18)
character (BC-ABA)
character encoding form
character encoding model
character encoding scheme
character format
character key
character literal
character representation
character set (BC-I18)
character set (SBO)
character set conversion cache
character stream
character string
character unification
character-like data object
character-like data type
character-like date field
character-like date literal
character-like expression
character-like expression position
character-like operand position
character-like time field
character-like time literal
characteristic (FS-BA-SD)
characteristic (SCM-BAS)
characteristic (AP-CCM)
characteristic (SCM-APO-ATP)
characteristic (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
characteristic (BW)
characteristic (BC-DWB-UTL-CLS)
characteristic (EHS)
characteristic (EPM-BPC)
characteristic (EPM-FC)
characteristic (LO-LIS)
characteristic (FI)
characteristic (CO)
characteristic (CO-PA)
characteristic (EC-CS)
characteristic (IS-R)
characteristic (CA-CL)
characteristic (BC-SRV-REP)
characteristic (IS-B)
characteristic (IS-AFS)
characteristic (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
characteristic (LO-AGR-CC)
characteristic (MFG-ME)
characteristic (CRM-BF)
characteristic attribute (EC-EIS)
characteristic attribute (QM)
characteristic attributes of retention rule
characteristic category
characteristic derivation
characteristic display
characteristic exclusion conflict
characteristic feature
characteristic filter for limit types
characteristic group (EHS)
characteristic group (PP-PI)
characteristic group (CO-PA)
characteristic group (RE-FX)
characteristic inheritance
characteristic overwrite
characteristic pattern
characteristic profile
characteristic propagation
characteristic repository
characteristic requirement
characteristic specifications
characteristic structure
characteristic type (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
characteristic type (QM)
characteristic type (IS-R)
characteristic valuation
characteristic value (FS-BA-SD)
characteristic value (SCM-APO-FCS)
characteristic value (EHS)
characteristic value (LO-LIS)
characteristic value (QM)
characteristic value (IS-R)
characteristic value (IS-B)
characteristic value (CRM-BF-CFG)
characteristic value assignment (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
characteristic value assignment (CA-CL)
characteristic value assignment screen
characteristic value group
characteristic value inheritance
characteristic value matrix
characteristic values combination (SCM-APO-PPS-MMP)
characteristic values combination (SCM-APO-FCS)
characteristic-based process instruction
characteristics alert
Characteristics Builder
characteristics combination (SCM-APO-ATP)
characteristics combination (LO-LIS)
characteristics combination (FI-GL)
characteristics group (IS-R)
characteristics group (CA-CL)
characteristics group (CRM-BF)
characteristics key
characteristics profile
characteristics-dependent planning
charge (IS-H)
charge (IS-CC)
charge calculation method
charge category
charge code
charge collector
charge correction advice document
charge factor (IS-H)
charge factor (IS-H)
charge factor value
charge limit
charge line
charge notification date
charge plan
charge quantity
charge type
charge weight
chargeable component
chargeable component info record
chargeable item
chargeable item class
chargeable item package
chargeable node
chargeback (CRM-CLA)
chargeback (CRM-IPH)
chargeback history
chargeback recovery
chargeback write-off
charged item
charged item class
charging (FI-CA)
charging (IS-CC)
charging context
charging mapping
charging plan
charging reference
chart (BW-BEX)
chart (BI-RA-AWB)
chart (EPM-FC)
chart (PP-CRP)
chart (BC-FES-GRA)
chart component (BI-RA-AWB)
chart component (BI-RA-XL)
chart element
Chart Engine
chart interpreter
chart layout
chart of accounts (EPM-FC)
chart of accounts (EPM-IM-EXP)
chart of accounts (FI)
chart of accounts (SBO)
chart of accounts conversion
chart of accounts index
chart of accounts list
chart of accounts scenario analysis
chart of commitment items
chart of depreciation
chart report
chart setting
chart subtype
chart template
chart type (PP-CRP)
chart type (BC-FES-GRA)
chart type (OPU-DUE)
Chart UIBB
chartering broker
chat (MP-APP-CR)
chat (CRM-CIC)
chat ()
chat transcript
check (SV-SMG)
check (BC-NEO)
check (BC-FES-GUI)
check activity
check cashing transaction
check clearing
check control
check date (SCM-APO-ATP)
check date (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
check date (SBO)
check deposit fee
check digit
check digit procedure
check effective validity
check field
check flipping feature
check function module
check group
check in (CA-VE-VEC)
check in (OPU-DUE)
check in (SBC)
check indicator (BC-TWB)
check indicator (BC-SEC-USR)
check input
check instructions
check list
check lot
check mapping for accounts
check mode (SCM-APO-ATP)
check mode (FS-BP)
check number
check number lot
check object
check order
check out
check period (IS-HER-CM)
check period (XAP-EM)
check phase (CA-FS-POL)
check phase (CRM-BF-AR)
check point
check profile
check register
check repository
Check Request Status
check run (BC-ABA)
check run (CRM-BF-AR)
check set (BW-BEX)
check set (FS-FBS-TXC)
check set for enrichment and validation
check stock
check summary
check table
check task list
check-box component
check-digit algorithm
check-from date
check-in (BC-SRV-KPR-DMS)
check-in (IS-BEV)
check-in (PE-LSO)
check-in assistant
check-out (BC-SRV-KPR-DMS)
check-out (IS-BEV)
check-out (PE-LSO)
check-out assistant
check-out cancel
check-out lock
check/bill of exchange
checkbook agreement
checkbox (BI-RA-AD)
checkbox (BC-FES-GUI)
checkbox group
checked delivery
checking category
checking group
checking horizon (PSM-FM-BCS)
checking horizon (SCM-APO-ATP)
checking horizon (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
checking rule
checking technology
checklist (CA-GTF-TS-PPO)
checklist (PA-GE)
checklist (CAF-GP)
checklist (CRM-BTX-SRQ)
checklist item
checkout (WEC-APP-SLS)
checkout (WEC-APP-SLS)
checkout profile
checkout profile group
checkout step
checkout step element
checkout step element dataset
checkout step group
checkpoint (SCM-EWM)
checkpoint (LE-YM)
checkpoint (LE)
checkpoint (BC-ABA)
checkpoint group
checkpoint mode
checks for payment
checksum (AC-INT)
checksum (CA-GTF-DRT)
checksum generation
Chemical Abstracts Service
chemical agent
chemical approval
chemical approval request
chemical assessment
chemical list
chemical product
chemical safety assessment
chemical safety instruction
chemical safety report
chief physician contract
chief position
chief procurement officer
chief risk officer
Chief Sustainability Officer
child (EPM-BPC)
child (EPM-PCM)
child (LOD-SFSF)
child (MFG-CAM)
child (SBO)
child account
child allowance
child basic catalog
child basic catalog item
child care leave
child category
child element
child for whom child allowance is paid
child item
child KPI
child location
child member
child object (AIE)
child object (EP-PIN)
child order (IS-HT-MES)
child order (MFG-CAM)
child performance analysis
child requirement
child site
child system
child workflow
CHIP catalog
CHIP contract
CHIP geometry
CHIP template
CHN owner
CHN standard time
choice field
choose (BC-DOC)
choose (BC-FES-GUI)
choose form print
chord height behavior
chord height tolerance
chord height tolerance cap
church tax
churn indication time span
churn management
CIC component
CIC profile
CIDX transaction code
CIF comparison/reconciliation of transaction data
CIF error handling
CIIU code
CIP code
circular (BC-SRV-RM)
circular (FS-LOC-BR)
circular (BC-BMT-WFM)
circular reference
circulating material
City directory
city name extension
city planning diagram
city rate
Citzen Card
civil contract
civil ID
claim (IS-HT-DRM)
claim (CRM-CLA)
claim (PS)
claim (FS-CM)
claim (MFG-ME)
claim aggregate
claim bundle
claim bundle subtype
claim bundle type
claim center agent
claim chargeback recovery
claim document
claim file
claim inclusion
claim item
claim item grouping
claim item grouping category
claim processing submode
claim report
claim settlement
claim split
claim status
claim submission
claim subobject
claim subobject category
claim type (CRM-CLA)
claim type (FS-CM)
claim validation (CRM-CLA)
claim validation (FS-CM)
claim-based payment
claim-free discount
claim-free discount class
claimed amount
claiming account
claims deadline
claims management
claims monitor
clarification code
Clarification Framework Controller
clarification worklist for old locked settlement schedule it
clashed nomination
class (CA-GTF-RCM)
class (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
class (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
class (EHS)
class (CA-CL)
class (BC-SRV)
class (BC-ABA)
class (CRM-BF-CFG)
Class Browser
Class Builder
class component
class component selector
class constructor
class diagram
class hierarchy
class interface
class interval
class item
class library
Class Library
class limit
class loader
class loading system
class midpoint
class name (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
class name (BC-SRV)
class of drug category
class pool
class range
class reference variable
class role
class rule
class type (CA-CL)
class type (BC-SRV)
class width
class-based exception
class-specific function
classic ABAP Debugger
classic determination
Classic InfoSet
classic MRP
classic report
classic scenario
classification (PPM-PFM)
classification (PA-PM)
classification (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
classification (BC-ESI)
classification (BC-TRX)
classification (BC-DWB-UTL-CLS)
classification (EIM-DS)
classification (EIM-IS)
classification (MM-IM)
classification (CA-GTF-TS)
classification (BC-SRV-COM)
classification (FS-PM)
Classification Assignment
Classification Assignment Configurator
Classification Browser
classification catalog
classification category (IS-H)
classification category (IS-M-SD)
classification characteristic
classification code
classification decision
classification feature
classification framework
classification hierarchy
classification inbox
classification index
classification key (CYT)
classification key (FI-CA)
classification mean value
classification of flows and conditions
classification of FS items (FI)
classification of FS items (FI-LC)
classification parameter
classification period
classification scenario
classification schema
classification service
classification status
classification system (CRM-SLC)
classification system (IS-R)
Classification Toolset
classification type
classification variant
classifications administration
classified ad
ClassLoader Manager
ClassLoader Viewer Service
classroom training
clause (CA-GTF-DOB)
clause (SRM-EBP-CON)
clause (EPM-IM-FPL)
clause (BC-ABA)
clause (LOD-ESO)
clause (FS-PM)
clause library
clause manager
CLC Package
clean development mechanism
clean price (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
clean price (FIN-FSCM-TRM)
clean-out order
clean-out recipe
clean-up call
cleaning method
cleaning object
cleaning object category
cleansed customer database
cleansed end-user database
cleansing and aggregation module
cleansing package
Cleansing Package Builder
cleared alert
cleared amount
cleared subitem
clearing (FS-MCM-ECP)
clearing (CYT)
clearing (FI)
clearing (IS-BEV)
clearing account (FI)
clearing account (FS-AM)
clearing account position
clearing agreement
clearing analysis
clearing area
clearing business area
clearing category
clearing collector
clearing control
clearing criteria
clearing document
clearing group
clearing house
clearing institute
clearing item
clearing logic
clearing partner
clearing procedure
clearing process
clearing restriction
clearing transaction
clearing type
clearing value
clearing variant
client (SAP)
client (BC-ABA)
client (OPU-DUE)
client (SBA)
client (SBO)
client access
client application
client application functionality
client authentication
client cache
client certificate (BC-XI)
client certificate (BC-SEC)
client certificate header
client column
Client Console
client control block
client conversion
client copy
client data object
client database
client device
client event
client eventing
client folder
client framework
client front end
client handling
client identifier
client interface
client number
client package
client package object
client role
client software
Client Software Deployment Service
client switch
client switch cockpit
client system
client table
client thread
client transfer
client transfer analysis
client-side page builder
client-side rendering CHIP
client-specific Customizing
client/server architecture
client/server system
cliff vesting
Climate Leaders Program
Climate Registry Information System
Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard
clinical application component
clinical demographics
clinical encounter
clinical episode
clinical event
clinical history
clinical information
clinical order
Clinical Overview
Clinical Process Builder
clinical progress documentation
clinical progress report
clinical specialty
clinical statement
clinical work station
clipboard (BC-SRV-SCR)
clipboard (BC-FES-GUI)
clipped form
clock in interval
clock off
clock on
clock out interval
clocking data
clone (MDM)
clone (BC-VCM-LVM)
clone (ICM)
close calendar
close date (EHSM-LOD)
close date (MP-APP-DPE)
close P&L account
close pending phase
close period
close time
closed (CA-IAM-MOC)
closed (MP-APP-DPE)
closed approved
closed item
closed loop
closed package interface
closed question
closed requisition
closed study segment
closed-loop order
closed-loop scenario (CRM-ANA)
closed-loop scenario (IS-AD-ROT)
closing balance
closing criteria
closing date (FI)
closing date (SBO)
closing dip
closing entry
closing group
closing month
closing notification
closing operations (FI)
closing operations (PSM-FM)
closing portion
closing position
closing price
closure rate
closure required
Cloud Control Center
cloud EULA
cloud GTC
cloud material
CLTV model
CLTV modeling
CLTV prediction
cluster (BC-JAS)
cluster (PP-PN-NO)
cluster (BC-ABA)
cluster (BC-FES-GRA)
cluster (BC-MID-BUS)
cluster (SBO)
cluster element
cluster ID
cluster key
Cluster Manager
cluster name
cluster table
cluster technique
clustered metadata
clustered server
clustering analysis
clustering service
CM number
CM repository
CM repository database check
CM repository file system check
CMIS binding
CMS Add-On
CNC program
CNPJ number
CO interface
CO product group
CO production order
CO-OM responsibility area
co-ownership share (FS-CMS)
co-ownership share (RE)
CO-PA update
co-product support
COA company code
COA mandate
COA settlement
Coaching Advisor
coarse allocation
COBRA coverage continuation period
COBRA early termination reason
COBRA election period
COBRA event collection
COBRA invoice
COBRA period election monitor
COBRA qualifying event
COBRA-relevant plan
cockpit for POWL administrator
code (SCM-ICH)
code (BC-I18)
code (PM)
code (QM)
code completion
code coverage
code description conversion
code group (SCM-ICH)
code group (CA-IAM)
code group (PM)
code group (QM)
code group index
code group profile
code injection
Code Inspector
Code List Data Type Wizard
code of surgical procedure
code page (EHS)
code page (BC-DWB)
code point
code set
code sharing
code slot
code table
code unit
coded character set
coded component
coded service
codeshare flight
Coding Accuracy Support System
coding block
coding rule set
coding scan
coding schema
coding system
coding template
coefficient for territorial working conditions
coefficient of determination R²
coefficient of expansion
coefficient of variation
COFINS tax law
cognizance code
cohort (IS-HER-CM)
cohort (PSM-FM)
cohort (IS-HER-CM-US)
cohort builder
cohort context
coinsurance key
coinsurance share
ColKey range
Collaborate On
collaboration (SCM-SOP)
collaboration (BC-WD-ABA)
collaboration (CA-VE)
collaboration (EPM-IM-LAB)
collaboration (PLM-CFO)
collaboration (LOD-CRM-SEOD)
collaboration (MFG-ME)
collaboration (ONE VOICE)
collaboration (ONE VOICE)
collaboration (ONE VOICE)
collaboration agreement
Collaboration Control
collaboration directive
collaboration entity
collaboration folder
Collaboration Folders
collaboration knowledge
Collaboration Launch Pad
collaboration link
collaboration list
collaboration list manager
collaboration management toolset
Collaboration plug-in
Collaboration Portal
collaboration profile
Collaboration Room favorites
collaboration services
collaboration status
collaboration supervisor
Collaborative Business Map
collaborative campaign
Collaborative Electronic Health Record
collaborative forecasting
Collaborative Health Network
Collaborative Human Interface Part
collaborative management of scheduling agreement releases
Collaborative Planning
collaborative planning and category management
collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment
collaborative risk assessment
collaborative scenario (LO)
collaborative scenario (PLM-CFO)
Collaborative Showroom
collaborative tendering
collaborator role
collapse (BC-FES-GUI)
collapse (CA-WUI)
collapse all
collapse node
collateral (CRM-IFS)
collateral (CRM)
collateral (FS-CMS)
collateral (FS-CML)
collateral agreement (CRM-IFS)
collateral agreement (FS-CMS)
collateral agreement (IS-B-RA-CL)
collateral agreement amount for political risk
collateral agreement category
collateral agreement type
collateral category
collateral constellation (CRM-IFS)
collateral constellation (FS-CMS)
collateral distribution
collateral eligible for investment in premium reserve fund
collateral fulfilled
collateral inspection
collateral instrument
collateral monitoring
collateral object (CRM-IFS)
collateral object (FS-CML)
collateral overview
collateral pool
collateral right
collateral scope (CRM-IFS)
collateral scope (FS-CMS)
collateral sheet
collateral type (FS-BA-PM-CR)
collateral type (IS-B-RA-CL)
collateral valuation rule
collateral value (FS-CMS)
collateral value (FS-CML)
collateral value (RE)
collateral value category
collateralization ratio
collateralized subordinary level
collation process
collect agreement party
collect bill-to party
collect payer
collected-to date
collecting bank
collection (OPU-GW)
collection (SCM-ECT-LIM)
collection (PPM-PFM)
collection (EP-KM-CM)
collection (BI-OD-SW)
collection (EHSM-LOD)
collection (SD-FT)
collection (FI)
collection (CA-GTF)
collection (BC-CCM-ADK)
collection (BC-DOC-TTL)
collection (IS-AFS)
collection (LOD-ESO)
collection (RIV)
collection (SD-SLS-WOM)
collection agency posting
Collection and Disbursement
collection and reorganization schema
collection case
collection code
collection notes
collection pattern
collection payment
collection premium
collection procedure
collection profile
collection relationship
collection renderer
collection rule
collection segment
collection site
collection specialist
collection strategy (FIN-FSCM-COL)
collection strategy (FI-CA)
collection success
collection target date
collection type (SCM-ECT-LIM)
collection type (BC-CCM-ADK)
collection unit
collections and disbursements
collections commission
Collections Management
collections representative
collections unit (FIN-FSCM-COL)
collections unit (FI-CA)
collective account (IS-A-RL)
collective account (SBO)
collective action
collective agreement key
collective agreement on general conditions
collective appropriation request
collective bill
collective bill account
collective billing
collective billing run
collective business partner
collective cancellation
collective case
collective change request
collective collateral agreement
Collective Conflict Resolution Transport
collective credit memo
collective determination
collective document
collective entry
collective execution
collective execution program
collective filing/self-assessment
collective handling unit
collective internal order
collective invoice (SRM-EBP-INV)
collective invoice (SD)
collective invoice (IS-H)
collective invoice (FS-CD)
collective invoice account
collective invoicing
collective invoicing document
collective invoicing printout
collective land charge
collective language code
collective lease-out
collective macro
collective number
collective number for RFQs/quotations
collective order (PP)
collective order (IS-HMED)
collective order (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
collective order (FS-AM-OM-SO)
collective pattern
collective premise
collective processing (BC-FES-GUI)
collective processing (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
collective processing of appointments
collective product allocation
collective purchase order
collective requirements inventory
collective run
collective run log
collective schedule
collective search help
collective slip
collective standing order
collective subrogation/recovery
collective view
collective waste approval
collector (SCM-ECT-LIM)
collector (FS-PE)
collector (MFG-CAM)
collector (MFG-ME)
collector closing
Collector table
collision (BC-I18-UNI)
collision (CA-MRS)
collision browser
collision check (PA-AS)
collision check (PT)
collision detection
color category
color code
color definition
color offset
color palette
color scheme
color space (MDM)
color space (CA-VE)
color template
color variant
column axis
column block
column characteristic
column chart
column function
column function library
column group
column header axis
column heading
column layout
column model
column selector
column store
combinable adjustment rule
combination benefit
combination by operation
combination by order
combination chart
Combination Code
combination deal
combination logic
combination routine
combination switch
combination value key
combined acceptance request posting and clearing
combined booking unit
combined chart
combined contribution limit
combined coverage limit
combined document
Combined Heat and Power Act
combined order
combined rate plan
combined rate plan package
combined requirement
combined rule
combined settlement
combined settlement charge
combined settlement track
combined shipping
combined statement
combined synopsis/solicitation
Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion
combining character
combining character sequence
combo box
combo box component
comma-delimited file
comma-separated file
comma-separated values file
command (EIM-DQ)
command (BC-SRV-SCR)
command (IS-U-DM)
command (CRM-MT)
command and control relationship
command and support relationship
command center
command field
command file
command group (EP-KM)
command group (IS-U-DM)
command line planning
command list
command message
command mode
command processor
command responsibility
command set
comment (BNS-ARI-SE)
comment (EPM-BPC)
comment (EPM-SM)
comment (BC-ABA)
comment line
comment type
Commerce Control List
commercial acceptance
Commercial and Government Entity code
commercial cluster
commercial item type
commercial lease-out
commercial notation
commercial project
commercial real estate loan
commingled stock
commingled well completion
commission (IS-CC)
commission (ICM)
commission account
commission activity
commission activity group
commission activity type
commission application
commission based on index-linking
commission beneficiary
commission bonus
commission case
commission case chain
commission clerk
commission contract
commission contract category
commission contract end date
commission contract partner
commission contract start date
commission contract type
commission determination
commission document
commission document type
commission documentation
commission group
commission guarantee
commission model
commission model currency
commission on in-force business maintenance
commission package
commission participant
commission profile
commission rate
commission recipient
commission settlement
commission split
commission system
commissioning date
commissioning period
commissioning time
commissions management
commit counter
commitment (PA-PM-PB)
commitment (FI)
commitment (CO)
commitment (FS-CML)
commitment (PSM-FM)
commitment (FS-MCM-FAC)
commitment allowed
commitment balance
commitment budget
commitment capital
commitment control
commitment creation, automatic
commitment date
commitment interest
commitment item
commitment item category
commitment item group
commitment limit
commitment run
commitment schedule line
commitments orders
committed limit
committed projects
committed volume campaign
commodity (SRM-BW)
commodity (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
commodity (LO-AGR-CC)
commodity code (SD-FT)
commodity code (MM-IM)
commodity condition type
commodity curve
commodity formula
commodity item
commodity pricing
commodity pricing engine
commodity pricing formula
commodity sales (ONE VOICE)
commodity sales (ONE VOICE)
Common Agricultural Policy
Common Agricultural Policy number
common area
common area maintenance
Common Area Maintenance Expense Recovery
common character set
Common Client Interface
Common Communications Support
common database
common dimension
common domain
common domain cookie
common function
Common Global Implementation
common initiative
common input attribute
common message format
common mobility
Common Object Layer Framework
common objective
common output attribute
common parameters
Common Procurement Vocabulary
common profile
common property
common room
common usage
common warehouse metamodel
Common Warehouse Model
communication call
communication channel (BC-XI)
communication channel (EP-KM-CM)
communication channel (FIN-FSCM-TRM)
communication channel (CRM-CIC)
communication component
Communication Control Program
communication data
communication diagram
communication document
communication group
communication hyperlink
communication management software
communication method
Communication Mobile Client
communication mode
communication of activity periods
communication of company certificate
communication party (SCM-BAS)
communication party (BC-XI)
communication point
communication priority
communication process (CRM-IC)
communication process (IS-HMED)
communication profile (IS-R)
communication profile (BC-SRV-COM)
communication record
communication route
Communication Scenario Definition Wizard
communication services
communication session
communication station
communication status (IS-DFS)
communication status (BC-CCM-MON)
communication structure (BW-WHM)
communication structure (LO-LIS)
communication structure (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
communication system
communication table
communication type (EHS)
communication type (BC-SRV-ARL)
communication-enabled business process
communications interface
Communications Manager
communications program
communications protocol
communications system
communications user
communications workstation
community (EHSM-LOD)
community (CA)
Community Customs Code
community sharing
community tag cloud
commuting type
compa ratio
compact development scenario
compact patient header
compact scheduling
compaction factor
company (EHSM-LOD)
company (EPM-IC)
company (FI)
company (BC-SEC)
company (LOD-TG)
company administrator (MP-INF)
company administrator (PE-LSX)
company area
company best bid (MP-APP-DPE)
company best bid ()
company bid
company certificate
company code
company code group (PSM-FM)
company code group (FI-CA)
company code merge
company code object analysis
company code relationship type
company code rename
company consolidation
company consumption
company contact
company data
company database
company details
company distribution list
company first-aider
company grouping
company ID (EHS-MGM)
company ID (FI-LC)
company instance
company license
company pair
company pension scheme
company preferences
company prefix
company process
company profile (EHSM-LOD)
company profile (PE-LSX)
company registration number (FI)
company registration number (SBO)
company relationship
company report
company role
company settings
company share
company user
company’s pension plan contribution
company’s share
comparative apartment
comparative apartment adjustment type
comparative financial report
comparative group of apartments
comparative promotion
comparative rating
comparative rent
compare (IS-HMED)
compare (SBC)
compare buffer
compare function (PA)
compare function (SRM-EBP-POR)
compare process
compare run
comparison account
comparison analysis type
comparison cockpit
comparison column
comparison database
comparison date
comparison dimension
comparison expression