S/4HANA Variant Configuration TCodes and Tables (SAP VC)

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AP Transaction Code Description
MM01 Create Materials
CT04 Create Characteristics
CL02 Create Variant Class
CLGT Setup Tables for Search
CL20N Assign Object to Class
CL24N Assign Object/Classes to Class
CC01 Create Change Master Record
CC02 Modify Change Master record
CC03 Display Change Master record
VK30 Change View Variant Conditions
VK11 Create Condition Records
CL30N Find Objects in Class
CL31 Find Objects in Class Type
CT12 Determine where-used list for characteristics
CUMODEL Variant Model Browser
C223 Change product Versions
CU60 Table Maintenance
CU60E Import Data
CU59 Transfer Variant Table Contents to Database Table
CU01 Maintain Dependency
CU02 Change Dependency
CU21 Create Dependency Net
CU34 Create Run Time Version
CU36 Display Run Time Version
CU37 Create SCE Database Schema
CS20 Material Mass Change
CS40 Create a link to Configurable Material
CS62 Change Order BOM
CU42 Change Configuration Profile
CU50 Configuration
CU51 Order BOM
CU61 Create Variant Table
CU62 Change Variant Table
CU67 Display Function
CA01 Create Routing
CA75 Replace Production Resources and Tools
CA85 Replace Work Centers
CA95 Change Reference Operations Sets
PPECS Conversion of iPPE Model to BOM
MD50 Make to Order Planning
MD04 Stock / Requirements List
MD51 Project Planning Multi-level
QE51N Results Recording Work-list
MIGO Goods Movement
CN08 Allocate Material to Standard Network Change
IP41 Create Maintenance Plan
OISD Create / Process Service Products
MCSZ LIS Copy Management
OVRP Statistic Update Group
OMO1 Update Sales and Distribution InfoStructure
SQ02 Maintain Info Set
MDPH Maintain Planning Profile
MS66 Copy Simulative Dependent Requirements
MS31 Creating Planning Scenario
MS02 Single Item Long Term Planning
CFM1 Create Integration Model
CFM2 Activate or Deactivate Integration Model
PMEVC Initial Screen for Variant Configuration Modeling
COCM Order Change Process
COCM1 Order Change Process – Procurement Elements
UPSSETUP Setup ALE Distribution Unit
CRWBD Replication Workbench
EXPO_TEST Test program for the Fox Explosion of a PLM Object
VA01 Create Sales Order
VA02 Change Sales Order
CAVC_TEST API for Variant Configuration
SMOD SAP Enhancements
NWBC Netweaver Business Client

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