S/4HANA Sales and Distribution Tutorials (SAP SD)

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Tutorial Introduction to SAP Sales & Distribution

Tutorial Customer Master in ERP SD

Tutorial Customer Number Range for Sales

Tutorial Create Partner Function in ERP SD

Tutorial Create Material Stock

Tutorial Customer Material Info Record

Tutorial Material Stock

Tutorial Material Master for Sales View

Pricing Configuration

SAP SD Sales

Tutorial Sales Activities

Tutorial Create Inquiry

Tutorial Create Quotation

Tutorial Create Sales Order

Tutorial Create Debit Memo

Tutorial Create Credit Memo

Tutorial Create Sales Document Type

Tutorial All about Sales Documents

Tutorial Text Determination

Tutorial Schedule Line Category

Tutorial Item Proposal

Tutorial Material Exclusion & Inclusion (Listing)

Transfer of Requirements for ATP

SAP SD Delivery

Tutorial Determine Shipping Point

Tutorial Picking, Packing and Goods Issue (PGI)

Tutorial Returns, Free of Charge Delivery & Sub-sequent Delivery

Tutorial Consignment Process

Tutorial Output Proposal using the Condition Technique

Tutorial Substituting Reason

SAP SD Billing

SAP Billing

Tutorial Bill of Materials

Tutorial How to Correct Invoice

Tutorial Steps To Create Blocking Reason

Comprehensive Proforma Invoice in SAP

SAP SD Pricing

Tutorial Determine Pricing by Item Category

Tutorial Tax Determination Procedure

Tutorial SAP SD Text Types

Tutorial Item Category Determination

Tutorial Condition Exclusion Group

Tutorial Accounting Key

SAP SD Pricing

SAP SD Credit Management

Tutorial Guide to Credit Management in SAP

Tutorial 20 SAP SD Questions & Answers

SAP Basics

What is SAP

Types of SAP projects

What is Enterprise Resource Planning

What is Financial Accounting

What is SAP SD

Organization Structure

Define Company

Define Company Code

Define new company by copying existing company code

Creating  Sales Organization

Define Distribution Channels

Defining Divisions

Define business area

Creating a Sales Area in SAP

Define Shipping Point

Maintain Sales Office

Define Plant

Maintain Storage locations

Maintain Sales Group

Define Sales Districts

Define Regions

Enterprise Structure

Define Company

Define Company Code

Define Sales Organization

Define Distribution Channel

Define Division

Define Sales Office

Setup Sales Area

Define Sales Group

Define Plant

Define Storage Location

Define Sipping Point

Assignment of Enterprise Structure

Assign Company Code to Company

Assign Sales Organization to Company Code

Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization

Assign Division to Sales Organization

Assign Sales Office to Sales Area

Assign Sales Group to Sales Office

Assign Plant to Company Code

Assign Sales Area to Credit Control Area

Assigning Organizational Units

Assign company code to company

Assign Sales Organization to Company Code

Assign Distribution Channels to Sales Organization

Assign Divisions to Sales-Organizations

Assign sales office to sales area

Assign Sales Group to sales office

Assign Plant to Company Code

Assign sales organization /distribution channel to plant

Assign shipping point to plant

SAP Pricing Configuration

Define Condition tables

Define Condition Types

Define Access Sequence


Define Sales Document Types in SAP SD

Define number range for sales document types

Define item category

Assign Item Category

Define Billing Types

Tax Configuration

Define Procedure

Define Condition types

Assign Country to Calculation Procedure

Specify Structure for Tax jurisdiction code

Define Tax Codes

Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions

Configuring Tax Determination in SAP SD

SAP GST – Implementation

Maintain tax access sequences

Create condition types for GST tax

Define tax calculation procedure for GST

Assign country to calculation procedures

Customer Master Data

Create Customer Account Groups

Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts

Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account groups 

Define Tolerances Group for Customer

Partner determination procedure

Customer Payment Terms

Create Customer Master Record

Customer interest calculation configuration

Dunning procedure for customers

Define Customer Account Groups

Define Number Ranges for Customer Account Groups

Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups

Miscellaneous Tutorials

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