SAP ERP PP-SFC Shop Floor Control Reports

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SAP ERP PP-SFC General ABAP Reports

Abap report Description
PPIO_ENTRY Initial Screen: Order Information System
PPBICO40 Batch Conversion of Planned Orders to Production Orders
PPCOCOMM Report to avoid timeout
PSFCPICK PP Print: Pick List
PSFCCONF PP Print: Confirmation slip
PPCOXPR1 XPRA for Setting up a Missing Parts Index from the Table RESB
PPIOM000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Components
PPSFCACT Mass Processing for Orders
PSFCGISS PP Print: Goods Issue Slip
SAPMCODC Change Documents for Order and Network
PPIOH000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Order Headers


PP Print: Object Overview
PPPRBTCH Printing Lists in Background
PPIOA000 Order Info System: Initial Report
PPIOD000 Order information system: Detailed list report – Goods movements
PSFCTIME PP Print: Time Ticket
PPIOR000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Confirmations
RCOTX000 Order Info System: Change Key Word Texts for Field Strings


Order Progress Report
PPIOO000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Operations
MAILSEND Program for Object Type SELFITEMTO: Send Mail
PPPRBSEL Selection for Printing Orders in the Background
DEL_SIM_ORD Simulation Order: Delete
PSFCOBJL PP Print: Object list
PPPROBJU PP Print: Object Overview
PPCMP000 MissingPartsInfoSyst
PPCOFA00 Orders Acc. to Order Numbers
PPCOFA10 Orders for material
PPCOFA20 Orders for MRP Controller
PPCOFA30 Orders for Production Scheduler
COOCMPICK Order Change Management: Confirm/Cancel Changes
PPPRRUEC PP Print: Confirmation slip
PPPRWARS PP Print: Goods Issue Slip
PPPRZUGL PP Print: Receipts List
PSFCOPCT PP Print: Operation Control Ticket
PPCO85EI Setting of Print Control From User Perspective
PSFCJOBT PP Print: Job Ticket
PSFCSPLT PP Print: Operation Splits
PPIOC000 Order Info System: Selection Report
CODRIF06 PPPR-Form-routines: pppr_print_prod_note
PPBICOR8 Batch Conversion of Planned Orders into Production Orders


PP Print: Document Links



Compare/Reconcile of Manufacturing Order Reservations in APO and ECC
DBIOCF01 Form Routines for Data Base IOC
PPIOMTOP Order Info System: TOP Include Component Detail List
IOCTOP06 Order Information System: Data Include Selection Screen Indiv. Lists
PSFCPRTL PP Print: PRT Overview


Dispatching of functional requests
PPIOI000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Items
PSFCGRCL PP Print: Receipts List
PPIOARPF Read Planned Orders
PPIOZFSP Order Info System: Form Routines – Special Routines
RCNOPER Excel Value Table – Operations
PPPRKANB Kanban Report
PPPRMBRL PP Print: Pick List
PPIOE000 Order Info System: Detail List Report – Trigger Points
PPIOF000 Order Info System: PRT Detail List Report
PPIOG000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Automatic Goods Movements
PPIOK000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Capacities
PPIOQ000 Order Information System: Detail List Report for Purchase Requisitions
PPIOS000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Sequences
PPIOT000 Order Information System: Detail List Report for Purchase Orders
PPIOW000 Order Info System: Detail List Report for Goods Movements with Errors
RCNCAP Excel Value Table – Capacities
RCNCONF Excel Value Table Confirmations
RCNGMER Excel Value Table – Goods Movements with Errors
RCNGOMO Excel Value Table – Goods Movements
RCNHEAD Excel Value Table – Order Header
RCNITEM Excel Value Table – Order Items
RCNMAMO Excel Value Table Documented Goods Movements
RCNMST Excel Value Table – Trigger Points
RCNPORD Generated Include
RCNPREQ Generated Include
RCNPRT Excel Value Table – PRTs
RCNSEQU Excel Value Table – Sequences
PPORPE01 Events
COFORMKD Interface for serial number processing
PPIOHF02 Selection of Run Schedule Quantities
PPORPF01 FORM get_data
PPORPS01 Selection screen
COCF_SR Create/Display/Change Shift Report
CODRGETT PPPR-form Routines: pppr_get_tables
CODRIF01 PPPR-Form-Routines: pppr_stc_init_order
CODRIF02 PPPR-Form-Routines: pppr_open_form, pppr_close_form
CODRIF04 PPPR_Form-routines: pppr_read_mat
CODRIF17 PSFC Form Routines: pppr_std_init_operation



Display of PPIO_ENTRY Selection Screen Variants



IOCTOP03 Order Info System: Data Include – Object Overview List
PPPLFS1 Include PPPLFS1: Alle Formroutine mit Anfangsbuchstabe S


CORUAFFW_MAP MiniApp goods movements with errors


PPS Print: Document Distributions

SAP ERP PP-SFC General Reports 

Abap Report Description
PPARCHP1 Production Order: Set Deletion Flag and Deletion Indicator
PPARCHA1 Archiving Production Orders: Write Program
PPARCHD1 Archiving Production Orders: Delete Program
PRARCHP1 Process Order: Activate Deletion Flag and Deletion Indicator
PPARCHR1 Production Order Reorg: Display Archive Data
PRARCHA1 Archiving Process Orders: Write Program
PRARCHD1 Process Order Archiving: Delete Program
PRARCHR2 Process Order Reorganisation: Display Archive Data In Info System

SAP ERP PP-SFC-PLN Order Planning Reports

ABAP Report Description
SAPM0C17 Customizing Print Parameters (module pool for view cluster)

 SAP ERPPP-SFC-IS Information System Reports  

ABAP Report Description