SAP S/4HANA Glossary H-S

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HA software
haircut (FS-BA-PM-CR)
haircut (FS-LRM)
haircut (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
Hajj leave
half-consonant form
half-year method
Han character
Han unification
hand-over agency
handbook close
handheld sales
handheld service
handhelds UI explorer
handleable exception
handler class
handler control record
handles toolbar
handling cost
handling markup
handling resource (TM)
handling resource (SCM-APO-MD)
handling surcharge
handling type
handling unit (SCM-EWM)
handling unit (LE-YM)
handling unit (LO-HU)
handling unit management (ONE VOICE)
handling unit management (ONE VOICE)
Handling Unit Management
handling unit type group
handling unit warehouse task
handling unit with unknown content
handling-in resource
handling-out resource
handover article
Handover Workshop
handshake mode
hang-up time
hangup time
harbor maintenance fee
hard allocation
hard bounce
hard constraint
hard currency
hard merge (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
hard merge (BC-DB-HDB)
hard shutdown
hard split
hardware abstraction layer
hardware security module
hardware services
hardware thread
Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System
harmonized object
harmonized system
harmonized system landscape
Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated
hash algorithm
hash function
hash key
hashed table
having a negative effect on tax
Hayes Command Set
hazard and control register
hazard identification number
hazard inducer
hazard item number
hazard note
hazard rating
hazard statement
hazard symbol
hazard zone
hazard-inducing substance
hazardous ingredient
hazardous material
hazardous material storage warning
hazardous material warning
hazardous product
hazardous substance
hazardous substance master
hazardous substance master record
hazardous substance warning
hazardous working conditions
HDB data storage areas
head control
head office account
head salary
head unit of organization
headcount (EPM-NOV-SWP)
headcount (PA-PA)
header (EP-KM)
header (EPM-IM-FPL)
header (BC-SRV-REP)
header (MFG-CAM)
header ad spec
header area (EP-KM)
header area (EP-PIN-NAV)
header area (BC-FES-BUS)
header area (CA-WUI)
header attribute
header bar
header conditions
header data (PLM-WUI-OBJ)
header data (SRM-EBP)
header data (AP-CCM)
header data (BC-SRV-PMI)
header data (BC-SRV-SCR)
header dimension
header division
header field
header file
header internal order
header item conditions
header level
header line
header location product
header notification
header order
header product
header resource
header segment
headless mode
headquarters planner
health agency
health center
health check (SV-SMG)
health check (SBO)
health details
health indicator
health indicator profile
Health Industry Business Communications Council
health industry number
Health Level 7
health organization
health problem
health professional
health professional card
health professional ID
Health Professional Index
health professional record
health savings account
health surveillance protocol (EHS)
health surveillance protocol (EHS-MGM)
healthcare data model
healthcare provider
healthcare smart card
heap memory
heap reference
heart grid value
heartbeat attribute
heat and power consolidation
heat map
heater treater
heating degree day
heating percentage
heating system
heating value day
heating value percentage rate
heatmap (EP-VC)
heatmap (GRC-RM)
heavy work
HEC Innovation Cloud
hedge accounting
hedge adjustment
hedge aggregation level
hedge amortized cost
hedge business transaction category
hedge category
hedge effective capital
hedge effective interest rate
hedge fair value
hedge position (P-HA)
hedge proposal
hedge ratio
hedged item
hedging relationship
hedging relationship for accounting purposes
hedging relationship ID
hedging set
Hei Ran
Hei Ran table
Hei Ran-applicable employee
help document
help view
hero image
heuristic run
heuristic-based capacity leveling
heuristic-based planning
Hewlett-Packard Graphic Language
hexadecimal number
hidden limit
hidden reserves
HIDE area
hierarchical Business Configuration Set (BC-CUS-TOL)
hierarchical Business Configuration Set (SBO)
hierarchical categorization
Hierarchical Derivation Service
hierarchical filter selection
hierarchical list component
hierarchical overlap check
hierarchical relationship type
hierarchical structure
hierarchical task list
hierarchy (FS-BA-SD)
hierarchy (SCM-EWM)
hierarchy (SRM-EBP)
hierarchy (SCM-APO-MD)
hierarchy (BW)
hierarchy (EP-PCT-MGR-CO)
hierarchy (EP-VC)
hierarchy (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
hierarchy (BI-RA-AWB)
hierarchy (EPM-IM-FPL)
hierarchy (EPM-PCM)
hierarchy (EPM-SA)
hierarchy (CO)
hierarchy (EC-CS)
hierarchy (CA)
hierarchy (LOD-SFSF)
hierarchy access
hierarchy area
hierarchy article
hierarchy attribute
hierarchy category (FS-BA-SD)
hierarchy category (AP-MD-BP)
hierarchy edit view
hierarchy framework
hierarchy generation data object
hierarchy graphic
hierarchy group
hierarchy level (SRM-EBP-CON)
hierarchy level (CA-GBT)
hierarchy level (EC-CS)
hierarchy level (BC-MID-ALE)
hierarchy level relationships
hierarchy mapping
hierarchy material
hierarchy node (CO-PC)
hierarchy node (AP-MD-BP)
hierarchy node context
hierarchy of consolidation groups
hierarchy repository
hierarchy structure
hierarchy template
hierarchy tree
hierarchy type (FS-BA-SD)
hierarchy type (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
hierarchy type (SLC-SUP)
hierarchy version
HIFO liability
high availability
high availability controller
High Contrast Black
high dynamic range image
High Performance AFI RDL Extension
high price
high rack storage area
high surrogate
high-contrast theme
high-volume campaign
higher duty (PY-IT)
higher duty (PY-XX-PS)
higher education contribution scheme
higher-level aggregation
higher-level element list
higher-level event handler
higher-level item
higher-level node
higher-level object
higher-level service
higher-level session
higher-level settlement unit
highest-level process batch
highlight (PLM-WUI-APP)
highlight (BI-RA-EXP)
highlighted service
highly viscous substance
highly-specialized emergency unit
Hijri calendar
hiring cost
hiring manager
hiring rate
historic tool
historic value
historical acquisition and production costs
historical cost convention
historical currency translation
historical data (CRM-RPL-ICS)
historical data (FS-AM)
historical data capture
historical data horizon
historical data maintenance
historical data storage
historical maintenance notification
historical maintenance order
historical migration
historical parcel of land
historical simulation
historical value
historical value markings
historical version
historical workload record
history (SRM-EBP)
history (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
history comparison
history report
history type
history version
history-based budgeting method
history-based scenario
hit list
hitlist (EPM-FC)
hitlist (BC-CCM-MON)
HL7 standard
hold (CRM-IC)
hold (IS-HER-CM)
hold (BCM)
hold (EPM-NOV-PLA)
hold (MM-PUR)
hold (MM-IV)
hold (PSM-FM)
hold code
Hold Consecutive NC
hold grouping
Hold SPC Violation
Hold SPC Warning
hold type
Hold Yield Rate
holdback (CRM-IM-IPM)
holdback (CRM-MKT)
holdback right
holder (PA-OS)
holder (RE-FX)
holder of customs procedure
holding cost percentage
holdout forecast
holdout period
holiday calendar
holiday certificate
holiday cost premium
holiday cost profile
holiday pay for teachers
holiday pay supplement for teachers
holiday plan
holiday service year
holiday year
home (MP-APP-CR)
home (HPA)
home (LOD-SFSF)
Home (BI-RA-EXP)
Home (EP)
home address
home airport
home area
home collection
home country
home dashboard
home delivery (IS-M-SD)
home delivery (IS-BEV)
home delivery round
home delivery viability set
home health care
home installation check
home interface
home location
home mail system
home medical device
home page (BC-DOC)
home page (CA-WUI)
home page (RIV)
home path
home role
Home screen
home university
home-based salary calculation
homogeneous category
homogeneous storage unit
hook (BC-VCM-LVM)
hook (EPM-FC)
hook (BC-DWB)
hook point
hookable activity
horizontal aggregation
horizontal combination
horizontal disaggregation
horizontal group of companies (FI-LC)
horizontal group of companies (EC-CS)
horizontal layer
horizontal progress display
horizontal reference number
horizontal tranching
horizontalization level
hospital ambulatory record
hospital company
Hospital Connector
hospital discharge record
hospital discharge record ID
hospital financing law
hospital information system
hospital main diagnosis
hospital pharmacy
hospital service catalog
hospitalization type
host auto-failover
host country
host name
host name buffer
host name lookup
host printer
host spool system
host university
host-based salary calculation
hosted order management
hosted software
hosted user administration
hosting business partner
hot folder
hot key (BC-FES)
hot key (BC-DWB-DIC)
hot reload
hot standby database
hourly time recording
house bank
house bill of lading
house number range
house union
housing commitment law
housing perquisites
how vs. what matrix
HR Administrator
HR analysis
HR authorization
HR form
HR form editor
HR Forms
HR Forms Workplace
HR Funds and Position Management
HR Legal Change Patch
HR master data
HR Metadata Workplace
HR Reporting Framework
HR status
HR Support Package
HR-Enabled CATS
HST number
HTML Business for Java
HTML property extractor
HTMLB chart
HTMLB control
HTMLBusiness editor
HTMLBusiness function
HTMLBusiness interpreter
HTTP alias
HTTP destination
HTTP entity
HTTP logging
HTTP plugin
HTTP Provider Service
HTTP request argument
HTTP request handler
HTTP session
HTTP session identifier
HTTP Tunneling Service
HTTP verb tampering
HU proposal
hub system
hub-based solution
human performance improvement
human resources
human resources analytics
Human Resources Information System
hunt group
hybrid folder
hybrid format
hybrid retail pool
hybrid specialized lending pool
Hydrocarbon Product Management
Hydrocarbon Product Management material
hydrometer correction factor
hyper threading technology
hyperlink (BI-BIP-BOE)
hyperlink (BC-DOC)
hyperlink (CRM-MT)
hyperlink relationship
HyperText Markup Language
hypertext structure
HyperText Transfer Protocol
HyperText Transfer Protocol with SSL
hypothetical derivative
hypothetical derivative approach
hypothetical tax (PA-GE)


IATA location
IB Groep
IC elimination
ICF dependency
ICM analyst
ICM monitor
ICM package
ICM participant
ICM server cache
ICM server clipboard
ICM service
ICMS complement
ICMS tax law
ICO number (FI)
ICO number (FI)
icon (AP-RC-BDS)
icon (BC-DOC)
icon (BC-FES-GUI)
icon zone
iContent entitlement service
ID audit
ID mapping (AIE)
ID mapping (MDM)
ID number (EHS)
ID of a basic catalog item
ID of filter
ID transaction
ID type set
iddah leave
idea action
Idea and Concept Management
idea approval
idea bucket
idea editor
idea management
Idea Management
idea owner
idea permission
idea pool
idea pool manager
idea submitter
idea team
ideation session
identical master data object
identically maintained area of validity
Identifiable Business Context
Identifiable Business Context reference
identification (EHS)
identification (SD-FT)
identification (CRM-IPS-ICM)
identification category (EHS)
identification category (AP-MD-BP)
identification number (EHS)
identification number (AP-MD-BP)
identification number (FS-BP)
identification number category
identification number of institution
identification point
Identification Region
identification scheme
identification type (EHS)
identification type (AP-MD-BP)
identification verification
identifier (IS-DFS)
identifier (CRM-IPS)
identifier (BC-XI)
identifier (CA-VE)
identifier (EHS)
identifier (PY)
identifier (SBO)
identity conversion
identity federation
Identity Management Entries
Identity Management integration
identity provider discovery
identity store
identity store ID
idiosyncratic stress
idle-capacity cost variance
IDM Entry Attribute
IDM File Datasource
IDM Person Detail
IDM Person-Privilege Assignment
IDM Person-Role Assignment
IDM Privilege Detail
IDM Role Detail
IDM Role-Privilege Assignment
IDoc adapter
IDoc Interface
IDoc type
IHC financial status
IHC payment order
IIOP Provider Service
Illustrated Parts Catalog
ILM object
ILM rule
ILM store
ILM store browser
ILM Store Browser
image (BI-RA-AD)
image (BC-VCM-CAL)
image (CA-VE)
image (BC-SRV-ARL)
image block
image document
image variant
image-determining characteristic
IMC structure
IME mode
IMG Info system
IMG note
IMG project
IMG project documentation
IMG structure
IMG structure attribute
immediate dose
immediate hold
immediate order
immediate requirement
immediate service
immediate writeoff
imminent check
impact (CA-CPD)
impact (EHS-MGM)
impact (EPM-SCP)
impact (GRC-RM)
impact analysis (BW-WHM)
impact analysis (EIM-DS)
impact and lineage analysis
impact category
impact diagram
impact level
impact of diagnosis on DRG determination
impact of loss
impact of procedure on DRG determination
impairment attribute
impairment calculation approach
impairment event
impairment status
impairment test
imparity principle
imparting role
Implementation Assistant (SV-SMB-AIO)
Implementation Assistant (SV-ASA)
implementation book
Implementation Center
Implementation Guide (BC-CUS-TOL)
Implementation Guide (BC-DOC)
implementation package
implementation part
implementation program
implementation project (SV-ASA)
implementation project (SBO)
implementation proposal for check
implementation scope
implementation status
implementation strategy
implementation support
implementing iView
implicit archive path
implicit classification
implicit foreign currency swap
implicit FX adjustment type
implicit merge
implicit relationship
implicit reservation
implicit risk
implicit support
implied initial on hand
implied pass
imploded bill of material
import (BC-VCM-LVM)
import (EIM-DS)
import (SD-FT)
import (BC-SRV-COM)
import (SBC)
import (XAP-CQM)
import broker
import check
import code
import costs
import data
import fee
import into the Community
import job
import license
import lock
import parameter
import process
import queue
import strategy
import strategy control
import strategy monitor
import strategy propose
import template
import turnover tax
importance cost
importance of a characteristic
imported interface
importing country
Imposto Sobre Circulação de Mercadorias e Serviços tax law
Imposto Sobre Produtos Industrializados
Imposto Sobre Produtos Industrializados tax law
Imposto Sobre Serviços
Imposto Sobre Serviços tax law
improper invoice
Impuesto General Indirecto Canario
imputed income (PA-EC)
imputed income (PA-BN)
imputed interest
imputed vacancy costs
in approval
in custody
in negotiation
in phase-out
in preparation (CA-IAM-MOC)
in preparation (SLC-EVL)
in process (CA-IAM-MOC)
in process (SLC-QUA)
in processing
in progress
in queue
in renewal
in stock
in submission
in transit quantity
in work
in yard
in-bin node
in-force business
In-Force Business Configurator
in-force business maintenance
in-force business management
in-house production
in-house production order
in-house production time
in-house service catalog
in-period view
in-place registration
in-process inspection
in-process status
in-transit entry
in-transit quantity
in-warehouse quantity
inactive account
inactive customer
inactive employee
inactive flag
inactive item
inactive user
inactive work relationship
inactivity period (MP-APP-DPE)
inactivity period (LOD-ESO)
INAIL Self-settlement
inbound call
inbound controller
inbound correspondence (FS-CMS)
inbound correspondence (CA-GTF)
inbound delivery (SCM-EWM-DLP)
inbound delivery (LO-SPM)
inbound delivery (LE)
inbound delivery (IS-A-GR)
inbound delivery group
inbound delivery monitor
inbound delivery notification
inbound delivery on hold
inbound delivery process
inbound error
inbound file
inbound folder
inbound interface (PA-EC)
inbound interface (BC-XI)
inbound layer
inbound partner profile
inbound plug
inbound posting
inbound process agent
inbound processing (SCM-APO-PPS-CDS)
inbound processing (BC-XI)
inbound processing (BW-BCT-ISR-PIP)
inbound processing (BC-MID-ALE)
inbound queue dispatcher
inbound queue for point of sale transactions
inbound queue monitor
inbound sequenced JIT call
inbound service
Inbound Telesales
inbound text
inbound type
inbound warranty claim
inbound Web service
inbox item
incapable gas well
incapable oil well
incapacity to work
incentive (CRM-IU-DSM)
incentive (CA-RT-PMR)
incentive (ICM)
Incentive and Commission Management
Incentive and Sales Force Management
incentive fee
incentive payment
incentive wages (LE)
incentive wages (PY)
inception to date
incident (GRC)
incident (EHS)
incident (EHS-MGM)
incident (MFG-ME)
incident (CRM-BTX-SRQ)
incident (CRM-IPS-ICM)
incident management
incident manager
incident number
incident remedy
incident response time
incident root cause analysis
incident type
incident/accident log
incident/accident management
include menu
include program
included configuration check
included contract
included document
inclusion into inventory of a bank
inclusive bonus quantity (SD)
inclusive bonus quantity (IS-R)
inclusive rule
inclusive rule strategy
income approach
income statement
income tax
income tax discrepancy
income threshold
income threshold deficit
income type
incoming document
incoming employee
incoming grant
incoming inspection lot
incoming invoice
incoming orders quantity
incoming payment date
incoming payment order
incoming payment principle
incoming post
incoming post book
incoming royalties
incoming student
incoming wage type from previous payroll period
incomplete (CA-IAM-MOC)
incomplete (MP-APP-DPE)
incomplete (BC-CCM-ADK)
incompletely specified standard condition
incompleteness procedure
incompletion analysis
incompletion rule
incorrect spelling
Incoterms (SD)
Incoterms (SBO)
Incoterms location
increase calculation module
increase in capitalization (FI-LC)
increase in capitalization (EC-CS)
increase novation
incremental conversion
incremental data transfer
incremental funding
incremental funding request
incremental optimization
incremental quantity
incremental ROI
incremental sales efficiency
incremental trade spend ratio
incumbent (PA-EC)
incumbent (LOD-SFSF-EC)
indefinite quantity
independent characteristic (SCM-APO-FCS)
independent characteristic (EC-CS)
independent formula
independent renewable document
independent slot
independent step
independent validation
independent worker
index (AP-RC-BEF)
index (AP-CCM)
index (BC-TRX)
index (BC-DWB-DIC)
index (BC-SRV-KPR-RET)
index (CRM-MD)
index build program
index category (BC-SRV-KPR-RET)
index category (IS-U-FPC)
index category attribute
index category ID
index characteristic
index class
index clause
index delete program
index entry
index function
index ID (BC-TRX)
index ID (BC-DWB-DIC)
index insurance
index LIFO procedure
index line
Index Management Service
Index Management Service API
index of empty storage bins
index page
index rate
index series (FI-AA)
index series (RE)
index server API
index snapshot
index storage ID
index synchronously
index table (FS-BA-SD)
index table (BC-ABA)
index type (EPM-SCP)
index type (IS-U-FPC)
index type (FS-PM)
index value (PY-PT)
index value (EPM-SCP)
index-based currency
index-based price
index-linked rent
index-linked rent adjustment
indexation amount
indexation percentage
indexed income
indexed KPI
indexing layer
indexing service
indicator (BC-BMT-OPI)
indicator (EPM-FC-SK)
indicator field
indicator for display of cash flows
indicator for fictitious cash flows
indicator for prospective effectiveness
indicator for retrospective effectiveness
indicator for transport
indicator group
indicia check
indicia check set
indirect account
indirect activity allocation
indirect child object
indirect coinsurance
indirect cost
indirect costs
indirect distribution rule
indirect entitlement
indirect entity-level control
indirect exchange rate
indirect greenhouse gas emissions
indirect labor
indirect labor task
indirect labor time
indirect match
indirect method
indirect participant
indirect procurement
indirect quotation
Indirect Rebate Agreement
indirect relationship
indirect remuneration
indirect remuneration type
indirect sale
indirect sales
indirect search result
indirect trade promotion
indirectly assigned BOM
indiscrete dose
individual account (IS-A-RL)
individual account (CRM-MD-BP)
individual account (PA-PF)
individual agreement (CRM-RB)
individual agreement (ICM)
individual and bulk consumable goods
individual appraisal
individual approval
individual ARun
individual attendee
individual billing
individual business partner
individual capacity
individual condition (IS-B-BCA)
individual condition (FS-AM-PR-CD)
individual confirmation
individual consumable goods
individual contributor
individual correction
individual counter
individual counting
individual customer requirement
individual cyclical service
individual determination
individual development plan
individual dunning
individual execution
individual financial statements
individual incentive wages
individual income tax
individual index
individual length
individual length level
individual overview
individual package
individual participant
individual picking
individual processing
individual purchase order
individual requirement
individual requirements inventory
individual requirements stock segment
individual resource
individual signature
individual simulation
individual slip
individual spread
individual standing order
individual synchronization
individual test
individual time
individual valuable
individual value adjustment
individual view
individualization condition
individualized condition
industrial hygiene and safety measure
industry (IS-U)
industry (AP-MD-BP)
industry instance
industry model
industry month
industry sector (LO)
industry sector (AP-MD-BP)
Industry Solution – SAP Telecommunications
industry solution for the SAP Business One application
industry system (CA-MDG)
industry system (AP-MD-BP)
industry template (CRM)
industry template (CRM-MSA)
industry terminology
industry version
ineffective hedging relationship
ineligible costs
infeasible solution
infinite resource
infinite scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS)
infinite scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
infinite sequencing
inflation adjustment account
inflation adjustment amount
inflation adjustment document
inflation adjustment interval
inflation adjustment split
inflation gain or loss
inflation index (FS-FBS-CML-BZL)
inflation index (FI)
inflation index date
inflation index format
inflation index value
inflation index version
inflation key
inflation method
inflation rate
inflation surcharge
inflow type
influencing class
influencing factor (EHS-MGM)
influencing factor (IS-R)
influencing factor type
info broker
info channel
info field
info group
info item
info object status
Info Object Viewer
info parameter
info set
info type
InfoCube (BW-WHM)
InfoCube (EIM-IS)
InfoCube tree
InfoPackage group
InfoProvider (BW)
InfoProvider (EPM-IM-FPL)
informal entry
informal learning
information alert
Information and Content Exchange
information area (PA-ER)
information area (KM-KW)
information block (IS-HER-CM)
information block (IS-HMED)
information category (PA-ER)
information category (KM-KW)
information category (FS-BP)
Information Consumer Pattern
information container
information design tool
information field
information flow model
information flow processing
information flowchart
information help desk
information item
Information Lifecycle Management
information menu (PE)
information menu (PE-LSO)
information message
information object (PA-AS)
information object (KM-KW)
information quality
Information Quality Management
information request
Information Retention Manager
information security
Information Space owner
information structure
Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
information type (FS-CD)
information type (FS-BP)
information worker
informational cadastral classification
informational space type
informative date
InfoSet (FS-BA-SD)
InfoSet (BW-WHM)
InfoSet (BC-SRV-QUE)
InfoSet Builder
InfoSet Query
infotype framework
infotype layout
infotype screen version
infotype view
infrastructure (PSM-FM)
infrastructure (RE-FX)
infrastructure management
ingredient (EHS)
ingredient (EHS)
ingredient (PP-PI)
ingredient type
inhabitant tax
inherent risk (EHS-MGM)
inherent risk (GRC-RM)
inherent vowel
inheritance (MDM)
inheritance (BI-BIP-BOE)
inheritance (CA-CPD)
inheritance (PA)
inheritance (SV-ASA)
inheritance (BC-ABA)
inheritance (BC-SRV-SCR)
inheritance (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
inheritance (IS-HMED)
inheritance hierarchy
inheritance relationship
inheritance share
inheritance template
inheritance tree
inherited value
initial access (PE)
initial access (IS-U-DM)
initial activity status
initial annual repayment
initial attribute
initial balance
initial booking unit
initial budget
initial buy allocation
initial commission case
initial context
initial cost split
initial data creation
initial datafeed
initial deployment
initial distribution (IS-DFS)
initial distribution (BC-CUS-TOL)
initial document
initial download
initial draft
initial duration
initial dynpro
initial entry
initial entry of stock balances
initial examination
initial generation run
initial load (CA-MDG)
initial load (CA-LTR)
initial load (CRM-SLC)
initial load (IS-B-DP)
initial load (IS-BEV)
initial load (CRM-MW)
initial load job
initial marker
initial markup
initial measurement
initial provisioning
initial provisioning data
initial range of coverage
initial record layout
initial registration
initial requirement
initial reserve
initial response time
initial risk
initial risk assessment
initial role assignment
initial room role
initial screen (PA)
initial screen (BC-FES-GUI)
initial screen (IS-T)
initial solution (TM)
initial solution (SCM-APO-OPT)
initial specifications
initial statement
initial status
initial supplier
initial supply
initial supply quantity
initial synchronization
initial term
initial transport load
initial value
initial value sharing
initial version
initial view
initial visit
initialization (PT)
initialization (SBA)
initialization business transaction
initialization data
initialization iView
initialization phase
initialization posting
initialization reason
initialization task
initiate a release check
initiate process
initiating object record
initiation tape
initiative (CRM-CHM)
initiative (CA-CEI-CVI)
initiative (EHS-CI)
initiative (EPM-PCM)
initiative (EPM-SM)
initiative (SRM-CM)
initiative (FIN-SEM-CPM)
initiative administrator
initiative creator
initiative management
initiative owner (EHS-CI)
initiative owner (SRM-CM)
initiative type
initiator (CAF-GP)
initiator (GRC-SAC)
initiator (MP-APP-DPE)
injury level
injury type
injury/illness log
inline configuration summary
inline declaration
inline event
inline time
inner packaging
innovation expert
innovation manager
inpatient admission appointment
inpatient cost distribution
inpatient hospital treatment
inpatient progress note
inpatient progress report
inpatient scheduling type
inpayment slip with reference number
input area
input attribute
input batch
input calculation
input composition
input database type
input document
input field (BI-RA-AD)
input field (BC-FES)
input form (EPM-BPC)
input form (EPM-IM-FPL)
input help (BC-ABA)
input help (CA-WUI)
input help button
input hint
input length
Input Manager
input material
input parameter
input price variance
input processing
input product
input quantity (CO-PC)
input quantity (PP)
input quantity variance
input side
input source
input tax
input tax adjustment
input tax adjustment phase
input tax correction
input tax distribution
input tax processing
input tax revision
input tax treatment
input tokenizer
input type (CRM-CEC)
input type (FI-LC)
input type (EC-CS)
input VAT
input-ready cell
input-ready query
input/output diagram
input/output field
input/output group
input/output parameter
insert (CA-RT-PMR)
insert (BC-CTS)
insert (BC-FES-GUI)
insert (IS-M)
insert block
insert zone
inside zone C limit alarm
Insight action
insight and idea submitter
inspection (BC-EIM-IQM)
inspection (PM)
inspection (IS-U-WM)
inspection catalog
inspection characteristic
inspection characteristic origin
inspection code (CRM-BTX-COM)
inspection code (LO-ARM)
inspection decision
inspection document
inspection duration
inspection during production
inspection instruction
inspection interval
inspection level
inspection list
inspection location
inspection lot (QM)
inspection lot (MFG-ME)
inspection lot origin
inspection method
inspection object
inspection object type
inspection operation
inspection outcome
inspection period
inspection plan (BC-EIM-IQM)
inspection plan (QM)
inspection plan history
inspection point
inspection procedure
inspection processing
inspection property
inspection results request
inspection rule
inspection rule group
inspection sample
inspection sample size
inspection schedule
inspection severity
inspection shop order
inspection stage
inspection stock
inspection text
inspection type (BC-EIM-IQM)
inspection type (QM)
inspection type (MFG-CAM)
inspector qualification
installable software unit
installation data
installation data file
installation for renewable energy
installation group
Installation Guide
installation location
installation number
installation package
Installation Package
installation removal
installation shutdown
installation structure
installation task
installed base (CS)
installed base (CRM-MD)
installed base component type
installed base structure gap installation rule
installed capacity
installed seal
installed software information
installer directory
installment (FIN-FSCM-COL)
installment (FS-FBS-CML-BZL)
installment (FS-AM-OM-AC)
installment arrears
installment plan (FIN-FSCM-COL)
installment plan (FI)
installment plan conditions
installment prepayment
installment repayment
instance (CA-VE)
instance (EIM-IS)
instance (BC-ABA)
instance (BC-FES-GRA)
instance (BC-CCM-MON)
instance (CRM-BF-CFG)
instance attribute
instance change
instance component
instance constructor
instance control
instance data
instance document (SBO)
instance document (FIN-SEM-BCS)
instance event
instance ID (BC-FES-GRA)
instance ID (CA-UI2)
instance level permissions
instance linkage
instance linkage table
instance method
instance name
instance node
instance number
instance object type
instance operator
instance profile (BC-JAS)
instance profile (BC-CCM-MON)
instance start user
instance type
instant messaging
Instant Producer
Instant Recorder
instant report builder
instantiation (KM-KW)
instantiation (CRM-CEC)
instantiation (BC-ABA)
instantiation (CRM-BF-CFG)
institute number
institution validity period
instore EAN
instruction (TM)
instruction (FIN-FSCM-IHC)
instruction date (FS-AM-OM-AC)
instruction date (SBO)
instruction key
instruction pointer
instruction set
instruction text
instructional designer
instructional element
Instructional Element Editor
instructional element template
instructional element type
Instructor Portal
insufficient coverage
insufficient deposit coverage
insufficient funds
insurable event
insurable object
insurable value (FI-AA)
insurable value (FS-CM)
insurable value as new
insurance card number
insurance certificate
insurance claims management
insurance dunning
insurance flag
insurance handling
insurance line code
insurance object
insurance object category
insurance policy
insurance portfolio
insurance provider
insurance provider type
insurance relationship
insurance rescission
insurance settlement account
insurance type (FI-AA)
insurance type (FS-CD)
insurance verification document
insurance verification item
insurance verification master data
insurance verification processing
insurance verification request
Insurant Master Data Management
insured object
insured period
insured person
intangible asset
intangible goods
integer (BC-ABA)
integer (BC-ABA)
integer literal
integer number
integral profile
Integral System for Personnel and Payment Administration
integrated accounting system
integrated attribute
integrated budget
integrated catalog
Integrated Communication Interface
integrated configuration
integrated contract and order manager
integrated development environment (BC-DWB)
integrated development environment (SBO-INT)
integrated marketing calendar
integrated performance appraisal
integrated planning
integrated planning profile group
Integrated POD
Integrated Product and Process Engineering
Integrated System for Performance Appraisal in the Public Se
Integrated System of Retirements and Pensions
integration (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
integration (EPM-FC)
integration application programming interface
Integration Broker
integration component for SAP Business One
Integration Content
Integration Directory
Integration Engine
integration flow
integration framework for small and midsize enterprises
Integration Gateway
integration layer
Integration Management
integration manager
integration material
integration matrix
integration object
Integration of SAP CRM and SAP APO-ATP
integration pattern
Integration Pattern Library
integration scenario
integration scenario definition
Integration Server
integration system
integration test plan
integration testing
integrator source
intellectual property (CRM-IM-IPM)
intellectual property (PSM)
intellectual property management
Intellectual Property Management
intellectual property right
Intelligent Drag&Drop
intelligent workstation
intensity ratio
intensity target
intent-based URL
intentional duplicate
intentionally added
Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office
inter-client communication
inter-departmental bed assignment
inter-project link
interaction (KM-ITU)
interaction (CA-CEI-SCI)
interaction (BC-FES-GRA)
interaction (CRM-CIC)
interaction area
interaction center
Interaction Center
Interaction Center manager dashboard
Interaction Center profile
Interaction Center WebClient
Interaction Center WinClient
interaction component
interaction diagram
interaction history
interaction object
interaction object score
interaction process
interaction record
interaction statistics
interactive debugger
Interactive Excel
interactive external systems integration
interactive federation
interactive form
Interactive Intelligent Agent
interactive list processing
interactive offline form
interactive online form
Interactive Parameters
interactive planning
interactive pricing
interactive report
interactive reporting (CRM-ANA)
interactive reporting (FI-LC)
interactive reporting enhancement workbench
interactive scripting
interactive sourcing profile
interactive user guide
interactive voice response
interbank payment chamber
interbank recall
interbank working day
Interchange Acknowledgement
interchange control reference
interchange file
interchangeability group
interchangeable assembly
interchangeable license plate
interchangeable part
intercompany billing (SD)
intercompany billing (IS-U-BI)
intercompany booking
intercompany clearing account
intercompany data exchange
intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One
intercompany payables
intercompany reconciliation
intercompany settlement
interconnected power grid
interest accrued but not settled
interest amount
interest base amount
interest calculation capital (FS-CML)
interest calculation capital (FS-AM)
interest calculation logic
interest calculation method (IS-B)
interest calculation method (CA-FIM-FMA)
interest category
interest compensation (IS-B)
interest compensation (IS-B-BCA)
interest compensation contract
interest compensation limit
interest distribution
interest earned
interest group (PA-ER)
interest group (OPU-DUE)
interest income tax
interest key
interest on arrears
interest on arrears accrued but not settled
interest on default
interest penalty
interest rate
interest rate adjustment
interest rate adjustment date
interest rate guarantee
interest rate risk
interest rate spread
interest rate swap
interest reference
interest result share
interface (CA-GTF-AIF)
interface (EIM-DS)
interface (IS-R)
interface (BC-DOC)
interface (BC-BMT-WFM)
interface (BC-ABA)
interface (BC-FES-GRA)
interface (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
interface (SBC)
Interface Builder
interface component
interface component selector
interface data structure
interface determination
interface element
interface file
interface floor plan manager
interface format
interface fragment
interface group
Interface Monitor
interface object
interface parameter
interface pattern
interface pool
interface reference variable
interface report
interface scenario
interface sentence
interface source load
Interface Toolbox
interface type
interface variant
interface view
interface work area
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
interim account (FI)
interim account (SBO)
interim appraisal
interim balance sheet
interim billing
interim limit
interim period
interim portfolio assignment (ICM-PFO)
interim portfolio assignment (ICM)
interim settlement
interim status
interim storage area
interim storage bin
interim storage bin location
interlinkage type
interlinked action
interlinking action
Intermedia Standard Press Code
intermediate asset
intermediate buffer
intermediate customer
intermediate data type
intermediate directory
intermediate document
intermediate installment
intermediate layer
intermediate representation
intermediate stop
intermediate storage section
intermediate storage type
intermode communication
internal (PE)
internal (FS-AM)
internal (PE-LSO)
internal account
internal activity allocation
internal agreement
internal and external bonus-malus level
internal ARE-1 number
internal ARE-3 number
Internal Audit Lead
Internal Audit Management
Internal Audit Manager
internal auditing
internal bank account
internal bank operation code
internal billing
internal bond number
internal business transaction
internal calculation key
internal cash flow
internal certification
internal certification period
internal charging reference
internal claim type
internal collaboration
internal collateral agreement
internal comment
internal condition category
internal contract
internal contract apportionment
internal contract number
internal control
internal control for financial reporting
internal control over financial reporting
internal credit line
internal customer
internal customer freight invoicing
internal customer identification
internal customer settlement
internal deployment decomposition
internal dispersion
internal event
internal event code
internal event code group
internal excise document number
internal fraction
internal funds
internal hierarchy
internal installation
Internal Job History
internal job title
internal leaf
internal license number
internal limit
internal link
internal node
internal object
internal order
internal order with value increase
internal part number
internal payments
internal pool
internal price (PE)
internal price (PE-LSO)
internal price determination
internal procedure call
internal processing status
internal processing structure
internal promotion ID
internal range
internal rate of return
internal rating procedure
internal reconciliation
internal reconciliation upgrade
internal sales representative
internal secondment
internal server error
internal service charge settlement
internal service order with increase in value
internal service request
internal session
internal settlement document
internal status for clinical order
internal stock monitoring
internal subcontracting challan number
internal supplier
internal supplier identification
internal table
Internal Tax Service
internal trading partner
internal transaction solution
internal usage
internal usage type
internal value added
internal version
internal work experience
internally install
internally processed activity
International Air Transport Association
International Article Number
International Article Numbering
International Article Numbering Association
International Chamber of Commerce
international commercial term
international HR administrator
international Human Resources department
International Location Number
International Professional Practices Framework
international purchase account
International Standard Serial Number
International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Rel
Internet Application Component
internet business collaboration
Internet Business Framework
Internet Communication Framework
Internet Communication Manager
Internet Communication Pages
Internet Customer Self-Service
Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Graphics Server
Internet Graphics Server for MiniApps
Internet Graphics Service
Internet pricing and configuration
internet pricing and configurator
Internet protocol (BC-SRV-COM)
Internet protocol (IS-T)
Internet scheduling agreement release
Internet service provider
Internet service request
interoperation time
interpolation of profile values
interpolation of the default probability
interpolation procedure
interpretation algorithm
interpretation mode
interpretation time
interprocess communication
interquartile range
interrogation record
interruption period
intersource match
interunit elimination
interunit profit and loss
interval customer
interval distribution
interval document
interval end date
interval for limits
interval planning
interval reading (IS-U-EDM)
interval reading (IS-U-EDM)
interval start date
interval value
intra material
intra-community acquisition
intra-community supply
intra-European Union trade statistics
intra-week pattern
intracompany settlement
intracompany transfer
intraday bank statement
intraday costing
intraday reference interest rate
intransit receipts
Intrastat administrator
Intrastat configuration tool
INTRASTAT customs rate
Intrastat declaration
Intrastat declaration editor
intrazone lane (TM)
intrazone lane (SCM-APO-VS)
introductory program statement
invalid address
Invalid Language List
invalidate (SCM-APO-VS)
invalidate (BC-CST-IC)
invalidation item
inventory (EHS-CI)
inventory (MM-IM)
inventory (MA-SMOPS)
inventory (MFG-LPO)
inventory (SBO)
Inventory Accounting
inventory adjustment
inventory adjustment posting
inventory alert
inventory allocation policy
Inventory Audit Report
inventory balancing
inventory balancing area
inventory book
inventory card
inventory costing
inventory counter
inventory counting document
inventory cycle
inventory data
inventory days of supply
inventory difference
inventory fixed point
inventory group
inventory issue document
inventory level
inventory list for fire department
inventory location
inventory management (CRM-MOM)
inventory management (MM-IM)
inventory management of hydrocarbon products
inventory management on a material basis
inventory management on a quantity and value basis
inventory management on a value-only basis
inventory note
inventory object
inventory obsolescence
inventory of existing chemical substances
inventory offset
inventory offset decrease account
inventory offset increase account
inventory planning
inventory position
inventory price
inventory price change document
inventory receipt
inventory receipt document
inventory reconciliation
inventory recount
inventory revaluation
inventory settlement
inventory surplus
inventory tracking
inventory transfer
inventory transfer request
inventory true-up
inventory turn
inventory turnover
Inventory Turnover
inventory unit of measure
inventory valuation
Inventory Valuation Utility
inventory value (EPM-SCP)
inventory value (SBO)
inventory-managed manufacturer part
inverse activity allocation
inverse posting
inverse rating
investee unit
investigation (CRM-BTX-COM)
investigation (EHS-MGM)
investigation (GRC-FRA)
investigation (MFG-CAM)
investigation guideline
investigation lead
investigation object type
investigation reason
investigation record
investigation step
investigation template
Investigative Case Management
investment (EPM-FC)
investment (EPM-IM-CAP)
investment (PA-BN)
investment (FI-LC)
investment (EC-CS)
investment (FS-PM)
investment amortization (FI-LC)
investment amortization (EC-CS)
investment buying
investment center
investment direction ineligible person
investment director
investment group
investment measure
investment premium
investment profile
investment program
investment program position
investment project
investment reason
investment share
investment stop
investment structure list
investment support measure
investment tax
investment type
investment wages
investor (FS-BA-PM-CR)
investor (FI-LC)
investor agreement
investor contract
investor unit
invisible order
invitation (EHS)
invitation (MP-APP-DPE)
invitation list (SRM-EBP-CON)
invitation list (MP-APP-DPE)
invoice (FI)
invoice (SD)
invoice (SRM-SUS)
invoice approver
invoice claim
invoice confirmation
invoice correction request
invoice currency
invoice date (AP-TTE)
invoice date (MM-IV)
invoice date (SD)
invoice date (IS-M-SD)
invoice deficit
invoice discount
invoice document
invoice document on hold
invoice for diagnosis
invoice group (SCM-ICH)
invoice group (SD-BIL-IV-CB)
invoice group owner
invoice itemization
invoice management
invoice management system
invoice on hold
invoice overview
invoice package
invoice posting
invoice price variance
invoice profile
invoice quantity
invoice receipt
invoice reference
invoice selection
invoice split
invoice submission
invoice surplus
invoice value
invoice verification (AP-TTE)
invoice verification (LO)
invoice with PO reference
invoice without PO reference
invoicing (IS-U-IN)
invoicing (FS-CD)
invoicing (FS-CD)
invoicing (IS-PS-CA)
invoicing and contract accounting
invoicing base date
invoicing cycle
invoicing frequency
Invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
invoicing party
invoicing plan (MM-PUR)
invoicing plan (PS)
invoicing type
invoicing unit
inward delivery completed indicator
inward processing
IP right
iPanel assignment
IPI pauta
IPI tax law
IPO step
Ippan insured
iPPE access object
iPPE line design
iPPE node
iPPE object
iPPE process structure
IpVerification Manager
IRB approach
irradiance caching
irrecoverable debt
irregular processing
irrevocable unconfirmed
IS-U Error Monitor
ISDN access
ISF package
ISIC code
ISO 14064
ISO currency
ISO currency code
ISO rating
ISO standard
ISO-OSI model
isolated iView
isolation method
isometric view
ISR procedure
ISR scenario
ISS tax law
issue (GRC)
issue (CA-CPD)
issue (FI)
issue (SV-ASA)
issue (IS-M)
issue (FIN-CGV-MIC)
issue document
issue element
issue list
issue management system
issue number
issue of reserved material
issue price
issue sequence
issue storage location
issue variant type
issued seal
issuer (IS-HER-CM)
issuer (BC-SRV-BR)
issuer (IS-U-IN)
issuer risk
issues database
issuing agency (BC-XI)
issuing agency (MFG-CAM)
issuing agency code
issuing bank
issuing plant
ISTAT code
ISTAT code of birthplace
ISTAT code of place of residence
IT admin role
IT event
IT item
IT service management
ITA88 recovery
ITD billing
ITD state code
ITD value
item (FS-BA-SD)
item (PLM-WUI-OBJ)
item (CRM)
item (LO-WTY)
item (CAF-GP)
item (BC)
item (BC-FES-GRA)
item (MA-SMOPS)
item (OPU-DUE)
item (SBO)
item (SBO)
item (SBO)
item approver
item assessment strategy
item attribute
item balance
item category (SCM-EWM-DLP)
item category (CRM-IFS)
item category (FI-GL)
item category (MM-PUR)
item category (PP-BD)
item category (SD)
item category (IS-M-AM)
item category group
item category of document row
item class
item copy strategy
item cost
item counter (CRM-PCC)
item counter (CA-FIM-FCO)
item data (SRM-EBP)
item data (SBO)
item file
item filter
item group (PE-LSO)
item group (SBO)
item grouping field
item hierarchy
item history
item in the future
item interest calculation
item invitation count
item label
item management
item master data
item number
item object type
item of initiative
item of interest
item of material
item order
item overview page
item process batch
item property (EPM-PCM)
item property (SBO)
item proposal
item proposal profile
item proposal strategy
item query
item recall
item relationship table
item score
item selection list
item split
item status (PP)
item status (IS-HMED)
item status profile
item status-dependent screen modification
item stock
item summarization field
item text
item type (TM)
item type (SCM-EWM-DLP)
item type (LO-WTY)
item type (IS-M-AM)
item type (FS-AM-IM-IT)
item type (FIN-SEM-BCS)
item type determination
item type of business transaction
item unique identification
item WIP batch
item-dependent fee
item-dependent setup time
item-triggered correspondence
item-wise release
itemization (CO)
itemization (FI-TV)
items won count
iterative calculation step
ITF code
ITF-14 bar code symbol
itinerary (LE)
itinerary (IS-R)
itinerary (OPU-DUE)
itinerary (CRM-MSA)
itinerary management
ITS Web template
IV type
iView Catcher
iView Editor
iView ID
IW ABAP framework
IW Add-On
IW content
IW content service
IW ESR business model
IW platform common service
iXML Library (BC-ABA)


J2EE Connector Architecture
J2EE Engine library
J2EE Engine manager
J2EE Engine service
JAAS subject
Japanese billing period
Java (BC)
Java (EP)
Java 2 Enterprise Edition
Java 2 Micro Edition
Java Application Descriptor file
Java application server
Java central instance
Java central services instance
Java Configuration Browser
Java Database Connectivity (SRM-EBP)
Java Database Connectivity (BI-RA-CR)
Java Dictionary
Java EE 6 Web Profile application runtime container
Java EE connector Architecture
Java Enterprise Runtime
Java iView
Java iView Runtime
Java Mail Client Service
Java mapping program
Java Metadata Interface
Java Metadata Interface Service
Java Native Interface
Java patch
Java SE Adapter Engine
Java startup and control framework
Java Support Package
Java Support Package Patch
Java System Reports
Java Virtual Machine
Java Web application runtime container
Java Web Start
JavaBean (BI-BIP-BOE)
JavaBean (BC)
JavaBean driver
JavaScript Object Notation
JavaServer Faces runtime environment
JavaServer Pages
JCo RFC Provider Service
JDBC Connector Service
JIT call (PP-FLW)
JIT call (IS-A-JIT)
JIT cockpit
JIT customer
JIT delivery schedule (PP-FLW)
JIT delivery schedule (MM-PUR)
JIT delivery schedule horizon
JIT Inbound
JIT Outbound
JMBG number
JMS Connector Service
JMS Provider Service
JMX Adapter Service
JMX Notification Service
JNDI Registry Service
job (MDM)
job (EIM-DS)
job (PM)
job (PA-OS)
job (BC-CCM-BTC)
job (IS-A-DBM)
job advertisement
job alert
job application (PA-RC)
job application (LOD-SFSF-RCM)
job card
job catalog
job code (LOD-SFSF-EC)
job code (CRM-LAM)
job commander
job container
job credit
job description (PA-OS)
job description (LOD-SFSF-EC)
job family (PA-EC)
job family (PA)
job family (LOD-SFSF)
job family (PA-TM)
job family level
job function (CRM-RPL-SRV)
job function (LOD-SFSF-EC)
job group
job ID
job index (PA-PM-PB)
job index (PA-OS)
job information
job list (PM)
job list (BC-CCM-PRN)
job listing
job match
job posting (PA-ER)
job posting (LOD-SFSF-RCM)
job pricing
job requisition
job scheduler
job server
job starter
job title (IS-CHN)
job title (LOD-SFSF-EC)
job type
join (MDM)
join (EP-VC)
join (BC-DWB-DIC)
join (CA-GTF-DRT)
join condition
join expression
join path
join rank
Joined MDO
joint commission
joint filer
Joint Financial Management Improvement Project
joint interest billing
joint liability
joint ownership
joint product order
joint production
joint responsibility procedure
joint signature
joint venture accounting
joint venture company
Joule-Thomson effect
journal (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
journal (EPM-DFA-PRC)
journal (FI)
journal (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
journal (SRM-SUD)
journal account
journal entry (EPM-BPC)
journal entry (EC-CS)
journal entry (SBO)
journal entry (FS-PM)
Journal Entry
journal entry layout
journal entry number
journal entry report (FI-LC)
journal entry report (EC-CS)
journal number
journal remark
journal template
journal type
journal voucher (FI)
journal voucher (SBO)
JSF component
JSP tag handler
judgmental techniques
juridical level
jurisdiction code
jurisdiction level
jurisdiction type
just-in-time compiler (BC-VMC)


kanban card
kanban control cycle
kanban correction
kanban loop size
kanban loop size variation
kanban production control
kanban-independent summarized JIT call
KB watchdog
KBK code
keep whole marketing group
Kell system
Kerberos Principal Name
kernel method
kernel patch
kernel patch level
key (TM)
key (EPM-FC)
key (SBC)
key (XAP-CQM)
key account
key account manager (CA-DSM)
key account manager (CRM-MKT-MPL-TPO)
key account manager (MP-APP-DPE)
key allocation
key aspect
key attribute
key category
key code
key completion
key constraint
key control
key conversion
key data domain
key date (FS-BA-PM-CR)
key date (PLM-WUI-APP)
key date (CA-GTF-FCC)
key date (PA-PA)
key date (SBO)
key date (FS-PM)
key date derivation type
key date result
key date valuation category
key date valuation type
key date-based conversion
Key Distribution Center
key field (BC-DWB-DIC)
key field (BC-ABA)
key field (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
key figure (FS-BA-SD)
key figure (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
key figure (SCM-SOP)
key figure (SCM-APO-ATP)
key figure (BW)
key figure (LO-LIS)
key figure (FI)
key figure (FI-GL)
key figure (FI-LC)
key figure (FI-SL)
key figure (BC-SRV-REP)
key figure (IS-B-SA-ALM)
key figure (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
key figure block
key figure category (FS-BA-SD)
key figure category (CO-OM-CCA)
key figure category (IS-B-SA-ALM)
key figure class
key figure determination – Balance Analyzer
key figure determination – e-accounting
key figure family
key figure group
key figure layout
key figure model
key figure of position
key figure overview
key figure repository
key figure schema
key figure scheme
key figure set
key figures
key flag
key handover date
key indication
key job
key mapping (CA-MDG)
key mapping (SBO-INT)
key measurable
key performance indicator (PPM-PFM)
key performance indicator (SCM-APO-SCC)
key performance indicator (CRM-CEC)
key performance indicator (EHS-CI)
key performance indicator (GRC-SPM-SR)
key performance indicator (CA)
key performance indicator calculator
key performance indicator type
key position
key range parameter
key rate duration
key risk indicator
Key Storage Service
key user
key user tool
key word catalog
keystore reference
keyword breakpoint
keyword exit
keyword search (MDM)
keyword search (BI-RA-EXP)
KFV code
kick-off presentation
Kijun-gai period
Kijun-gai table
kill tag
king pin
kit component
kit component item
kit header item
kit to order
kit to stock
kitchen facilities
KLADR database
KM cache server
KM clean job administration
KM component monitor
KM index administration
KMU Chart of Accounts
knockout criterion
knowledge article
knowledge base (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
knowledge base (CA-GTF-IC-SAF)
knowledge base cache
knowledge base decomposition
knowledge base descriptor cache
knowledge base orchestration
knowledge base recomposition
knowledge base runtime version
knowledge base type
Knowledge Corner
knowledge entity
Knowledge Link (PE)
Knowledge Link (PE-LSO)
knowledge management
Knowledge Management (EP-KM)
Knowledge Management (OV-TECHNOLOGY)
knowledge object
Knowledge Product
Knowledge Provider
Knowledge Provider services
knowledge repository
knowledge retrieval API
knowledge type
Knowledge Warehouse Support Package
Knowledge Workbench
knowledge worker
known person
known shipper
KOPFG code
Kou Ran
KPI below tolerance
KPI catalog
KPI Catalog
KPI category (GRC-SPM-SR)
KPI category (EP-PCT-MAN)
KPI Designer
KPI fact
KPI formula
KPI hierarchy
KPI indicator
KPI level
KPI library
KPI manager
KPI managing system
KPI modeler
KPI Monitor
KPI relationship insight
KPI row performance
KPI short of goal
KPI sub-category
KPI template
KPI tile
KPI tile template
KPI type
KPI Variant
KPI Variant Designer
KPP number
KPZED code
KRI implementation
KRI instance
KVED code
KWKG payment
Kyoto Protocol (EHS-CI)


label (BW-BEX)
label (BI-RA-EXP)
label (EPM-DFA-SCO)
label (BC-FES-GRA)
label (LOD-SFSF-EC)
label category
label determination
label generation
label set
label type
labeling article grouping
labeling customer group
labeling data
labeling material grouping
labeling system
labeling transaction
labeling workbench
labor approval
labor charge code
labor compensation fund
labor compensation reserve fund
labor complexity factor
labor contract
labor costs census
Labor Demand Planning
labor insurance
Labor Management
labor off
labor on
labor resource
Labor Risk Insurance Company
Labor Safety Institute
Labor Standard Inspection Office
labor utilization rate
labor value
labor value catalog
labor value main type
labor value master
laboratory analysis
lag (CRM-IC)
lagging KPI
lagging type
land lease right
land quality indicator
land reallocation activities
land reference value
land register
land register inscription
land register page
land register ranking
land use map
land value (FS-CMS)
land value (RE)
landed costs
landing page (WEC-WCB)
landing page (PA-PAO)
landing site
landing time
landscape (CRM-MT)
landscape (SBC)
landscape dashboard
Landscape Fetch
landscape management
Landscape Management Database
landscape pattern
Landscape Planner
landscape reporting
lane (BC-BMT-BPM)
lane (IS-R-POS)
language code
language dependent
language environment
language export
language export wizard
language import
language key
Language List
language of communication
language package
language relationship
language resource
language resource file
language status
language supplementation program
Language Support Package
language transport
language version (EP-KM-CM)
language version (CA-DMS)
language versioning
large itemset
large object
last activity time
last adjustment date
last page
last purchase price
last revaluation date
last screen
last version migration
late fee
late payment fee
late recovery
late storing with bar codes
lateral move
lateral object
latest activity
latest date of approval
latest dates
latest end
latest estimate (CRM-MKT)
latest estimate (CRM-FM-DF)
latest evaluation key date
latest exercise date
latest finish date
latest start
latest start date
latest start of treatment
latest starting date
latest version
launch page
launchpad component
launchpad service
launchpad UIBB
LAW system
layaway write-off
layer (EP-VC)
layer (CA-VE)
layer (LO)
layer (MM-IV)
layer (CA-WUI)
layer pattern of a packaging material
layer profile
layer type of a packing proposal
layer version
layered windows
layout (BC-SRV-ALV)
layout (EP-KM)
layout (FI-GL)
layout (BC-FES-GRA)
layout area (LO-MD)
layout area (IS-R)
Layout board
layout container
layout control
layout controller
layout editor
Layout Editor
layout menu
layout module
layout module version
layout profile (EP-KM)
layout profile (CA-WUI)
layout set
layout technology
layout template
layout type
layout workbench
layout-oriented storage control
lazy communication
lazy load
LDAP Connector
LDAP Connector interface
lead (CRM)
lead (CRM-IPS-ICM)
lead (SBO)
lead (FS-PM)
lead aging
lead business type
lead column
lead count
lead currency
lead days
lead funnel analysis
lead group
lead management
Lead Management
lead origin
lead point
lead priority
lead qualification
lead qualification level
lead selection
lead time (SCM-ICH-IMO)
lead time (SRM-EBP-SHP)
lead time (PSM-FG)
lead time (SCM-APO-PPS)
lead time (PP)
lead time (IS-B-RA-MR)
lead time (ICM)
lead time (SBO)
lead time of payment
lead-in length
lead-out length
lead-time offset
lead-time scheduling
leader (BC-TWB)
leader (IS-M-AMC)
leader characters
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
leading agent
leading bid
leading bidder
leading business partner
leading business transaction category
leading case
leading change master record
leading characteristic
leading charge type
leading company code
leading currency
leading date
leading entity type
leading inspection characteristic
leading insurer
leading insurer commission period
leading KPI
leading ledger
leading legal entity
leading offer
leading order
leading part within MPN-MRP Set
leading performance obligation
leading primary product
leading product (CRM-MKT)
leading product (SCM-APO)
leading system
leading system role
leading validity area
leaf (MDM)
leaf (EPM-PCM)
leaf (EC-CS)
leaf (AP-MD-BP)
leaf portfolio
leaf segment
lean message
Lean Order API
lean provider order item
lean search
Lean WM
leap second
learned date
learner account
learner group
learner profile
learner registration
learner view
learning access code
learning bundle
learning community (IS-HER-CM)
learning community (PE-LSX)
Learning Engine
Learning Management System
learning manager
learning net
learning object
learning object template
learning objective
Learning Portal
learning reporter
learning strategy
lease or buy
lease unit well number
leased asset
leased object
leased object class
leasing expenses
leasing type
least unit cost procedure
least value
leave (CRM-IC)
leave (PT)
leave compensation (PT)
leave compensation (PY)
leave encashment
leave entitlement (PT)
leave entitlement (PY)
Leave Management
leave of absence
leave of absence threshold
leave passage (PY-MY)
leave passage (PY-KSA)
leave passage (PY-UAE)
leave passage quota (PY-KSA)
leave passage quota (PY-UAE)
leave type
leave with expense net book value account
leave with revenue net book value account
leave without pay
leave year
ledger (EPM-FC)
ledger (FI)
ledger (FI-GL)
ledger group
legacy asset data
legacy file
legacy package
legacy system
Legacy System Migration Workbench
legal act
legal agreement
legal amendment
legal area
legal case
legal composition
legal contract
legal contract hierarchy
legal document for the movement under duty-suspension
legal entity (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
legal entity (AP-TTE)
legal entity (EHS-MGM)
legal hold
legal holiday system
legal localization key
legal nature
legal owner
legal person
legal reactivation
legal reference
legal regulation
legal relationship
legal restriction
legal right to future commission
Legal Scan
legal transfer price
legal unit (SLL)
legal unit (SD-FT)
legal valuation view
legislative district code
legitimate relationship
Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression
lending limit
lending limit as an amount
lending markdown
lending object
lending range
lending rate
lending revenue
lending value
length batch
length calculation
length function
length of position assignment
length of service (PA-BN)
length of service (PY)
length of talent assignment
length of the assortment
length plan
length value
length-based material
lent-to access control context
LEQ factor
letter of credit (SD-FT)
letter of credit (PSM-FM)
letter of credit check
letter of exemption
letter of invitation
letter of offer and acceptance
letter of reconciliation
letter of rejection
letter of undertaking
level (SCM-EM)
level (LE-TRM)
level (EP-VC)
level (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
level (PS)
level (BC-FES-GUI)
level (AP-PPE)
level change macro
level indicator
level of career type
level of collateral provision
level of detail
level of evidence
level of fulfillment
Level of material readiness
level of personnel readiness
level of progress
Level of qualification readiness
level of readiness
level of target achievement
level of task
leveled schedule
lexicographical aggregation
LGD class
LGD grading
LIA document
liability agreement
liability case
liability for absolute valuation
liability for difference valuation
liability interruption
liability model
liability period
liability reserve
liability reserve contract
liability rule
liability transfer
liability type (CRM-IFS)
liability type (ICM)
liability value
library (CRM-IM-IPM)
library (BC-CUS-TOL)
library (KM-WPB)
library (EPM-SM)
library (FI-SL)
library (IS-M)
library (LOD-ESO)
Library Editor
library type
license (IS-HT-SW)
license (CRM-IM-IPM)
license (SD-FT)
license (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
license (LOD-SFSF)
License Administration Workbench
license agreement (CRM-IM-IPM)
license agreement (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
license fee (IS-REA)
license fee (CRM-IM-IPM)
license key
license key file
license plate number
License Sales and Merchandizing for Broadcasting
license server
license split
license type
license-controlled feature
licensed level
licensee (IS-REA)
licensee (CRM-IM-IPM)
licensee data
licensee employee
licensee solution
licensor (IS-REA)
licensor (CRM-IM-IPM)
licensor material
Life and Work Event
Life and Work Events Builder
Life and Work Events runtime
life cycle (IS-R)
life cycle (CRM-MD-BP)
life cycle stage
life event
Life Insurance and Spouse Tax Deduction Form
life sciences
life telegram
life-cycle collaboration
Life-Cycle Collaboration
life-cycle data management
Life-Cycle Data Management
life-cycle phase
life-cycle profile
lifecycle (SV-SMG)
lifecycle (SBC)
lifecycle management (SCM-APO-FCS)
lifecycle management (SV-SMG)
lifecycle management perspective
lifecycle planning
Lifecycle Workbench for SAP Business All-in-One
lifetime (EPM-IM-CAP)
lifetime (MFG-PCO)
lifetime contribution limit
lifetime dose
lifetime period
lifetime serial number
LIFO liability
LIFO principle (LE-WM)
LIFO principle (LO-BM)
LIFO procedure
LIFO valuation procedure (MM-IV)
LIFO valuation procedure (FIN-BAC-INV)
LIFO withdrawal method
LIFO/FIFO indicator
LIFO/FIFO valuation area
LIFO/FIFO valuation level
lift percentage
light dimensions
light directory
light framework page
lightweight CAD original file
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
like modeling
likelihood to churn
LIME document
limit (PA-CP)
limit (PY)
limit (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit (FS-CM)
limit area
limit category
limit characteristic
limit confirmation
limit deviation (QM)
limit deviation (XAP-EM)
limit history
limit item
Limit Management
limit product group
limit reservation (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit reservation (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit scheduler
limit transfer
limit type
limit type filter
limit utilization
limit utilization factor
limit utilization run
limit value
limitation period
limited freeze horizon
limited quantity
limited record selection
limiting quality
LIMU Object
line area
line assignment
line balance
line balance graphic
line balance rate
line balancing
line category
line characteristic
line command
line design
line display
line editor
line element
line entry
line fill rate
line group
line hierarchy
line ID
line item (GRC-SAC)
line item (FI)
line item (FI)
line item (LOD-ESO)
line item (FS-RI)
line item attribute
line item category
line item count
line item display
line item group (ICM)
line item group (LOD-ESO)
line item method
line item number
line item process type
line item report
line item rule
line item table
line item type
Line Items
line layout (FI-LC)
line layout (PY)
line maintenance
line manager (PA-EC)
line manager (PA-RC)
line network
line of business (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
line of business (FS-PM)
line of credit
Line of Travel
line organization
line price
line representation
line representation selection
line resource
line routing
line segment (PP-FLW)
line segment (AP-PPE)
line segment category
line structure
line type
line-of-business application
line-of-business data
line-of-business entity
line-of-business identifier
line-of-business service
line-of-business system
line-specific profile
lineage analysis
lineage diagram
linear asset
linear barcode
linear data
linear display order
linear interpolation
linear reference pattern
linear regression
linear/volumetric conversion constant
lines flip-flop
linguistic search
link (PLM-WUI-APP)
link (SCM-EM)
link (SCM-BAS-DF)
link (CS)
link (BW-BEX)
link (BC-CUS-TOL)
link (EP-KM-CM)
link (BI-RA-CR)
link (EPM-FC)
link (PM)
link (BC-FES)
link (ICM)
link arrow
link attribute
link category
link dialog
link equipment
link field
link functional location
Link Gallery
link object (PM)
link object (FS-PM)
link set
link table
link type
linkage table
linkbase (SBO)
linkbase (FIN-FB-XR)
linked accounts
linked application
linked chapter
linked datastores
linked equipment
linked functional location
linked object
linking operator
liquidation (FS-CMS)
liquidation (SD-FT)
liquidation date
liquidation measure
liquidation period
liquidation view
liquidity (FI)
liquidity (IS-B-SA-ALM)
liquidity buffer
liquidity consolidation group
liquidity coverage ratio
liquidity effect
liquidity gap
liquidity group
liquidity item
liquidity item hierarchy
liquidity limit
liquidity management
liquidity planning
liquidity position
liquidity potential
liquidity scenario
list (CRM-PCC)
list (BC-DOC)
list (BC-ABA)
list (BC-FES-GUI)
List ATS component
list binding
list box (BW-BEX)
list box (BI-RA-AD)
list box (BC-FES-GUI)
list buffer
list character
list creation
list cursor
list driver
list dynpro
list event
list field
list header
list index
list item
list level
list of catalog characteristics
list of conditions
list of documents
list of DRG charges
list of exceptions
list of filters
list of hospital ambulatory records
list of hospital discharge records
list of ownership
list of planned safety measures
list of providers
list of relevant risks
list of suppliers
list of values
list page
list price (CRM-BTX)
list price (SBO)
list processing
list processor
list screen column
list screen definition
list status
list substance ID
list UIBB
list view (SCM-EWM)
list view (BC-FES-GUI)
list-edit XSL
list-view XSL
listed goods
listed substance
listener (BC-JAS)
listener (CA-DDF)
listener (BC-FES-GRA)
listener (BC-MID-BUS)
listing (CRM)
listing (IS-R)
listing check
listing condition
listing description
listing header
listing item
listing item type
listing period
listing procedure
listing window
literal operator
literature search
little endian
live auction
Live Auction Cockpit
live logging
live migration
live mode
live profile
live rate
live rates plan
live rates planning
live rates planning element
live rates territory
live review
live session
live Web collaboration
living wage
LKF scoring
load (LE-WM)
load (BC-ABA)
load (IS-U)
load balancing (SCM-ICH-TLB)
load balancing (BC-CST)
load balancing (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
load balancing cookie
load building
load carrier (LE)
load carrier (LO-HU)
load control
load data capture
load delivery
load from data stream
load from external systems
load generator
load history
load location
load management
load manager
load oil (PP-PN-ALN)
load oil (IS-OIL-PRA-PRD)
load oil transfer
load package
load plan
load profile
load rate
load reduction
load shape
load shape of interval customer
load transfer point
loading agenda
loading application
loading appointment
loading bay
loading bay category
loading confirmation (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
loading confirmation (IS-BEV)
loading data
loading date
loading employee
loading group (SCM-ICH-TLB)
loading group (SD)
loading place
loading point (SCM-EWM-DLP)
loading point (LE)
loading resource
loading sequence
loading time
loading unit (IS-BEV)
loading unit (IS-BEV)
loading/unloading point
loading/unloading point sequence
loan (IS-DFS)
loan (PY)
loan (MFG-CAM)
loan condition
loan in terms of Basel II
loan interest deferral
loan limit
loan officer
loan order
loan quote variant
loan repayment plan
loan requisition
loan statement
loan to managers
loan wizard
loan-to-value ratio (CRM-IFS)
loan-to-value ratio (FS-CMS)
loans given
loans taken
lob handle
lob handle component
lob handle structure
local alert
local area network
local article
local assortment
local assortment module
local BI
local business entity content transport
local business hours
local carrier
local change request
local characteristic (FS-BA-SD)
local characteristic (CRM-BF-CFG)
local class
local constraint
local consumer proxy
local contract
local control
local currency (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
local currency (EPM-BPC)
local currency (EPM-IC)
local currency (EPM-SA)
local currency (FI)
local currency (FI-LC)
local currency (EC-CS)
local currency (SD)
local currency (PSM-FM)
local currency (SBO)
local currency amount
local currency for Profit Center Accounting
local data
local data queue
local date
Local Delivery Unit
local dimension
local entity
local era calendar
local event
Local Event Infrastructure
local exchange
local exclusion list
local funding
local health agency
local ID
local identifier
local instrument code
local interface (BC-JAS-EJB)
local interface (BC-ABA)
local item
local language
local ledger
local manual journal entry
local material
local member
local network
local object
local office time
local package
local parameters
local patient identifier
local payments
local planning
local plant group
local private object
local procurement
local purchase order
local refill
local reporting
local repository (EP-VC)
local repository (KM-KW)
local repository (PE-LSO)
local sales tax
local sales tax number
local search
local server
local shortcut
local subdistrict
local system
local tax office
local time
local time zone
local time-independent appointment
local times view
local tracking data store
local transaction
local transport
local unit
local unit of measure
local update
local valuation
local vendor
local window
local Workflow
local zoning code
Local-to-Remote Conversion Wizard
locale (AP-CCM)
locale (BC-I18)
locale (BI-RA-EXP)
locale (EIM-DS)
locale (BC-ABA)
locale (LOD-SFSF)
locality adjustment
locality pay area
localization (EHS-MGM)
localization (BC-CTS)
localization (IS-H)
localization (SBO)
locally initiated back-end purchase order
Locatable Address Conversion System
location (SCM-EM)
location (TM)
location (CRM-RPL-ICS)
location (CRM-RPL-SRV)
location (SRM-EBP)
location (SRM-EBP)
location (SCM-APO-MD)
location (CA-RT-PMR)
location (EHS-MGM)
location (EPM-NOV-SWP)
location (PM)
location (RE)
location (IS-AD-SPC)
location (IS-A-RL)
location (LOD-ESO)
location (LOD-TG)
location (MA-SMOPS)
location (PM-WCM)
location (CRM-IPS-ICM)
location alias
location attribute
location class
location cluster
location cluster set
location code (IS-DFS)
location code (SCM-EM)
location code (CA-GTF)
location code set
location dependent time stamp conversion
location destination name
location determination (SCM-APO-ATP)
location determination (SCM-APO-PPS)
location determination activity
location determination alternative procedure
location determination procedure
location hierarchy
location identification
location independent rendering
location interchangeability
location list
location movement
location price cluster
location priority
location product (SCM-FRE)
location product (SCM-APO-SCC)
location product (SCM-APO-MD)
location product group
location product status
location product substitution procedure
location relationship
location split
location structure
location substitution chain
location transportation lane
location type
location URL
location-specific pricing
locator (AP-MD)
locator (BC-SRV-CM)
locator (CA-GBT)
locator (BC-ABA)
locator type
lock (CA-MDG)
lock (CA-RT-PMR)
lock (EPM-BPC)
lock (EPM-FC)
lock (BC-ABA)
lock (CRM-BTX-SRQ)
lock argument
lock collision
lock container
lock cumulation
lock entry
lock function module
lock life span
lock management
lock mode
lock note
lock object
lock owner (BC-CST-EQ)
lock owner (FS-FND)
lock P&L account (FI-GL-CU-MCA)
lock P&L account (FI-GL-CU-MCA)
lock priority
lock protection span
lock resource
lock RFx question
lock RFx question section
lock rule
lock server
lock table
lockable object
locked activity chain
Locking Manager
Locking Service
LOFO liability
log (BC-JAS)
log (BC-ESI)
log (EPM-FC)
log (BC-CCM-MON)
log and service book
log area
log attribute
log category
log configuration
Log Configuration
Log Configurator Service
log controller
log destination
log entry (FS-CM)
log entry (IS-AD-PRM)
log entry type
log file (BC-CST-GW)
log file (SBO)
log file agent
log filter
log for application logging
log formatter
Log Manager
log measurement document
log message
log NC
log NC reject
log notification
log of incomplete items
log off
log on
log severity
log sheet
log type
Log Viewer
log viewing
logger class
logger pattern
logging (CS)
logging (BC-JAS)
logging (BC-DWB-DIC)
logging application
logging configuration
logging filter
logging flag
logging level
logging mode
logging profile
logging table
logic builder
logic script
logical company structure
logical component
logical connector
logical data diagram
logical data model
logical database
Logical Database Builder
logical destination
logical document
logical event
logical expression (CRM-IC-RTD)
logical expression (BC-ABA)
logical field group
logical field name
logical function
logical home path
logical hyperlink
logical info object
logical inventory (IS-HT-DRM)
logical inventory (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
logical inventory adjustment
logical invoice
logical link
logical model
logical operator
logical output management system
logical port (BC-ESI)
logical port (BC)
logical profile allocation number
logical receiver determination
logical register
logical routing
logical sender determination
logical service
logical spool server
logical stock
logical system (SV-SMG)
logical system (CA)
logical system name
logical transaction
logical transaction step
logical unit
logical unit of work
logical view (PY)
logical view (FIN-SEM-CPM)
Logical Volume Manager
login module
login module stack
Logistic Functional Area Services
Logistic Reporting
logistical follow-up activity
logistical option
logistical option category
logistical option group
logistical option list
logistical requirements
logistical variant
logistics adjusted quantity
logistics adjustment parameter
logistics handling group
logistics information
Logistics Information System
logistics integration
Logistics Inventory Management Engine
logistics item
logistics level
logistics management
logistics monitor
logistics payment block
logistics request
logistics scenario for material withdrawal
logistics scenario for the procurement of materials and serv
logistics service provider
logistics task folder
logistics unit of measure
logon (BI-RA-EXP)
logon (BC-ABA)
logon administration
logon context
logon group
logon ID
logon language
logon load balancing
logon page
logon ticket
LogViewer Service
long area description
long form
long position
long products planning
long service payment
long sick leave
long text
long-lead item
long-term average
long-term care
long-term characteristic
long-term document
long-term incentive plan
long-term inspection
Long-Term Interest Rate
long-term investment
long-term planned order
long-term planning
long-term planning matrix
long-term security session
long-term vendor declaration
look up solution
lookup (MDM)
lookup (MDM)
lookup (BC-JAS)
lookup fields
lookup table (MDM)
lookup table (EIM-DI-DF)
lookup table (EIM-DS)
loop (TM)
loop (PS)
loop (BC-BMT-WFM)
loop (BC-ABA)
loop (RIV)
loop type
loose cargo
loose coupling
Lorenz curve (MM)
Lorenz curve (CA-CEI)
loss allocation
loss cancellation
loss carryforward
loss compensation
loss creation
loss details
loss equivalent class
loss given default
Loss of Qualification Form
loss of work compensation
loss realization
loss run
loss total
loss unit
loss value
loss-free service level
loss-free valuation
lossless assignment
lossless calculation
lossless compression
lossless operator
lossy compression
lost revenue
lost sales (CA-RT-CAR-OSA)
lost sales (IS-R)
lost sales (MA-SMOPS)
lost sales percentage
lost seal
lost subsidy
lost time injury frequency rate
lost transactions
lot (SRM-LA)
lot (MP-APP-DPE)
lot (PP-MRP)
lot (SD)
lot (IS-R)
lot (MFG-ME)
lot container
lot size (SCM-APO-MD)
lot size (PP-MRP)
lot size (QM)
lot size (IS-U-DM)
lot size according to flexible period length
lot size planning
lot size variance
lot-controlled part
lot-for-lot order quantity (SCM-APO-PPS)
lot-for-lot order quantity (PP-MRP)
lot-size calculation
lot-size independent costs
lot-size-independent costs
lot-sizing procedure (SCM-APO-PPS)
lot-sizing procedure (PP-MRP)
Lotus Notes ID
Lotus Notes user name
low stock quantity
low surrogate
low-level code
low-level coding
low-value asset (FI-AA)
low-value asset (SBO)
lower control limit
lower level contract
lower specification limit
lower threshold critical zone
lower threshold normal range
lower-level bill of material
lower-level costs
lower-level drug
lower-level element list
lower-level node
lower-level service
lowest value comparison
lowest value principle (MM)
lowest value principle (SBO)
loyalty account
loyalty card
loyalty engine
loyalty management
Loyalty Partner Management
loyalty point (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
loyalty point (WEC-APP-LOY)
loyalty point transaction
Loyalty Productivity
loyalty program (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
loyalty program (IS-U-CS)
loyalty program (IS-R-POS)
LP procedure
LRD filter
luminosity bar
lump sum (SRM-EBP)
lump sum (CA-RT-PMR)
lump sum (IS-H)
lump sum (LOD-SFSF-EC)
lump sum budget or plan
lump sum deposit fee
lump sum funding
lump-sum payment
lumpy demand (SCM-APO-FCS)


M-M journal
MA effective date
Macaulay duration
machinery and equipment companies
made for market
Maelstrom archive server
Maelstrom Control
magazine tracking number
magic number
magnetic stripe reader
magneto-optic disk
mail form
mail piece unit
mail system group
mailing header
mailing item
mailing list
main account
main asset number (FI-AA)
main asset number (RE)
main authorization switch
main budget
main card
main card pool
main carriage
main client
main client inbox
main commitment
main component (BC-WD)
main component (SD-FT)
main condition
main contract (RE)
main contract (FS-AM-CM-CA)
main contract type
main cost efficiency analysis
main criterion
main destination
main due date
main employee responsible
main entity
main entity type
main extractor
main import
main instance
main insurance
main insurance relationship
main item (CRM)
main item (IS-EC-BOS)
main item (IS-AD-MPN)
main legal reference
main master contract
main memory size
main memory synchronization
main menu
main menu level
main mouse button
main object (CA-GTF-TS-PPO)
main object (EP-PIN)
main object (CA-MRS)
main order
main package (BC-DWB-TOO)
main package (IS-A-DBM)
main part of a structured financial instrument
main partner
main personnel assignment
main policyholder
main portal
main production line
main profile
main program (LO-MD)
main program (BC-ABA)
main program group
main rating
main reference object
main relationship
main rent statement
main requirement catalog
main resource
main responsible
main scenario
main screen (LO-MD)
main screen (PA-PA)
main session
main software component
main specialization
main storage
main supplier
main tariff
main transaction
main tree
main usage
main usage type
main user interface
main vendor
mainline controller
mainstream maintenance
maintained component information
maintained product information
maintaining partner
maintenance activity
maintenance activity type
maintenance and service interval
maintenance and transport object
maintenance area
maintenance attribute
maintenance bill of material
maintenance blocking status
maintenance call
maintenance call date
maintenance call object
maintenance check
Maintenance Cost Budgeting
maintenance cycle (SCM-APO-MSP)
maintenance cycle (SV-SMG)
maintenance cycle (PM)
maintenance demand
maintenance document
maintenance group
maintenance item (SCM-APO-MSP)
maintenance item (PM)
maintenance item interval
maintenance level (IS-HT-SW)
maintenance level (FI-AA)
maintenance location
Maintenance Management
maintenance mode (BC-CST-IC)
maintenance mode (EIM-MDS)
maintenance mode (EP-ES)
maintenance notification
maintenance notification in process
maintenance object
maintenance object group
maintenance object without reference
maintenance optimizer
maintenance order
maintenance package
maintenance package hierarchy
maintenance plan (IS-AD-MPD)
maintenance plan (PM)
maintenance plan category
maintenance plan creation reporting
maintenance plan notification
maintenance plan restart reporting
maintenance plan scenario
maintenance plan scheduling
maintenance plan start reporting
maintenance plan type
maintenance plan update reporting
maintenance planner group
maintenance planning
maintenance planning group
maintenance planning object
maintenance planning plant
maintenance plant
maintenance priority
maintenance processing
Maintenance Program Definition
maintenance relationship
maintenance release
maintenance request
maintenance reserve
maintenance schedule
maintenance staff
maintenance status (LO-MD)
maintenance status (BC-DWB-DIC)
maintenance strategy
maintenance system
maintenance task list (SCM-APO-MSP)
maintenance task list (PM)
maintenance tree
maintenance variant
maintenance view
maintenance window
maintenance work package
maintenance worker
major customer group
major defect
major diagnostic category (IS-H)
major diagnostic category (IS-H)
major diagnostic category code
major interval
major record
major release
major tick mark
Make fixed asset value
make-to-order planned independent requirement
make-to-order production
make-to-stock inventory (CO-PC)
make-to-stock inventory (CO-PC)
malfunction report
malicious code
Manage External Requirements
Manage Late Purchase Orders
Manage Material Shortages
Manage Production Requirements
Manage Spaces
manageable trigger
managed code
managed object
managed report
managed system (SV-SMG)
managed system (BC-SRV-BR)
managed system (BC-CTS)
managed system (SBC)
Management Cockpit
management code
management connection
management contract
management control
Management Dashboard
management data
management of global employees
management of internal controls
management premium
manager (SRM-EBP-CON)
manager (PA-ER)
manager (EPM-BPC)
manager (MP-APP-DPE)
manager (LOD-SFSF-EC)
manager company code
manager factory
manager rating
manager view
Manager’s Desktop
managing system
mandate (IS-B-BCA)
mandate (FS-AM-IM-IT)
mandate (PY-KSA)
mandate (RE-FX)
mandate company code
mandate lock
mandate reference
mandate type
mandatory activity
mandatory contract
mandatory customer business partner role
mandatory event
mandatory examination
mandatory group
mandatory partner function
mandatory provident fund plan
mandatory reporting rule
mandatory segment
mandatory task
mandatory training
mandatory vendor business partner role
manifest file processing
manipulation method
manual application workcenter
manual check
manual composition
manual correction of position account
manual cost allocation
manual download
manual feeder table
manual firming date
manual issue method
manual lot maintenance
manual MRP
manual ordering
manual output (PE)
manual output (PE-LSO)
manual part
manual print request generation
manual printout
manual product assignment
manual rating
manual renewal
manual reorder point planning
manual replication
manual reserve
manual retention process
manual task
manual/discrete component traceability
manually applied charges
manually entered amount
manually entered price
manufacture date
manufacture of co-products
manufactured material
manufacturer book part number
manufacturer code
manufacturer EAN
manufacturer number
manufacturer part
manufacturer part number (SCM-ICH-PO)
manufacturer part number (EHSM-LOD)
manufacturer part number (MM-PUR)
manufacturer part number (XAP-CQM)
manufacturer part number MRP set
manufacturer part profile (MM-PUR)
manufacturer part profile (IS-AD-MPN)
manufacturer plant
manufacturer’s recipe
manufacturer’s recipe number (SLL)
manufacturer’s recipe number (SD-FT)
manufacturer’s serial number
manufacturing alternate part
manufacturing bill of material
manufacturing bill of materials
Manufacturing Change Management
manufacturing costs
manufacturing data object
manufacturing data object model
manufacturing order
manufacturing unit
many-to-many balance transfer relationship
map (AP-CCM)
map (MDM)
map (BW-BEX)
map (EPM-IM-FPL)
map (BC-MID-BUS)
map (IS-AFS-BD)
map extent
map layer
mapped field
mapping (SCM-EM)
mapping (AP-CCM)
mapping (MDM)
mapping (SCM-APO-INT)
mapping (BC-CUS-TOL)
mapping (BC-XI)
mapping (BC-WD)
mapping (BC-MID-ALE)
mapping (PA-SFI)
mapping (IS-U-WM)
mapping attribute
mapping category
mapping context
mapping format
mapping load
mapping mode
mapping module
mapping object
mapping of SAP services
mapping of wage types
mapping overview
mapping populator
mapping procedure
mapping profile (SCM-EM)
mapping profile (IS-AFS-BD)
mapping program
mapping resolver
mapping rule
mapping rules
mapping table (CA-LT)
mapping table (EHS)
mapping table (BC-ABA)
mapping table (IS-CC)
mapping table class
mapping template
margin (CA-CEI-CVI)
margin (IS-R)
margin adjustment
margin decomposition
margin split
margin taxation
marginal costs
marginal default probability
marine pollutant
mark-for code
mark-for store
mark-to-market valuation
mark-to-market value
mark-to-model valuation
markdown (IS-R)
markdown (IS-R)
markdown plan
markdown profile
markdown rule
marker (PM)
marker (BC-DWB-UTL)
marker (IS-AFS-PP)
marker ID
marker number
marker section
market area
market area responsible grid operator
market basket analysis
market cleared, ask
market cleared, bid
market curve
market data
market data area
market data criterion
market data exchange rate
market data scenario
market data scenario record
market data set
market data shift
market data shift method
market data specific to counterparty/issuer risk
market development fund
market hierarchy
market identifier code
market interest rate date
market movement rate
market premium
market price
market rate pricing
market risk
market value (FS-BA-PM-CR)
market value (FS-MCM-PDM)
market value (CRM-IFS)
market value (FS-CMS)
market value (RE)
market value change period
market value determination
market version
market-basket price calculation
market-value-based portfolio model
marketing calendar
marketing carrier
marketing contact
marketing cost tax allowance
marketing director
marketing document
marketing group
marketing journal
marketing organization
marketing permission
marketing plan
marketing plan element
marketing planning
marketing profile
marketing program
marketing project
marketing project cluster
marketing prospect
Marketing Retail Network
marketing segment
marketing spends
Marketing, Accounting & Pricing
Marketing, Contracts & Order Entry
marketplace hosting
MarketSet Order Management
markup condition
mask (MDM)
mask (BCM)
mask (MFG-ME)
mass access layer
mass activation
mass activation program
mass activity (CA-GTF)
mass activity (FI-CA)
mass asset
mass change (IS-DFS)
mass change (PSM-GPR)
mass change (CRM-PCC)
mass change (CA-MDG)
mass characteristic value
mass command
mass correction
mass create
mass customer change
mass data change
Mass Data Run Wizard
mass detection
mass document change
mass edit
mass editing
mass generation
mass grade adjustment
mass load
mass operation
mass position
Mass Process
mass processing
mass processing job
mass production on the basis of sales orders
mass reversal
mass synchronization
mass test
mass transport
mass update
mass-change procedure
mass-object controlling
Master Accounts File
master agreement (IS-U-BI)
master agreement (FI-CA)
master agreement (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
master agreement (LOD-ESO)
master agreement maximum
master agreement partner
master area
master assortment list
master bill of lading (TM)
master bill of lading (SCM-EWM)
master catalog
master category
master characteristic
master charge
master column
master company code
master condition
master conditions
master contract (FS-AM-CM)
master contract (FS-MCM-MC)
master contract charge
master contract for determination of pricing criteria
master contract hierarchy
master contract proxy
master contract termination
master contract-managing system
master copy
master data (SCM-SOP)
master data (CRM-CEC)
master data (FI-LC)
master data (EC-CS)
master data (BC-DWB)
master data (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
master data (SBO)
master data (FIN-SEM-BCS)
Master data & customizing approach
master data administrator
master data broker
master data catalog (PE)
master data catalog (PE-LSO)
master data check
master data cleansing
master data completion
master data completion method
master data consolidation
master data domain
master data framework
master data generator
master data governance
Master Data Governance application framework
Master Data Governance content
Master Data Governance hub
master data hierarchy
master data ID
master data management
master data manager
master data of a characteristic
Master Data Planning
Master Data Server
master data specialist
master data steward
master data subscription
master data template (TM)
master data template (IS-U-CS)
master data template category
master data user
master document (KM-WPB)
master document (IS-R)
master equipment
master flight schedule
master folder
master graphics proxy
master grid
master host
master index
master index server
master inspection characteristic
master iView
master job
master location for contract packager
master lock
master name server
master parts list
Master Parts List
Master Patient Index
master planning object structure
master policy
master policy type
master production scheduling
master program
master project (CA-CPD)
master project (CAF-GP)
master project structure
master project type
master query
master queue server
master recipe
master record (EIM-DS)
master record (LO-MD)
master repository
master schedule item
master service request
master service specifications
master settlement unit
master system (SV-SMG)
master system (SBO)
Master System User
master table
master tooth notation
master transportation lane
master user
master Web item
master Web template
master-slave architecture
match (EIM-DS)
match (EIM-MDS)
match class
match code
match criteria
match factor
match function
match group (EIM-DS)
match group (EIM-MDS)
match level
match policy
match process step
match profile
match review task
match rule
match set
match theme
matchable ride
matchable ride intent
matchcode field
matchcode ID
matchcode object
matchcode pool
matchcode record
matchcode selection
matchcode utility
matched ride
matched role
matching confirmation
matching criteria
matching group
matching interface
matching set
material (CA-VE)
material (PP-PI)
material (LO)
material (IS-R)
material (LOD-ESO)
material (MFG-ME)
material (CRM-BF-CFG)
material aliasing
material availability check
material availability date
material BOM
material categories
material category (EHS-MGM)
material category (IS-R)
material check (FS-AM-IM-IT)
material check (FS-PM)
material class
material classifier
Material Código Fiscal de Operações e Prestações category
material component
material confirmation
material consumption documentation
material container
material cost estimate
material costs
material credit memo
material description
material determination
material document
material error
material exclusion
material explosion
material flow system
material flow system action
material for manufacturer part
material for manufacturer part number
material for settlement
material group (LO)
material group (IS-R)
material group (MFG-ME)
material group hierarchy
material group hierarchy level
material group material
material group reference material
material group valuation
material grouping (PP-MRP)
material grouping (IS-R)
material grouping for shipping materials
material handling group
material ID
material indicator
material inflation class
material information
material ledger
material ledger master data
material ledger settlement
material ledger type
material ledger update
material list (PP-PI)
material list (PP-MRP)
material listing
material master
material master record
Material Movement
material movement record
material nature
material number
material number rename
material object
material order number
material overhead costs
material owner
material package
material planning group indicator
material planning object
material planning object view
material price determination
material proposal
material quantity calculation
material range of coverage
material ranking list
material relevant for preference
material replacement
material requirements planning (PP-MRP)
material requirements planning (PP-MRP)
material requirements planning run
material requisition
material schedule
material set
material shortage
material shortage definition
material shortage profile
material shortage threshold type
material sorting
material specification
material staging
material start
material status
material stock
material storage master
material substitution (SD)
material substitution (IS-R)
material temperature
material tree
material type
material update structure
material urgency level
material valuation
material valuation document
material variant
material version
material weakness
material where-used list
material-dependent production rate
material/plant discontinuation
materiality limit
materiality threshold
materials list
materials planning
materials planning procedure
maternity leave
maternity protection
maternity protection period
mathematical function
mathematical notation
matrix compensation method
matrix dimension
matrix guideline
matrix manager
matrix organization
matrix reporting structure
matrix segment
matrix substitution
matrix validation
maturation time (SCM-APO-SNP)
maturation time (SCM-APO-PPS)
maturity (FS-BA-PM-CR)
maturity (IS-B-SA-ALM)
maturity band
maturity band hierarchy
maturity date
maturity evaluation
maturity gap (IS-B-SA-ALM)
maturity gap (FIN-CGV-MIC)
maturity group
maturity key date
maturity selection type
maturity structure
maturity view
maximum amount (FS-MCM-BT)
maximum amount (FI-AA)
maximum amount for variable amount
maximum batch
maximum calculation period
maximum capacity (PE)
maximum capacity (PE-LSO)
maximum chain
maximum commitment
maximum contingent size
maximum contribution
maximum contribution amount
maximum costs
maximum coverage period
maximum daily quantity
maximum data age
maximum data return
maximum denominator
maximum exposure
maximum extension duration
maximum FTE ranges
maximum gross safety weight
maximum integration model
maximum interval
maximum length of stay (SCM-APO-VS)
maximum length of stay (IS-H)
maximum loop count
maximum lot size (SCM-APO-PPS)
maximum lot size (PP-MRP)
maximum nonconformance limit
maximum number of extensions
maximum object
maximum percentage rate
maximum process
maximum process capacity
maximum production quantity
maximum quantity
maximum range of coverage
maximum rate
maximum rate for meals
maximum rate per diem
maximum required shelf life
maximum response time
maximum retail price
maximum risk
maximum service level
maximum ship life
maximum stock level (PP-MRP)
maximum stock level (PP-MRP)
maximum subsidized premium
maximum subsidy premium
maximum target stock
maximum total rounding result
maximum value
MBOM incorporation
MCA document
MCA journal
MCA key
MCA position type
MCA posting scheme
MCA run administration
MCA variant
MDB as a bank
MDB as a state
MDF program
MDG active area
MDM Console
MDM Data Manager
MDM destination
MDM Image Manager
MDM Import Manager
MDM Import Server
MDM port
MDM Server
MDM Syndication Server
MDM Syndicator
MDMP system (BC-I18)
MDMP system (BC-ABA)
MDX formula
ME Deployment
meals per diem
mean absolute deviation
mean dispersion
mean elasticity
mean reversion
mean value
mean value method of depreciation
mean-value chart
mean-value estimation
means of transport (LE-YM)
means of transport (LE)
means of transport (SCM-APO-VS)
means of transport (LO-AGR-CC)
means-of-transport combination
means-of-transport type
measure (IS-DFS)
measure (SLL)
measure (SCM-EWM)
measure (CRM-IU-DSM)
measure (PSM-EC)
measure (EP-VC)
measure (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
measure (BI-RA-AWB)
measure (CRM-CEC)
measure (EHS-CI)
measure (EPM-BPC)
measure (EPM-EA)
measure (EPM-IM-FPL)
measure (EPM-SA)
measure (EPM-SM)
measure (GRC-SPM-SR)
measure (IM)
measure (IS-AFS-ARUN-IMD)
measure (SBO)
measure (SBO)
measure (FIN-SEM-CPM)
measure area
Measure Builder
measure catalog
measure facet
measure group (EPM-IM-FPL)
measure group (EPM-SA)
measure set
measure subarea
measure type
measured mass
measured value
measured values subscription
measurement (PP-PN-ALN)
measurement (RE)
measurement concept
measurement document
measurement frequency
measurement group (PP-PN-ALN)
measurement group (IS-OIL-PRA-PRD)
measurement item
measurement method
measurement mode
measurement on grounds of pregnancy
measurement position
measurement project
measurement range
measurement reading
measurement reading entry list
measurement retrieval hierarchy rule
measurement service builder
measurement subject
measurement task
measurement technique
measuring interval
measuring point (PM)
measuring point (CRM-BF)
measuring point category
measuring point object
measuring section
media and status code
media entity
media issue
media object
media player
media product
media product family
media product master browser
media type (IS-R-DM)
media type (PE-LSO)
mediated connectivity
medical bill review
medical bill review fees
medical category
medical certificate
medical device
Medical First Aid Guide
medical object
medical reading
medical record
medical record management
medical record type
medical risk factor
medical service
medical specialist
medical text
medical/nursing object
medical/nursing object type
medically indicated
Medicare levy
medication dispensed
medication history
medication message
medication profile
medication side effects
medium (PP-PN)
medium (FS-AM-IM)
medium class
medium for recruitment instrument
medium iView
medium text
medium-term planning
medium-term planning horizon
meeting activity
meeting request
Melting Group
melting point
member (CA-UI5)
member (CRM-MKT-MPL-LOY)
member (EP-VC)
member (BC-NEO)
member (BI-RA-AWB)
member (EPM)
member (EPM-BPC)
member (EPM-SM)
member (BC-DB-DB6)
member (LOD-SFSF-COMP)
member (RIV)
member activity
member adherence
member formula
member intersection
Member Lookup
member nonadherence
member of a partnership
member selector
member state
member type
membership period
memo pad (IS-A-DBM)
memo pad (FS-CM)
memory datastore
memory index
Memory Info Service
Memory Inspector
memory management system
memory object identifier
memory parameter
memory pipe
memory protection
memory snapshot
memory table
memory type
memory use statistics
memory-only merge
memory-resident database monitor
mental health legal status
mention (MOB-UIA-FND)
mention (SBA)
menu (SCM-EWM)
menu (BC-FES)
menu bar (BW-BEX)
menu bar (BC-FES-GUI)
menu bar (SBO)
menu bar option
menu button
menu exit
menu option
Menu Painter
menu path
merchandise category article
merchandise category reference article
merchandise clearing
merchandise distribution
merchandise label
merchandise-distribution adjustment
merchandise-driven flow-through
merchandising stock
merchant bank
merchant ID
merge (EIM-MDS)
merge (CA-CEI)
merge criteria
merge group
merge item
merge join
merge list
merge motivation
merge object
merge operation
merge period
merge relation
merge rule
merged customer
merging of parcels
merging order (IS-HT-MES)
merging order (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
merging service
merit guideline
merit pay
message (PY-RU)
message (BC-XI)
message (EP-KM-COL)
message (BC-DOC)
message (BC-MID-ALE)
message (BC-ABA)
message (BC-FES-GUI)
message (LOD-FSN-AGT)
message (MFG-ME)
message (SBC)
message bar
message board
message bundling
message check
message class
message cockpit
message code
message communication infrastructure
message control
message control record
message data type structure
message default
message delivery channel
message determination
message digest
message dispatcher
Message Editor
message end event
message explanation
message flow
message flow view
message for driver
message function
message handler (BC-SRV-BRF)
message handler (AP-MD-BP)
message header (BC-XI)
message header (SBC)
message in application logging
Message Info Service
message log
message maintenance
Message Mapper
message mapping
message monitor
message number
message package
message pane
Message Pool
message priority
message recipient for completion
message recipient for missed deadline
message security
message sequence
message server
Message Server communication
message server monitor
message start event
message store
message type (BC-XI)
message type (BNS-ARI-SE)
message type (BC-MID-ALE)
message type (BC-ABA)
message type (BC-FES-GUI)
message type (BC-SRV-ARL)
message type (IS-H)
message type (LOD-FSN-AGT)
message type (MFG-ME)
message type (SBO)
message variable
message-driven bean
messaging BDoc type
meta commission case
meta file
meta format
Meta Integration Model Bridge
meta model
meta model and product entity category
meta search engine (EP-UP-ES)
meta search engine (FIN-SEM-BIC)
meta search interface
metadata (FS-BA-SD)
metadata (SCM-EM)
metadata (SRM)
metadata (AP-RC-BEF)
metadata (BW)
metadata (BC-ILM)
metadata (EP-VC)
metadata (BI-BIP-BOE)
metadata (EIM-DS)
metadata (BC-DWB-DIC)
metadata (MFG-PCO)
metadata (OPU-DUE)
metadata API
metadata cache
Metadata Cache Manager
metadata category
metadata database
metadata document
metadata extension
metadata integrator
Metadata Loader
metadata model
metadata object
metadata publisher
metadata publishing
Metadata Repository (BI-RA-PA)
Metadata Repository (BC-DWB)
metadata scope
Metadata Service
metadata service provider
metadata tag
metadata type
Metamodel Repository
Metamodel Repository Designer
Metapedia auto search
Metapedia category
Metapedia custom import
Metapedia default import
Metapedia export
Metapedia term
meter (RE)
meter (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
meter agreement
meter correction factor
meter data unification and synchronization
meter operation service company
meter reader payment
meter reading
meter reading announcement
meter reading category
meter reading document
meter reading duration
meter reading interval
meter reading order
meter reading order creation
meter reading result
meter reading time
meter reading type
meter reading unit
metered data service company
metering device
metering point
method (CO-OM-CCA)
method (BC-ABA)
method (BC-CCM-MON)
method (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
method (FS-PM)
method call
method chaining
method change
method comparison
method container
method environment
method invocation descriptor
method of distributing commission
method of use
method parameter (FS-BA)
method parameter (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
method reserved for ADK
method schema (FS-BA)
method schema (CRM)
method signature
method type C of a logical service
method-based multiplier
methodology (SV-ASA)
methodology (SRM-CM)
methodology step
methodology step folder
methodology-driven initiative
methodology-driven project
metric (SV-SMG)
metric (CA-MON)
metric (CA)
metric (LOD-SFSF-GM)
metric (PPM-CF)
metrics group
Metrics Management
metrics value type
metropolitan indicator
metropolitan statistical area
Metropolitan Statistical Area
MIC position
micro eligibility
Microsoft Excel Interactive Analysis
Microsoft NT LAN Manager
Microsoft NT LAN Manager Security Service Provider
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Windows service
mid-term trial planning
mid-year assessment
mid-year consolidation
middle rate
Middleware Object Navigator
midnight patient census
midnight rule
midpoint activity
midpoint scheduling
migrated package
migration (CA-EPT-BCV)
migration (CA-LT)
migration cockpit
migration date
migration execution manager
migration object (CA-TDM)
migration object (FS-AM)
migration package
migration package ID
migration plan
migration process
migration process monitor
migration requirement
migration routine
migration solution
milestone (SCM-EM)
milestone (SV-SMG)
milestone (PP)
milestone (PS)
milestone (LOD-SFSF-GM)
milestone checklist
milestone confirmation
milestone list
milestone payment
milestone technique
military alphabet
Military Articles and Services List Reference
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
mill rate
MIME object
MIME Repository
MIME type sniffing
Minguo calendar
mini agreement
mini Business Partner
mini-template type
minimal operations rule
minimum allowed rounding result
minimum amount for variable amount
minimum batch size
minimum batch size in periods
minimum bid
minimum capacity (PE)
minimum capacity (PE-LSO)
minimum days‘ supply
minimum death benefit total
minimum death benefit total percentage
minimum guarantee
minimum interval
minimum inventory level
minimum lot size
minimum monthly income
minimum process capacity
minimum processing
minimum production quantity
minimum quantity (SCM-EWM)
minimum quantity (SCM-APO-SPP)
minimum quota
minimum range of coverage
minimum rent
minimum replenishment quantity
minimum required shelf life
minimum required stock
minimum requirement for eligibility of collateral is fulfill
minimum retention period
minimum risk amount
minimum risk amount percentage
minimum rule
minimum run time
minimum send-ahead quantity
minimum service level
minimum stock level
minimum takt time
minimum target stock
minimum tokens
minimum value
minimum wage
minimum wait time
minimum waiting period
minimum/maximum (variable)
minimum/maximum rate
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
minor defect
minor record
minor release
minor tick mark
minor tick mark label
minority interest (FI-LC)
minority interest (EC-CS)
minority interests
minority ownership
minute time field
minute time literal
minutes per sale
MIRDU role
mirror (CA-VE-VEA)
mirror (CA-VE-VEA)
mirror table
mirror transaction
mirrored task
miscellaneous academic work
miscellaneous loan
miscellaneous plan
MISL group
missed deadline work item
missing part
missing part check
missing quantities calculation
missing quantity (PP-MRP)
missing quantity (IS-A-S2L)
mission (IS-DFS)
mission (EPM-SM)
mitigated role
mitigating control
Mitigation Control
mitigation monitor
mix ID
mix match
mix offer
mix type
mix type definition
mix variance (CO-PC)
mix variance (IS-M-SD)
mix-and-match bundle
mixed costing
mixed driver
mixed drug
mixed loading check
mixed loading group
mixed loading rule
mixed packing proposal
mixed pallet
mixed payment
mixed price
mixed resource
mixed role
mixed round trip
mixed shipment
mixed storage
mixed storage unit
mixed unit load device
mixed-price variance
mixed-use purchase order
mixing ratio
mobile application
Mobile Application BDoc
Mobile Application Repository
Mobile Application Studio
Mobile Applications for Handhelds perspective
Mobile Asset Management for Utilities
mobile business applications
mobile client
mobile client application
Mobile Client Companion
mobile client for handhelds
Mobile Client Index Manager
Mobile Client Index Migration
Mobile Client Index Repository
mobile combustion
mobile data entry (LE)
mobile data entry (IS-U-DM-MR)
mobile device (IS-DFS)
mobile device (IS-BEV)
mobile GUID
mobile homepage
mobile ID
mobile perspective
mobile phone
mobile phone opt-in
mobile portal
mobile report
mobile results recording
Mobile Sales (SAP)
Mobile Sales (CRM-MSA)
mobile service
mobile service component
mobile service component model
mobile software inventory collector
mobile solution for key account management, sales and servic
mobile technology (ONE VOICE)
mobile technology (ONE VOICE)
mobile UI component
Mobile Upgrade Console
mobile user
mobile users
mobile Web Dynpro application
mobile Web Dynpro client
mobile Web Dynpro offline
Mobile Web Dynpro Offline perspective
mobility (PY)
mobility (PA-TM)
mock service
modal dialog box
mode (SCM-APO-MD)
mode (AP-PPE)
mode (MA-SMOPS)
mode combination
mode costs
mode linkage
mode of arrival
mode of transport (SD)
mode of transport (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
mode of transport (LO-AGR-CC)
mode of use
mode price
mode-dependent tagging
mode-of-transport category
model (IS-DFS)
model (CA-UI5)
model (BC-BSP)
model (BC-WD-JAV)
model (EP-VC)
model (BI-RA-PA)
model (BI-RA-XL)
model (CA-DDF-RT)
model (CA-VE)
model (EPM-PCM)
model (EPM-SCP)
model (FI-SL)
model (QM)
model (SV-ASA)
model (MFG-CAM)
model alert
model allocation rule
model binding
model calculation
model catalog
model class
model context
model data files
Model Designer
model fit
model fund
model hierarchy insight
model initialization
model mix
model mix planning
model node
model order
model parameter (EPM-BPC)
model parameter (PP-MP)
model partitioning
model provider class
model repository
model selection procedure
model serial number
model server
model service catalog
model service code
model service specification (SRM-EBP)
model service specification (AP-CCM)
model service specifications
model training
model type binding
model usage
model view
Model View Controller (BC-BSP)
Model View Controller (BC-WD)
Model View Controller (BC-FES-GRA)
model wage type
model-based persistence layer
model-driven integration
model-oriented customizing
modeled component
modeled customer
modeled service
modeless dialog box
modeling environment
Modeling Environment
modeling interval
modeling product
modeling status
modernization measure
modification (CORPORATE-LEGAL)
modification (BC-DWB)
modification adjustment
modification adjustment transport
Modification Assistant
modification constructor
modification group
modification to previous award notice
modified accrual
modified commercial part
modified duration
modified historical cost accounting
modified planning horizon
modified service time
modified standard cost estimate
Modify Rights right
modifying software component
modular concept
modularization unit
module (FS-BA-PM-AFP)
module (WEC-FRW)
module (IS-HER-CM)
module (PA-PM-PB)
module (BCM)
module (BI-BIP-DB)
module (CA-VE)
module (EP-ES)
module (IS-R)
module (IS-HMED)
module categories
module definition
Module Editor
module exam
Module Gallery
module group
module integration test
module library
module plan
module pool
module template
module work
MOLAP aggregate
MOLAP cube
monetary account
monetary asset revaluation
monetary budget
monetary item
monetary reported value
monetary valuation
monetary valuation date
money order
monitor (GRC-SAC)
monitor (GRC-SPC)
monitor (CA-GTF)
Monitor External Requirements
monitor header record
Monitor Late Purchase Orders
Monitor Material Shortages
Monitor Production Requirements
Monitor Purchase Order Delays
Monitor Service Level
monitor set
monitoring (BCM)
monitoring (BC-VCM-LVM)
monitoring (CA-RT-CAR-OSA)
monitoring activity
monitoring architecture
monitoring balance
monitoring component
monitoring configuration
monitoring level
monitoring manager
monitoring object
monitoring procedure
monitoring properties variant
monitoring segment
Monitoring Service
monitoring store
monitoring system
monitoring the forecast model
monitoring tree element
monitoring work area
Monte Carlo simulation
month date field
month date literal
month-end closing
monthly amount table
monthly budget
monthly calculation index
monthly customer
monthly debits and credits
monthly demand
monthly invoice
monthly invoice recipient
monthly lot size
monthly receipt
monthly standard compensation
monthly value
MOP order
more (CRM-PCC)
more (CA-WUI)
more than one day
morphemic writing
mortgage loan
mouse pointer
move (BC-FES-GUI)
move (AP-MD-BP)
move appointment block
move back
move forward
move plan
move time
move zone
move-in date (RE)
move-in date (IS-U-CS)
move-in notification
move-out date
move-up policy
movement category (IS-H)
movement category (IS-BEV)
movement certificate
movement flow
movement number
movement rate
movement rate category
movement rule
movement type (TM)
movement type (LE)
movement type (MM-IM)
movement type (IS-H)
movement type parameter
movement-based netting
moving average (MFG-ME)
moving average (SBO)
moving average chart
moving average price (MM-IV)
moving average price (FIN-BAC-INV)
moving average price procedure
moving average sales price
moving range
MPI buffer
MPX interface
MRP area
MRP controller (PP)
MRP controller (IS-R)
MRP controller group
MRP element
MRP group
MRP heuristic
MRP indicator
MRP list
MRP Live
MRP lot size
MRP module
MRP planning run
MRP procedure
MRP profile
MRP total requirement (PP)
MRP total requirement (SD)
MRP type
MSE status
MSO explosion
MSO explosion log
MTE class
multi buy
Multi Currency Accounting
multi mode
multi-annual document
multi-borrower facility
multi-branch service
multi-compliance framework
multi-configuration instance
multi-currency account
multi-currency invoice
multi-currency reporting
multi-device Internet
Multi-Dimensional Analysis Services Server
multi-dimensional characterization
multi-envelope RFx response
multi-envelope RFx response evaluation
multi-function card terminal
multi-interaction step
multi-language support
multi-level budget structure
multi-level contract
multi-level intercompany billing
multi-line connection
multi-linear regression
multi-parameter matching
multi-party verification
multi-planning area
Multi-Project Management
multi-resource scheduling heuristic
multi-segment trip
multi-stage multi-path workflow
multi-step process
multi-store order
multi-store order II
multi-system landscape
multi-value filtering
multiactivity resource
multibyte code
multichannel management event
multichannel retailing (IS-R)
multichannel retailing (ONE VOICE)
multichannel sales repository
multichannel transaction data
multiclient system
multiconstituent substance
multiday tour
multidigit account
multidigit account number
multidigit account profile
multidigit account tail
multidimension set
multidimensional clustering
multidimensional data
multidimensional data diagram
multidimensional product cost controlling
multilateral agreement
multilevel actual costing
multilevel ATP check
multilevel BOM
multilevel BOM for sales order item
multilevel categorization
multilevel compatible unit
multilevel packing instruction
multilevel tax code
multilevel where-used list
multilevel worklist
multiline field
multiline planning
multimixed resource
multimodal shipment
multimodal transportation
multimodel report
multipart document
multipart e-mail
multipart equipment
multiperiod consolidation
multiple (PE)
multiple (PE-LSO)
multiple account assignment (MM)
multiple account assignment (IS-H)
multiple approvals
multiple assignment
multiple BOM
multiple borrower facility
multiple branches
multiple capacities
multiple classification
multiple code page-dependent
multiple company-single client
multiple condition
multiple counter plan
multiple currency facility
multiple date
multiple hierarchy
multiple inheritance
multiple insurance
multiple item auction
multiple linear regression
multiple loading
multiple logon
multiple match
multiple meetings
multiple meter reading order creation
multiple option facility
Multiple Output Planning
multiple processing
Multiple Property Search & Replace Wizard
multiple quantity
multiple quantity average
multiple response explicit item
multiple response item
multiple roles
multiple scan
multiple selection
multiple selection list
multiple third-party payers
multiple unit of measure
multiple usage
multiple valuation approaches/transfer prices
multiple value data set
multiple versioning
multiple work center
multiple-answer question
multiple-asset contract
multiple-compliance framework
multiple-contract maintenance
multiple-directory logic
multiple-entry screen
multiple-record processing
multiple-sampling inspection
multiple-selection mode
multiple-shift depreciation
multiple-unit batch
multiple-value characteristic
multiplication factor (EHS)
multiplication factor (IS-H)
multiplier (PY-HK)
multiplier ()
MultiProvider (BW)
MultiProvider (EIM-IS)
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
multipurpose key figure
multiresource (TM)
multiresource (SCM-APO-MD)
multisegment planning
Multisite Workforce Deployment
multisource appraisal
Multistage Inventory Planning & Optimization
multistage supply chain
multistep replenishment
multistep task
multitask activity
multitenancy (BC-NEO)
multitenancy (BC-ABA)
multitenancy (BC-ABA)
multitenancy system
multitenant portal
multivariable optimization
municipal fee notice
municipal property tax
municipal tax distribution
municipal tax number
municipality (RE)
municipality (IS-U)
municipality group
municipality number
must-change agreement
must-not agreement
mutex (BC-BMT-BPM)
mutex (BC-CST)
mutual agreement
mutual help
mutual stock method
my account
my activities
My Documents
my draft
My List
my messages
My Objects
my portfolio
My Team
My Worklist
myBalanced Scorecard
mySAP CRM Field Applications
mySAP Enterprise Portal
mySAP Enterprise Portal for Dealers
mySAP ERP DMS Connector for KM
mySAP Exchanges
mySAP Financials
mySAP Hosted Solutions
mySAP Human Resources
mySAP Mobile Business
mySAP Product Lifecycle Management
mySAP SCM Supply Chain Event Management
mySAP Services
mySAP Supplier Relationship Management
mySAP Supply Chain Management
mySAP Technology application component solution Trust Center
Myself system (BW-WHM)


n-tier software
N.N. resource
NA number
name identifier
name identifier format
name of insurance institution
name range
name resolution
named anonymous user
named data object
named dataset
named driver
named include
named includes
named list of accounts contract
named search
named set
named user
named user license
namespace (BC-XI)
namespace (EP-PIN)
namespace (CA-GTF-AIF)
namespace (BC-CTS)
namespace (IS-HMED)
namespace (OPU-DUE)
namespace (SBC)
namespace browsing
namespace filter
naming concept
naming concept type
naming rule
naming structure
naming system
narrow iView
narrow query
narrowing cast
NAT location
national calamity contingency duty
National Contingency System
national contributor
national currency
national drug code
national formulary
National Health Fund
national health insurance
national healthcare system
National Insurance
national insurance cost neutrality
national insurance number
National Patient Master Index
National Stock Number
National Training and Employment Service
National Wholesale Druggist Association
native currency
native editor format
native filter (BI-BIP-BOE-IDT)
native filter (MFG-PCO)
native function
Native SQL (BC-JAS)
Native SQL (BC-ABA)
Native SQL interface
NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
natural account
natural gas liquids
Nature of Action
Nature of Action code
nature of business
nature of control
navigation (AP-RC-BDS)
navigation (BW-BEX)
navigation (BC-FES-GUI)
navigation area (MP-APP-CR)
navigation area (IS-HMED)
navigation attribute (BW)
navigation attribute (EC-EIS)
navigation bar (EPM-IM-FPL)
navigation bar (CRM-MSA)
navigation bar (CA-WUI)
navigation bar profile
navigation event
navigation frame
navigation iView
navigation line
navigation link
navigation list
Navigation Modeler (BC-WD)
Navigation Modeler (BC-DWB-TOO)
navigation object
navigation pane
navigation panel (EP-KM)
navigation panel (BC-FES-BUS)
navigation panel (RIV)
navigation panel (SBO)
navigation path
navigation profile (PP)
navigation profile (PP-MRP)
navigation profile (IS-A-DBM)
navigation role
navigation stack
navigation tab
Navigation Zoom
Navigation Zoom Desktop
Navigation Zoom Point
Navigation Zoom Title
navigation-panel tile
Navigator (KM-WPB)
Navigator (EPM-PCM)
NC code
NC code priority number
NC Data Entry
NC Data Tree list
NC data type
NC selection
NC severity
NC Tree
NCM code
near match
near miss
near-Zero Downtime Maintenance
need analysis
need category
need date
need item
need type
negative and premium customer lists
negative credit event
negative goodwill (FI-LC)
negative goodwill (EC-CS)
negative grace days
negative inventory
negative lead time
negative lead-time offset
negative list
negative mentions
negative pledge
negative posting
negative ratio
negative report
negative sentiment
negative stock
negative threshold value
negative transaction type
negotiable discount name
negotiable document
negotiable price
negotiated objective value
negotiating bank
negotiation range
negotiation spread
nested data
nested dimension
nested package
nested routing
nested structure
nesting of HUs
net actual cost
net amount
net availability
net book value (FI)
net book value (SBO)
net business volume
net calculation
net calculation document
net calculation period
net calculation unit
net change planning (SCM-APO)
net change planning (PP-MRP)
net display
net exposure
net footprint
net inflation rate
net interest margin
net license fee
net license value
net mask
net mass for Intrastat declaration
net position
net posting
net present value (PPM-PFM)
net present value (IS-B-RA)
net present value (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
net present value (CA-FIM-FMA)
net present value concept
net price (SRM-EBP-INV)
net price (MM-PUR)
net production quantity
net promoter score
net rate
net realizable-value method
net recalculation
net rent
net requirement calculation
net revenue interest
net sentiment
net stable funding ratio
net target cost
net total
net unit of measure (EHS-CI)
net unit of measure (IS-OIL-DS-MAP)
net value (SRM-EBP-INV)
net value (SD)
net variation
net vote budget
net voting
net withdrawal amount
net worth tax
net, retroactive, and payment grouping
net/net purchase price
netted account
netting (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
netting (IS-B-RA-CL)
netting (IS-U-EPM)
netting (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
netting (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
netting balance
netting cycle
netting document
netting group (IS-B-RA-CL)
netting group (FS-AM-IM-GL)
netting proposal
netting set
netting statement
network (SCM-BAS-DF)
network (BC-VCM-LVM)
network (EHSM-LOD)
network (PS)
Network Address Translation
network alert
network analysis
network and operating system services
network attribute
network attribute category
network attribute property
Network Design
network graphic
Network Interface
network lead time
Network Modeler
network modeling
network object
network scheduling
network structure
network timeout
network type
network view
neutral results availability check
neutral sentiment
never-exceed period
new alert
new business
New Computerised Transit System
New Computerized Transit System
New Connection wizard
new content group
new customer
new customer enrollment list
new end customer
new entry
new items mode
new loan boarding
new product introduction
new remuneration line
new supplier (CA-MON)
new supplier (IS-U-IDE)
new system delta load
New Terminology List
new to position
new urban rent adjustment
new valuation
New Visual Design
new world
newborn non-acceptance indicator
newborn transfer indicator
news entry
news item
next dynpro
next item to end
next number
next operation
next period end date
NF metal key
NF metal processing
NF-e event
NFM rate
NHI dependent
NI handle
NI-able/NI applicable
NIB code
Nielsen ID
NIF number
night shift
nil return
NIP number (FI)
NIP number (FI)
NIT number (FI)
NIT number (FI)
Nitaqat Program
NM system
no additional funding scheme
no basis
no claim made
no futures
no grid material
no input
no match
no price
no quotation handling
no-longer polymer
no-send qRFC
NODATA indicator
node (PLM-WUI-OBJ)
node (AP-RC-BDS)
node (LE-TRM)
node (MDM)
node (SCM-APO-SCC)
node (BW-WHM)
node (CA-VE)
node (PM)
node (BC-DOC)
node (SV-ASA)
node (BC-BMT-WFM)
node (BC-FES-GRA)
node (IS-T)
node (MA-SMOPS)
node attribute (BW-WHM)
node attribute (MA-SMOPS)
node card
node category
node type (LE-TRM)
node type (CA-FS-POL)
node type (EHS-CI)
NOEXIST indicator
noise threshold value
noise word
nominal capital (TR)
nominal capital (FS-MCM-FAC)
nominal capital with deferral
nominal load
nominal non-utilization
nominal utilization
nominal value
nominal value of a hedging relationship
nominal voltage
nomination context
nomination reason
nomination status
nomination to a special function
non annex 1 country
non EU entity
non-aggregated object
non-aligned winding factor
non-Annex I goods
non-Annex-I license
non-appropriated fund
non-appropriated fund instrumentality employee
non-approved overdraft
non-assessment certificate
non-assimilated absence
non-balance-changing posting
non-BOM component
non-branching action
non-calendar fiscal year
non-closed package interface
non-commercial transportation
non-compressed view
non-conformance report
non-consumable goods
non-controlling parent
non-credentialed remuneration line
non-critical activity
non-cumulative key figure
non-cumulative value
non-deductible input tax
non-delivery receipt
non-dependent veteran
non-DG empty transport
non-DG full transport
non-dialog work process
non-distinct performance obligation
non-edited table
non-eligible absence
non-eligible feed-in installation (unknown origin)
non-equidistant series
non-exclusive right
non-execution time
non-extendable node
non-functional currency
non-governed best record
non-governed record
non-governed source system
non-hazardous waste
non-industrial accident insurance
non-interval customer
non-leading ledger
non-linear display order
non-linear regression
non-manageable trigger
non-managed node
Non-Managed Spend
non-maturing asset
non-maturing instrument
non-merchandise item
non-mixed storage
non-monetary currency position balance sheet (IAS 21)
non-negotiable document
non-operation clause
non-pay scale employee
non-periodic settlement date
non-phase-in substance
non-posted day
non-posted days rule
non-preferred production version
non-price bidding
non-public service station
non-qualified stock option
non-recurring engineering
non-recurring loan undertaking
non-rejectable posting
non-remote-controllable installation
non-repudiation (BC-XI)
non-repudiation (BC-SEC)
non-resident alien
non-resident for tax purposes
non-resident taxpayer
non-revolving drawdown
non-SAP application
non-SAP content
non-serialized SFC number
non-spacing mark
non-spec home
non-standard object
non-standard settlement
non-standard software
non-stock item
non-stocking node
non-stockout probability
non-store retailing
non-strategic role
non-tied empties
non-time-based aggregation
non-tracked events view
non-tracking content
non-transition zone
non-Unicode program
non-uniform rational B-spline
non-unique index
non-unit object
non-valuated material
non-valuated stock
non-violation role
non-voice entity
non-working payment
non-working shift
non-working time
non-working-payment factor
non-working-payment rate
non-working-payment supplement
nonchargeable node
nonclaim case
nonconformance client
nonconformance group
nonconformance incident
nonconformance list
Nonconformance Management
nonconformance record
nonconformity costs
nonmonetary item
nonproductive time
nonregulated portfolio
nonrequired activity
nontraceable part
nontransparent field
nontransparent matchcode
nonvaluated project stock
nonvaluated sales order stock
normal booking (PE)
normal booking (PE-LSO)
normal business hours
normal CT-e
normal inspection
normal invoice
normal map
normal operations
normal performer band
normal planned independent requirement
normal rate
normal source
normal tax invoice
normal working time
normal year end adjustment
normalization (BC-I18-UNI)
normalization (EHS-MGM)
normalization (LOD-SFSF-REP)
normalization form
normalized price
normative days
normative work schedule
normed hedge ratio
North American Free Trade Agreement
North American Industry Classification System
North American Numbering Plan
nostro account
not affecting net income
not applicable
not entitled
not in location
not otherwise specified
not ready
not relevant
not started on time
not under notice
not-null constraint
nota fiscal (FI)
nota fiscal (IS-U-CA)
nota fiscal category
Nota Fiscal Eletrônica
nota fiscal entrada
nota fiscal item type
nota fiscal tax type
notch element
note (CAF-GP)
note (MP-APP-BB)
note (BC-SRV)
note (IS-U)
note (IS-U-WA)
note (FS-CM)
note (LOD-SFSF)
note (CRM-BF)
note (SBA)
note (SRM-SUD)
Note (BC-DOC)
Note Assistant
note from the meter reader
note log
note to payee
note to the meter reader
note type
note-only confirmation
noted item
Notes application
notes component
Notes database
notes editor
notes UIBB
Notes user name
notice (FS-CML)
notice (RE)
notice lock period
notice of assessment
notice of violation
notice on amount
notice period (PA)
notice period (FS-AM-OM-AC)
notice period (LOD-SFSF-EC)
notice rule
notice type
notification (BC-VCM-LVM)
notification (CA-VE-VEC)
notification (CRM-CEC)
notification (EPM-SA)
notification (MP-APP-CR)
notification (PM)
notification (BC-MID-ALE)
notification (ICM)
notification (LOD-SFSF)
notification (MFG-PCO)
notification abbreviation (PE)
notification abbreviation (PE-LSO)
notification approval
notification call
notification category
notification code
notification comment
notification criteria
notification date (IS-U-CS)
notification date (IS-U-CS)
notification frequency
notification group
notification interval
notification limit
notification message
notification mode
notification of admission
notification of completion
Notification of Social Insurance Premium Payment
notification profile
notification rule (IS-M-SD)
notification rule (ICM)
Notification Rules Wizard
notification scenario
notification service (CRM-BF-SWI)
notification service (BC-WD-ABA)
notification status
notification template
notification type (LO)
notification type (QM)
Notification Work Item
notifications manager
notified chemical substance
notified visit
notional salary
novation (SRM-EBP-CON)
novation (FS-PM)
NPPKP number
NPV key figure
NPWP number
NSF check
null object exception
null reference
null value
nullification type
number assignment
number conversion rule
number for obtaining an outside line
number format
number of checkbooks
number of cycles
number of jobs
number of periods for seasonal moving average smoothing
number of run-in lengths
number of samples
number of time units
number range (AIE)
number range (BCM)
number range (CA-GTF)
number range buffer
number range group
number range interval
number range object (AIE)
number range object (CA-GTF)
number range object maintenance
number range server
number type
numerator type
numeric axis
numeric data object
numeric data type
numeric distribution
numeric literal
numeric material number
numeric product ID
numeric text
numeric text field
numeric text field literal
numeric value property
numerical expression
numerical expression position
numerical function
numerical operand position
NURBS curve
NURBS surface
nursing acuity
nursing anchor service
nursing assignment
nursing complex procedure score
nursing goal
nursing leave
nursing note
nursing organizational unit
nursing per diem
nursing plan
nursing problem
nursing progress report
nursing report entry
nursing service
nutrient type


OAuth 2.0 client
OAuth 2.0 scope
object (FS-BA-SD)
object (AIE)
object (FS-CMS)
object (MDM)
object (EP-UP-ES)
object (BI-BIP-BOE)
object (CA-GBT)
object (CA-VE)
object (EIM-DS)
object (PP-BD)
object (PA)
object (FS-CML)
object (SV-ASA)
object (BC-ABA)
object (BC-FES-GRA)
object (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
object (PSM-FM)
object (ICM)
object (CRM-MD)
object abbreviation
object accessory
object accumulation
object address
object allocation
Object and Data Provider
object assignment (BC-SRV-TXV)
object assignment (ICM)
Object Browser Pattern
object bundle
object category (SCM-BAS-STM)
object category (FS-CMS)
object category (BC-ILM)
object category (CAF-GP)
object category (BC-CTS)
object category (IS-EC-BOS)
object channel
object characteristic (RE)
object characteristic (FS-CM)
object characteristic (FS-PM)
object class (CRM-MKT)
object class (CO)
object collector
object component selector
object control framework
object creation wizard
object currency
object definition
object dependencies
object dependent
object description
object determination
object diagram
object directory
object documentation
object editor
Object Editor
object editor configuration
object equivalency rule
object evaluation
object family
object filter
object for parallel processing
object generator
object group (RE-FX)
object group (SBO)
object header area
object header area with hierarchical view
object hierarchy
object history
object ID (PA)
object ID (IS-U-EPM)
object ID (CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ)
object identifier type
object identity
object information
object instance
object instance subscription
object key
object kind in portfolio assignment
object level
object library
object link (BC-DWB-UTL-CLS)
object link (CAF-GP)
object link (PM)
object link (CA-DMS)
object link (IS-OIL-DS-MRN)
Object Linking and Embedding Database
object list (CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO)
object list (BC-CUS-TOL)
object list (FI-GL)
object list (CO)
object list (PM)
object list (PS)
object list (BC-CTS)
object list (IS-HMED)
object list (CRM-MSA)
Object List Configurator
object list notification
object management (CRM-IT)
object management (FS-PM)
Object Management Group
object management record
object manager (PA)
object manager (BC-BMT-WFM)
object mandate
object mandate company code
Object Mapper
object mapping (FS-BA-SD)
object mapping (PSM-GM)
object master data
object name
object navigator
Object Navigator
object network
object node
object node type
object on loan
object orientation
object outbox
object overview
object overview variant
object owner
object parts
object plugin
object position
object reference (BC-ABA)
object reference (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
object reference variable
object relation
object relationship (FS-BA-SD)
object relationship (IS-U-WM)
Object Relationship Service
object representation
object representation selection
object request broker
object request caller
object request sender
object request transformer
Object Selector Pattern
object services
object set (PLM-WUI)
object set (BC-ABA)
object set (CRM-IU)
object stack
object state
object status attribute
object subtypes
object tag
object to be planned
object transfer structure
object tray
object type (FS-CMS)
object type (BC-ESI)
object type (EP-UP-ES)
object type (CA-GBT)
object type (CAF-GP)
object type (LO-ECH)
object type (FI-GL)
object type (CO)
object type (PP-BD)
object type (PA)
object type (LO-PDM)
object type (BC-DWB)
object type (BC-ABA)
object type (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
object type (IS-HMED)
object type (ICM)
object type (CRM-BF)
object type component
object type group
Object Type Group Builder
object type handler
object type in portfolio assignment
object type-specific attribute
object value
object variant
object version
object view
object wizard
Object Workbench
object-based navigation (AP-RC-BDS)
object-based navigation (EP-PIN)
Object-Based Navigation Editor
object-level mapping
object-oriented model
object-oriented programming
object-specific function
Object/Relational mapping
objection script
objective (EHS-CI)
objective (EPM-SM)
objective (GRC-RM)
objective (LOD-SFSF-GM)
objective (SRM-CM)
objective (FIN-SEM-CPM)
objective breakdown
objective catalog
objective library