SAP ERP PP-SFC Shop Floor Control

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Tcode Description
COOIS Production Order Information System
CO02 Change Production Order
COMP Customizing Missing Parts Info Syst.
CO01 Create production order
CO03 Display Production Order
COSS Transport of C Tables
COHV Mass Processing Production Orders
CO07 Create order without a material
CO27 Picking list
MB26 Picking list
CO41 Coll. Conversion of Planned Orders
CO08 Production order with sales order
COOISPI Process Order Information System
CO24 MissingPartsInfoSyst
CO40 Converting Planned Order
COCM OCM – Initiating object
CO82 Number ranges for orders
CO04N Print Production Orders
COMAC Collective Availability Check
CO46 Order progress report
COHVPI Mass Processing: Process Orders
CO10 Production order with project
CO26 Order information system
CO28 Choose indiv. object lists
CO48 prod.ord.part.redct
CO05N Release Production Orders
CB85 Maint. Print Control for Proc. Ords
CO04 Print Production Orders
OPK4N Confirmation Parameters (Extended)
CO21 Orders for Material
CO44 Mass processing of orders
OPSG Order change management profile
COIS Order info system: customizing
CO05 Collective Release of Prod. Orders
CO01S Adding simulation order
COPAWA Pack components for order
COWBHUWA GI HU for Production Order
SHR1 Create Shift Report
CORU Maintain prod. scheduler group
COCM1 OCM – Procurement
COISN Order info system: customizing
CO20 Orders acc. to Order Numbers
KOMM Customizing pick list
CO80 Number range maintenance: AUF_RUECK
COS4 Sort profiles – maintain proc. order
SHN1 Create Shift Note
COHVOMRELEASE Release Production Orders
CN65 Change documents order /network
CO83 Number range maintenance: RESB
ISHR1 Create Shift Report for Techn. Obj.
CO81 Number assignment: routing to order
CO02S Change simulation order
COHVOMPRINT Print Production Orders
CO30 Standard trigger points
SHN4 List Shift Notes
CO23 Orders for the production scheduler
COCM2 OCM – Picking
COTB Transport table contents SFC
CO03S Display simulation order
CO47 Change comparison
CO22 Orders for MRP Controller
COWF1 Task Customizing (Production Order)
CO0DS Delete Simulation Order
COW1 Production Order Workplace
COISF Field Settings in Info System
COISL List Types in Information System
NAVP_MANAGE Manage Navigation Profiles
SHN3 Display Shift Note
OMCWB Activate WIP Batch
SHN2 Change Shift Note
SHR2 Change Shift Report
OPMJ Determine progress values
SHR3 Display Shift Report
SHR4 List Shift Reports
SHR0 IMG Shift Report
S_ALR_87099943 Dispatching of function requests
ISHN1 Create Shift Note
ISHN4 List Shift Notes for Tech. Objects
SHN5 Shift Note Cockpit

SAP ERP PP-SFC-PLN Order Planning 

Tcode Description
OPL8 Order type parameters: Overview
OPK4 Confirmation Parameters
OPJJ Maintain Scope of Check
OPJK Maintain Control
OPKP Shop floor control profile
OPJH Order types production order
OPK8 Maintain print control prod. orders
OPK0 Confirmation Parameters PP
OPJ2 Production order stock determination
OPJB Specify system messages
OPJG Maintain Default Values
OPJ8 Maintain Operation Control Key
OPJF Automatic Selection
OPKA Maintain Movement Types
OPLE Strategy types: Batch determ. (prod)

SAP ERP PP-SFC-CPL Order Closing

Tcode Description
CO78 Archiving orders
COA1 PP: Archiving orders – preparation
COA3 PP: Archiving orders – retrieval
COA2 PP: Archiving orders
COA9 PP: Archiving delete orders
COA4 PP: Archiving order – administration